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Our Very Own CIA……Lifetime Commitment?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-11-2017


I don’t think our CIA boys report to Don Trump….I don’t think they ever reported to Barrack Obama…..Nor George Bush….and on and on…..They are their own entity. Sure, they get a new director from time to time and he is fed all the information on hand, of what they want him to hear anyway and let him run the things they want him to run, though maybe not all….I figure bits and pieces of truths came out of the Agency from time to time, all the way back to John Kennedy. When JFK got to breathing down their necks on certain issues things went a little haywire (google MJ-12).  He was asking to many questions and wanting to take total control. I think they got upset. No other President has ever pushed them for information, I don’t think… What do I know. Nothing of course…..But you think about it. Bits and pieces of information have been leaked over the years about, well, say UFO’s…..No one knows nothing. Residents in Roswell, NM know more about them  than most all of the folks in Washington. The truth of the Roswell UFO crash as been lied about, covered up, moved around, movies made and no one, I repeat, no one  officially knows anything……Oh yeah, they know swamp gas, weather balloons, reflections in the sky, etc.  And people in Chicago, Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, England, Japan, people all over the world keep bringing up credible information and the CIA knows nothing, the FBI knows nothing, our Congressmen know nothing, our President knows nothing….BULLSHIT….When will this scam end. I will tell you. When they become real to you and me. Then the answer…..Well, we didn’t want to scare you. And  I guess in reality….. We can’t handle the truth. Can we?

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Our very own Kenneth McCool gave his life for the CIA. You do him a disservice with a type of posting like this one. Kenneth went to Washington, like my brother Cecil, as one of J. Edgar Hoover’s lowly messenger boys (and girls) in the FBI Building. Unlike my brother Cecil, he quickly moved to the Pentagon where he worked with the National Guard command structure all the while going to night school at George Washington University. As his educational level improved, he moved to the CIA in Virginia where he spent a career in fighting the Viet Cong in Viet Nam and Thailand as well as the drug cartel in South America, namely Columbia and also, never forget, the Washington Post and the mainstream Media. I especially remember that Kenneth never had a kind word to say about the Washington Post. I believe that his life was in their hands during every secret trip he made to Columbia or anywhere else in South America that he might have gone unknown to his family, acquaintances, and to all outsiders except the Media who were always after getting information and “blowing his cover” while in a dangerous part of the world dealing and fighting dangerous people. Oh yes! The Washington Post murdered our cousin Kenneth just as surely as if they had slit his throat because they enabled his (and our) enemies to slit it for them: not literally slitting his throat but he was the victim of a hit with some mind killing drug that efficiently took him out. The official cause of death was brain cancer, but Kenneth had no past history of brain cancer. The Washington Post blew his cover and allowed the drug cartel to wipe him out. This is what I believe. Even his Mother was able to read between the lines of what her son told her to realize that something evil was going on, and it had connections with the Media. All of those CIA agents are unsung heroes because they are doing their job in spite of the lying Media that spares no punches in getting the information that they want even when lives of our own are at stake.

As far as the UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico as well as others around Albuquerque, Kirtland AFB, and other places are concerned, these are all only incidents of science fiction. I did a lot of bicycle riding across the high desert plains of New Mexico and witnessed a lot of strange lights, sounds, and other phenomena from time to time, particularly early in the morning around dawn and late in the evening around dusk when the light effects of the dimming sun were the greatest, but I never witnessed any phenomena that I couldn’t explain scientifically. The reported sightings of UFO’s, especially the KAFB sightings of 1980, are only the product of an interest in science fiction, natural phenomena, and the desire to make something sinister out of something real. New Mexico has a beautiful, unique, and empty countryside. Why would space aliens, it they did exist, particularly chose New Mexico for a place to land and to explore when there is no place to hide when there are many other places more conducive to a more secretive approach? The men and women of the CIA are doing a great job. It is the mainstream Media that always acts as a “thorn in their side” and even as a “knife in their back” as they did in the case of Agent Kenneth McCool, my life long friend and childhood playmate. Kenneth was a very smart and intelligent man. I respected and loved him so much and treasure the memories that I have with him (and his brother Gene). He did a great, patriotic work for the CIA. He is an unsung hero in my mind and so are so many others at the CIA who died in the line of duty.

I don’t do anyone a disservice. Kenneth served his country well. The CIA does pretty much what it pleases. Did they tell Kenneth about Agent Orange and just how bad it would be for his health. They told him and many, many others just what they wanted him to know. Nothing more. I have visited with the folks down in Roswell and it was more than a weather balloon and one day the truth will come out about that. I have traveled many times late into the night looking at the skies coming home from business trips. Never have I seen anything. But that certainly does not mean that they are not there and I would never insult someone by telling them that they speak lies when they tell of seeing things in the night sky. I’ll never believe that the CIA knows knowing about UFO’s. You can believe what you would like, but please give me and many others the same opportunity to believe as we want. Thanks.

No one is trying to tell you what to belief and how to assimilate the facts. That is an American tradition. I’m simply telling you what I believe based on the facts. I’m sorry for accusing you of a disservice to our cousin Kenneth and the CIA. That was simply based on my first reading of your post as well as a realization of the common misunderstanding by the public of the mission of the CIA. Contrariwise, Kenneth knew well what he was getting into. He knew almost as much about the properties of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T as I do as a chemist. He knew it was a very potent, useful, but dangerous, herbicide and that it had to be used very wisely and judiciously if it was used at all. Kenneth was no stooge of the CIA. He was too smart for that. None of its agents were stooges of the CIA. They all knew, and still know , what they get themselves into when they accept a position in the CIA. They are well compensated for their work. My only beef is that many in the mainstream Media, particularly the Washington Post, will not leave them alone and let them do their work for the American people without maliciously “blowing their cover” and getting them brutally killed. Kenneth knew about the adverse health effects of Agent Orange. He knew that his health was at risk during the time he spent in Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia so close to the DMZ that was being defoliated to such a great extent. He did his job well anyway because he was being well compensated. It is perhaps a disservice to our cousin to accuse him of being simply a dupe of the organization for which he devoted his life, but I am not saying that.

As far as Roswell is concerned, we respectfully differ. I do not know about Roswell since I’ve never been there, but I do know a little about the Kirtland and Manzano UFO incidents as well as the environment where they occurred. I worked for four years at the Goat Farm (Radiobiology Laboratory) within almost a stones throw of the old Manzano Base area that was involved in many of the UFO tales. I rode my bike in those days when I had no car in areas around that base, I’m sure, in areas that I could not ride today because of increased security seeing the light effects of the city lights of Albuquerque reflecting and refracting off the mountains as the sun set in the west seeing all kinds of strange, and even weird, phenomena, but finally realizing that that was all it was, just light effects on the desert terrain. With all due respect to your friends and acquaintances around Roswell, I respectfully submit that everyone who purports to see UFO’s are not cognizant in the understanding of scientific principles as to fully understand what they are observing. That is all that I was trying to say. One can believe in UFO’s all they like, as there are still a lot of unknowns out there in deep space and visits by strange beings from space is certainly a possibility, but that still does not mean that there are UFO’s under every rock or that every strange phenomena observed is one.

The folks around Roswell are very much like the folks around Coalfire….Honest, good and down to earth. We can all be fooled but there are too many of them to discount hat has been said and talked about. It was not a weather balloon….The rank and file of the CIA are good people and good citizens…no doubt there. The leadership of that organization is suspect to say the least in my opinion. That’s all I need to say about that….

The leadership of the CIA is the Congress of the United States which has oversight of all of its operations; therefore, the leadership of the CIA is indirectly the voting public of the USA which has oversight over the entire Federal Government. The director of the CIA is changed fairly often, usually with a change in administration, insuring that the power structure and leadership within the organization is constantly purged, refreshed, and readied for changing national needs and emergencies.

No one is trying to fool anyone. The Roswell incident was very likely just a secret experiment that went bad conducted by the government, but that is just my opinion. There were many secret government experiments conducted during and immediately after WWII out of Kirtland, Holloman, and Las Alamos for national security reasons. Many have been declassified, but many haven’t. For some reason, the government has chosen to keep the Roswell incident a secret, probably because of its nature, and the reason it was perpetuated.

UFO visitors from deep space are certainly a possibility, but NASA keeps a diligent, watchful eye out for all heavenly bodies, space rocks, and/or spacecraft that are seen to approach anywhere near this earth. If one of any size is seen on a path where it might collide with our earth, I am certain that NASA will do all they can to destroy or deflect it. They likely would be unsuccessful, but I’m sure that they will try nevertheless. The government did not have the technology to keep a watch on space at the time of the Roswell incident, but I am sure that people in the government were working on it even then. They were certainly working on technology that would enable them to monitor what the Germans and the Japanese were doing. It was only a small extinction to turn this technology in order to watch activity in deep space.

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