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Football picks….Sept 1, 2018 updated Sept 2, 2018

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-08-2018


Alabama over Louisville….. 30 – 7   Alabama by 37

Arizona over BYU…. 24 – 14   BYU by 5    *a loss

Minnesota over NMSU…35 – 14 Minn by 36

New Mexico over Incarnate Word..35 – 10  New Mexico by 32

Texas Tech over Mississippi….21 – 17  Miss by 20   *a loss

Wisconsin over W Kentucky…40 – 14    Wisc by 31

*Upset special….Hawaii over Navy….24 – 14  Hawaii by 18

Boise State over Troy….30 – 17   Boise State by 36

Ok….let’s see how it goes. It seemed like a long wait from 2017 til now, but the season will fly by. I hope you folks will come by each week to check on our record. Right now my record is pretty good…we will see come Monday…

Sept 2, 2018  ok so my record is 6 win – 2 loss and I got my upset special correct.





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This is the new Benny Marshall in action. I hope you are at least as good as he was although I remember he did run amiss many times. Benny Marshall was my Dad’s favorite sports writer who wrote for the Birmingham News. In fact, Benny Marshall was the only reason my Dad paid the cost of subscribing to the Birmingham News. He did follow the Crimson Tide closely even when they were losing, like during the Bart Starr days when “Ears” Whitworth was the coach.

I remember when Uncle Buck would drive over to Tuscaloosa to see Bart Starr play in the Homecoming game. He came home to Coal Fire praising Starr but running down “Ears” Whitworth and Alabama. Ole Bart certainly proved himself, though, when he went to the Green Bay Packards. I guess it was true that he just needed some one who could catch his “bullet-like” passes.

As a high school kid from Pickens County who always was looking for the Alabama players to “walk on water”, I couldn’t understand why Uncle Buck always praised Bart Starr while denigrating the University and its coach. I simply couldn’t understand, if Bart was so good and if he did such a great job, then why wasn’t he scoring some points. I guess if I was trying to catch Bart’s “bullet-like” passes, I would probably know. I always wondered how Uncle Buck knew. Since he was seeing the “bullets” from the stands, and I was only listening on the radio is probably the reason.

Perhaps that’s where I get my liking of Bart Starr. While he was at Alabama I did not
like him and I was always pulling for Albert Elmore. After college is when I grew to appreciate him
and Green Bay was my team until Dallas came along….

I don’t know if I can predict teams right or wrong, good or bad, but it gives me something
to do and I enjoy doing some of the research that goes with the predictions. I’m keep my fingers
crossed that I will at least finish over the 50% mark in wins vs losses…

I can barely remember Albert Elmore, mostly in name only. Did he play at Reform or Gordo in high school? Was he one of the Reform Elmore’s or Gordo Elmores? I believe Albert Elmore may have been the reason that Uncle Buck was traveling to Tuscaloosa to see play. I vaguely remember him talking about Albert Elmore. Bart Starr was the starting quarterback, and he was the one that got all the publicity. The News and the uppity-ups at the University of Alabama sports department and alumni never paid much attention to small single A schools like Reform anyway, even when my Dad played on the PCHS team that went up to Birmingham and beat the Woodlawn High School team in the Thirties. I will never forget Dad talking about that game and talking about Woodlawn fielding three or four teams when PCHS barely had enough players to field one.

Albert was a cousin to George Millard and Hayes, but I’m not sure what part of the state he lived in.
But because of my association with the Elmore’s in Reform, I also was hoping Albert got the starting job
at quarterback. He played, but I don’t think he ever started.

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