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Sanctuary Cities

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-04-2018


I read on the internet this morning that 80% of American do not support having sanctuary cities. Wow…..80%….I find it hard to believe. I read the Albuquerque Journal every day and based on what I read there it’s more like 80% support sanctuary cities. I suppose it depends on where you are, who you are, and what your readership base is….Well, they do have to sell papers and advertising  I reckon….Now that could be a part of the problem of this web site. ….Nah, I couldn’t do that. Sanctuary cites going against their own government is not right. No wonder we have so many problems in this country, we just ignore the laws, or pick and choose the laws we like….I would imagine about 80% are against same sex marriage also and about the same 80% against abortion. So, I should not be surprised or shocked that the 20% kicking up the fuss is getting their way.

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The Albuquerque Journal is simply following the orders of its Washington Post owners, just like The Tuscaloosa News is simply following the orders of its New York Times owners. It is not that the newspaper readership base is liberal or that the local newspaper editors are liberal, it is just that the upper echelon of the newspaper management and capitalistic control is very liberal. No one President can change it; neither, can a slew of local editors. Change must come from the readership base and the subscription-paying public over time. In time, the liberal upper echelon will feel the pinch and change too. I suppose that the greatest pressure for change will come from social media. The problem is that most social media outlets are liberal too, but FB and Twitter are already feeling the pressure as well as intense competition from other outlets, including the independent websites like this one.

At least, The Tuscaloosa News has the Crimson Tide to fill its sports pages and to sustain its readership base but that is temporary as Coach Nick Saban is likely working his last contract before retiring. After that, The Tuscaloosa News will only have the reputation of the Crimson Tide to sustain them, the greatest football fan base on earth, and the ability of the University of Alabama to again replace the greatest football coach on earth as it did once before. Through it all, you can bet that the Bama fan base will remain just as conservative in spite of the liberality of the Tuscaloosa News or its owners. In spite of it all, you will not see the University of Alabama downgrading or eliminating its football program because, if it did, a full scale riot and a fan based uprising would immediately occur.

Yeah, so many editors simply bite their tongues to keep from saying what they really feel that it is shameful. We have to be politically correct or not get printed. And I guess ii they made all the liberals mad in a liberal town they would have some problems. That’s just the way it is. And I am pretty sure us Bama fans are not ready to hear anything about Coach Nick leaving just yet……are we?

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