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Build It And They Won’t Come?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-02-2018


I don’t know….Is a wall the answer? Seems like something needs to be done. Maybe just declare an open border and let h’r rip……130 million people heading north…Or what about this? I’m not all that good at math, but if we took 25 billion dollars, the amount to build the wall, and divided it equally amongst 130 million people, wouldn’t that add up to almost 2 million dollars to each resident of Mexico….and would they be willing to stay home then….well, no, cause every business in America would be wanting them to come up and spend some of that money….Mexican could come up here and have some “servants” and spend some quality time at spas and rental properties all over the states….Well, this is my attempt at humor, but, 25 billion dollars?….could we not invest in Mexico some way, get them to building roads and bridges and putting their own people to work? At good wages?….. Come on Congressmen…..Come on Senate….Come on Mr. President……Is a wall  really the answer?

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The Webmaster, like most everybody in the mainstream media, is just missing the point. The goal is not to give illegals enough money to keep them from coming. The goal is to just stop them from coming illegally, allowing only those educated and ambitious enough to come who can contribute to American society, and not to merely tear it down. A secondary goal is to provide jobs in this country for Americans. Your proposal would do none of this, only continuing the vast give-a-way programs that got our country in trouble to begin with, which began following our country’s so-called victory in WWII, which was really a victory for the illegals because it kept them alive to live another day and to come under their own terms and not according to our laws.

In the case of my in laws, Marina’s oldest brother made a bargain with his Dad, a poor farmer in the Philippines, that, if he would send him to college, he would dedicate his future salary as an engineer to the education of his younger siblings. He kept his word. Every one of them (all thirteen surviving, graduated in much needed professions (engineering, nursing, computer science), and every one of them eventually immigrated to the U.S. legally, including their parents. Nursing education is expensive in the Philippines because students must stay in the dorm, yet Marina made it through to a nursing diploma on time and in good shape but only with the generous help of this older brother. The older brother generously gave the help but not directly to the siblings. He directed all of his help through Mom and Dad. This way he didn’t spoil the siblings in wild and outrageous living allowing them to waste his money. The basic conclusion is never to give free money directly to those who are directly to benefit, but dispense it through a loving parent who will insure that it is spent wisely.

This is chain migration in its purist form, All of them benefited from chain migration with the elder brother as the beginning link, but none of them believe in chain migration established and enforced in law. This is chain migration based on family helping other family members. This is the best kind and leads to much less wasted money. In fact, it is the only kind of chain migration that does not involve billions of wasted money.

The goal is to stop them from coming illegally. A wall will not stop the illegals. They will find a way. My readers misunderstand me apparently, as I say to give funds to the Mexican government to have money for infrastructure necessary to pay good money to the citizens of Mexico so they will not want to come. I was making humor early in the post, which the reader misunderstood, but at the end of the post was where I turned to having the Mexican government, which provide little to no benefits to its citizens, to try and have them provide for their own so they don’t feel the need to run across the border. They may be a few folks like your brother in law south of the border, but not many. The Mexican people are not bad people, rather simple people who wish to better themselves. The Mexican government, as you know, has no desire to share the wealth taken by the upper 20 per cent of its citizens. They hope they rest of the citizens will run north leaving only a few to take care of the 20 percentile’s needs. So I take it you see benefits to spend 25 billion on a wall! What a waste. An Army of Border Patrol agents would not be that expensive.

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