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The NFL….Who Is Winning?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-10-2017


Well, I kind’a of know who is winning in the NFL East and that is about it this year. I still watch Dallas, for now anyway. I thought I might watch Houston, but….well, anyway. Those men, the NFL, most of them anyway, are good fellows and law abiding citizens….Only a few in the NFL do drugs, beat their wives, shop lift, drive drunk, shoot people, but it is just that those are the ones we hear most about…The others are good guys. But how about protesting in a different manner? A different place? Don’t disrespect the flag or our country and the people protecting who make a fraction of the wages you NFL boys do. Most of you are college educated and know better than disrespect your own country…Or do you? …. By the way, are you winning?…. The answer is no. You are tearing down what your brothers in the military is trying to build up. That’s how I see it anyway.

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All I can say to this post is “Amen!”. I will still watch Dallas too. Also, New Orleans, at least on the rare occasions that New Orleans is winning. For now, I will still watch the Super Bowl in February, at least until another Kaepernick comes along. As soon as anyone, either a player or a viewer in the stands fails to stand for the National Anthem, off goes the TV. I will still watch college and high school sports; but, as soon as the shenanigans that was recently pulled by the championship PCHS team spills over into the sport generally, off goes that sport as well. It is just my opinion, but I bet the kneeling by the PCHS team recently was started by Ms. Shemia Jackson-Wilson, the Principal. This is not a statement of racial prejudice because my attitude would be the same against any high school principal in Reform who lived in Tuscaloosa and who is from Columbus regardless of race. Any high school principal, like the Pastor of a Flock, should make every effort to live in (or near) the community where the flock is located. Tuscaloosa is not near, even though it is connected to Reform by a four lane highway. There is a county line separating them. Columbus is nearer in miles, but it is actually further in spirit because there is a state line, as well as a county line separating them. If Ms. Wilson did not explicitly order it, she tacitly encouraged it. She must intend her position to be a permanent one because she is already in her fourth year as principal.

It is very sad that the disrespect for our nation has reached the high schools.
Sadder still that it is at the high school that you and I attended.
Hopefully soon those people will come to their senses.

I mean no disrespect to Ms. Wilson. She is a well qualified individual to be principal, having degrees from Alabama State College, the University of West Alabama at Livingston, and Stillman College in Tuscaloosa; but merely the fact that she chooses to live outside the county while holding the permanent position of principal suggests that she is more interested in her career than she is in the educational development of the school that she is paid to lead. Her situation is similar to the situation of the next to the last hospital in Little Rock that Marina worked as a nurse before she retired. Southwest Hospital was bought from its local owners by a conglomerate out of Florida a few years before it was closed. During all the years that this conglomerate operated the hospital, none of the management personnel that it sent from Florida bought houses in Little Rock or intended to settle here permanently. All of them rented apartments for the duration of their tenure here, which indicated that none of them intended to stay here or cared about the long term state of the hospital. Sure enough, the hospital gradually died, losing out in the competition with the locally owned hospitals. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with absentee ownership from afar as well as absentee management by managers who really have no interest in the corporation or institution managed.

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