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Jerusalem….Capital of the Spiritual World, And Belongs To Israel

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-12-2017


Why is our embassy in Tel Aviv anyway….It should have  been in Jerusalem all this time…The center of the world is Jerusalem….It’s God’s chosen city for His people and some folks are trying to crowd the chosen people out, but look out, it will be reclaimed by Jehovah God for His people….We are just beating the rush by moving in now. (Well, kind of.) We are undermining the peace of the Middle East, they say. There is no peace in the Middle East so how can it be undermined.  According to my bible Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people and was the location of the original Temple and the Temple will be rebuilt there.. Soon…….Get ready world, it will happen….

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Amen! You are quite right. Jerusalem has belonged to the Jews (and Israel) since King David conquered the Jebusites, who the Jews considered as infidels as the orthodox consider the Moslem people today. There are always people who wish to re-write history by correcting what they consider the wrongs of the past when they know very well that it is impossible to re-write history, much less to correct the “wrongs” of the past or, for that matter, even to define the “wrongs” of the past because that which is considered wrong in a later era is based only on what is considered right in that same era when it may not have been wrong in an era long past. For example, there are people in the 21st century who consider slave holders in early America to be evil and wrong when they did not consider slavery to be wrong in the era in which they lived as long as they did not mistreat their slaves. It was just a way, sometimes the only way, to get the labor necessary to make a living considering the economic conditions of the time. Please note that Jesus Christ never condemned slavery either in the time in which He lived and ministered, nor as the Lord Jesus Christ. He only admonished slave owners to not mistreat their slaves and to treat them with respect. He was more interested in the condition of the heart. It is equally a crime, even a sin, for peoples of a later era to pass judgment on a people of an earlier era when they have great difficulty even to live right in their own era.

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