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Winter….Can We Skip It?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-12-2017


Our high for this week is today’s 53 degrees…I know that is not really cold but for me it is all the winter I want. And our low’s this week are said to be 27 degrees…not all that cold but plenty cold for me. I’m not complaining because I can see that our temp compared to other parts of the country is pretty mild. But for an old boy who thinks 90 to 95 degree weather is great, it is a little chilly. Winter is officially better than 2 weeks away…I’m ready for spring. The paper stated that November 2017 was one of the warmest on record. Could we expect December to follow suit? I hope so…..

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November was not only one of the warmest on record but it was also one of the driest, at least in Arkansas and most of the Southland except perhaps for places like Houston, Florida, and South Mississippi. I remember frost in November in Alabama that looked a lot like light snow, but dew is necessary to have frost, and lately there is not enough dew to freeze, even if it was cold enough. All of this may be due to global warming, the accumulation of man made carbon dioxide and the burning of fossil fuel; but, more than likely, it is just due to the profligacy in the natural system stemming from a sun that is burning out and is more profligate than usual. After all, the sun has been burning for millions of earth years. Any fire, no matter how large, burning for so long must have undergone many changes, including hiccups in the rate of burning. In another few million years, the sun will either burn out or get so low in fusion fuel, it will just explode either freezing the earth or enveloping it in a huge ball of fire, leaving, in the end, a cold dead earth. I pray that, during these times, there is an intelligent supreme being that placed the universe in motion, who will save the earth’s Elite before it all is enveloped in a fiery black hole. Don’t look for indications of such a supreme being through science because science is based on observation and reason, which has no capacity to prove a prime mover or prime intelligence as the initiator. For that reason, the scientific community has already discounted a supreme being as irrelevant The Creation and its fate can only be explained by reverent faith, that is, the substance of things hoped for, having evidence of things unseen. No one can expect the earth’s climate to be as it was in Alabama in the beautiful Fifties when the Greatest Generation lived, worked, and ran the show under God. The least we can do is to develop our faith in this God that he will save us in the end time before our beautiful earth is swallowed by the sun in one huge conflagration and becomes a cold, dead hunk of rock flying through space without purpose of meaning or, else, is swallowed by a black hole destined for the formation of a future universe with life forms like that of our earth.

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