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Legalize Marijuana?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-01-2018


Should marijuana use be legalized? More and more states are trying to make it so, make it easier to get, start collecting taxes on it’s sale, lower the number of folks in jail for illegal use  and sale of and lots of other things some folks consider good talking points for it’s legalization. Well, I don’t know…I have never used it in any form and do not know anything about it. However, I did goggle it and the site I was on it said:

It is a mind altering drug.

Causes a high when used.

Changes moods.

Impairs body movements.

Causes difficulty in thinking and problem solving.

Impairs memory.

Effects brain development.

Causes breathing problems. Increases heart rate and may increase the chance of heart attacks.

Causes temporary hallucinations and paranoia, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

That sounds like it is still a drug to be reckoned with and does not need to be available to the general public. So, I am still of the frame of mind that it should remain a controlled substance….What do you think?

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Of course! It is a dangerous drug and should not be available to the general public in the same manner as food, nutritious beverages, and clothing. If it is available at all, it should be available only by prescription as judged only be competent people who know the patient and who know the therapeutic nature of what the drug can do when used properly and what the drug can do when used improperly. No patient, no matter how educated or stupid, is ever qualified to doctor himself (or herself) with dangerous drugs.

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