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Stand For The Anthem

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-05-2018


I do believe the NFL players have a right to protest. That is the American way. But as Americans, how can you kneel for the flag and national anthem of the country you love and protest it at the same time. I don’t think you can. Protest some other way, at another time, on another platform…..I for one have been turned off by your protest and I will protest you protesting and I hope that everyone who disagrees with the kneeling protesters at NFL games will not buy tickets and refuse to watch the game and let it be known to the advertisers of the games that they are not watching. Matter of fact, if it continues, I hope the NFL suffers from it….and I think they will if it is allowed to continue. That’s all I’ll say about that.

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Either stand for the anthem and salute the flag for which it stands and respect the anthem for which it stands or don’t play the anthem or fly the flag because neither any longer stands for anything. Let those who no longer respect the anthem, flag, or country leave the country once and for all time because those who don’t respect the anthem, flag, and country do not have a country to respect and to love. Respect is always a two-way street as love is a two-way street.. One either loves his country and all that it represents or one does not, and the country can not love one back who does not love it..

With the salaries these boys command no way are they going to leave this country. They want the American citizens to buy the expense ticket to watch them kneel before they play the game. Pretty soon those citizens are going to refuse to buy the tickets and the players will end up doing whatever they got the education for while in college. I hope they took something away from college except football.

The problem is many of them didn’t. Many of them went to college exclusively to play football and to get a chance at major league professional play. Of course, many are like Joe Willy Namath, who earned enough from his short stay in professional football to live comfortably for the rest of their lives without hitting another lick at a snake, especially if they were like Joe Willy, very frugal and invested it wisely. I know that Joe Willy earned a B.S. degree in Physical Education at the University of Alabama because I graduated in the same time with him. He could have used his degree in many ways if he so chosen, including coaching, radio and TV announcer and others, but he chose not to and live comfortably on his investments from his original earnings from the Jets. The others could do it as well, but many of them chose to fault the system that gave them the opportunity, smirking the name of the thousands (and millions) of veterans who fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country that they might have the opportunity to earn their millions. Marina and I attended the Air Show sponsored by the Commemorative Air Force. There were a few old WWII Veterans in attendance, but none were able to stand on their own outside in the heat to watch the airplanes that they had flown to win that war, much less fly them. They stayed inside in their wheelchairs in the museum unable to fly the machines that they had used to win WWII. Yet many of these talented football players not only trashed the system and the country that gave them their opportunity but also besmirched the sacrifices that these old veterans so willingly made.

I agree…

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