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Democrats in Congress…Get A + at State of the Union Address

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-02-2018


According to me, I think the Democrats attending the State of the Union address the other night gets an A Plus on doing what I am pretty sure they set out to do. You may not have noticed all the scowls, frowns, grimaces, and sulks and the many other signs of extreme displeasure displayed by the, er,  pillars of our government. Even when I just knew that the President made some points that should have perked the ears of these people, ie, spending trillions of dollars on our infrastructure…nothing…..spending and no emotion from our elite? Amazing. I fully expected them to jump to their feet at such an announcement. But, then maybe I’m just being too harsh, too judgmental, and just overreacting…..Did you notice the camera made sure you saw all those reactions, or non-reactions….Probably fake news….

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You are not being to harsh, too judgmental, or overreacting. It is not fake news this time because we watched it on Fox. Fox does not have fake news. We thought it was a great speech. Even Marina liked it, and she is a recent immigrant who thinks that DACA should be trashed. At least, we finally have a President who can give an excellent speech without the appearance of the use of a teleprompter or notes or reading from a written text. I thought the performance of President Trump was simply amazing in this regard. Ole Bill always used a teleprompter and made no attempt to hide it. Barry often used one that obviously did not work properly and still made no attempt to hide it. If President Trump actually used one or, if he used written notes or a printed text, he was very skillful in not letting the viewing audience know about it. Why can’t they give this President a chance to govern? They may not like that for which he stands and promotes, but they can, at least, do the job of a loyal opposition in a democratic republic and work to pass what is best for this great nation while perhaps getting and running with a little bit of their own pet projects. This is what a democratic republic is all about. If it can not have a loyal opposition, then perhaps Benjamin Franklin might be right after all when he told the lady on leaving the Constitutional Convention, “We have a republic if we can keep it.” Without a loyal opposition, there is no way that we can keep it. Come on, Chuck and Nancy! Get with it and give this president a chance. You might yet find yourselves in a position of power. If you do so, God forbid, the conservatives of this great nation will give you a loyal opposition because that is what conservatives do.

To Congresswoman Pelozi, I only would like to ask her to please stop playing with her dentures while watching a President Trump speech on national television. To Senator Shumer, I only ask him to please control his habit of looking over his glasses as if he is stuck in nearsighted mode, and don’t even won’t to look at the President. You’re worse than Bill Clinton, Chuck.

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