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Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter and Me, by E. V. Pete Hester

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads, News | Posted on 19-04-2018


To: Publish America, LLLP,  Baltimore, Maryland, CEO Mr. Willem Meiners
ISBN 978-1-4512-4093-1

Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter and Me by E. V. Pete Hester,  published 2010

Under a seven year (7 year) contract starting in 2010

I have tried to contact this company through Publish America information and through American Star information to no avail. This  notice is to inform you that this book is no longer under contract to Publish America or any of its affiliates. Contact via telephone and e-mail has been unsuccessful on several attempts. Therefore I am taking this means to advise you of ending our contractual relationship.

E. V. Pete Hester,  Albuquerque, NM 87114  April 19, 2018


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I goggled Publish America, and I found out the this is not a very reputable company, and it probably never was. You probably already know this. This is probably the reason that the company never responded to any of your contacts. You likely need not worry because any contract that you had with this company is likely no longer any good anyway. I suppose the moral to any new author is to beware of any publisher that offers so much free stuff. One usually gets what one pays for.

Yes, that is correct….Most of us unpublished writers end up being in to big a hurry for our own good. However, that said, the publisher has to bear a lot of the fault as well. And when it got tough, they changed their name to American Star or something like that. When I first contacted them 3 books ago a fellow writer warned me about them. Anyway, that is water under the bridge. Now the book belongs to me again and I will soon publish it on hesterbooks.com for free, unless a miracle happens to change that. I’m going to leave this on hesterbooks.com for 30 days and that should be enough notice that I have ended my relationship with them. Thanks, Errol.

Good luck in finding a new publisher for your material; whether, it is Hesterbooks.com or some other legitimate publisher that is in the business of paying for their material and selling enough books to make a profit. Publish America reminds me of my experiences in buying a new car. After one buys a new car and before the car is a week old, one immediately is bombarded with mailings, both post office and electronic, trying to sell the buyer an extended warranty that pays after the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. The more costly the car; the more numerous and urgent the mailings. I hate to buy a new car because of them. Sometimes it is so difficult to tell the scams from the legitimate offers from the manufacturer; except I found out the hard way that most legitimate auto manufacturers are not going to contact their customers about warranty matters until their warranty is about to expire, if they do so then. They don’t make money off their warranties. They just try to use them to sale vehicles, which is where the money is. If you buy a new Cadillac or Mercedes Benz, be prepared to have your mailbox and your inbox filled with mailings from scam artists.

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