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Secret Government Agency Closes National Solar Observatory

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-09-2018


Albuquerque Journal, Thursday September 13, 2018 reports the following. I also checked the internet and they have several articles regarding the closure but with no additional information available.

On Thursday, September 7, 2018 the folks employed at the National Solar Observatory was closed by a government agency and had the employees  evacuate the area. A nearby post office was also told to close and it was also evacuated. None of the people were told what was happening to cause the closure and they were not told how long the closure would last. They said “due to unforeseen circumstances”  due to some security issues and would have no further comments at this time. The FBI is on site, but they are not the agency that closed it, and no one is saying which agency was responsible for the closure.

This place has been operating since 1947, involved in solar research. The operator of the facility is The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy is addressing a security issue and decided to temporarily vacate the facility.

In another article, which I did not fully explore, there seem to be some solar flares that are raising some eyebrows and I wondered if that could be a part of it….yet, that is what they do: Study solar flares, etc…Soooo, what’s going on? Could the agency that closed the place be the “MEN IN BLACK?” Just saying……


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Now we know where Bret Kavanaugh is hiding. The Observatory had to close because it had to shelter Bret from the democratic thugs who are having such great success at lynching him. One day Bret will be back to sit on the Supreme court in order to hear the cases of those lynching thugs. Maybe, if worse comes to worse, the Observatory will have a spaceship standing by to take him to another planet. Any planet would be better than this one. At any rate, I hope that he is eventually confirmed to the Supreme Court. We do need a good conservative, knowledgeable, and smart gentleman on the Supreme Court. I don’t think our Founding Fathers, in writing the Constitution, ever expected Supreme court Justices to be eunuchs. A eunuch may be okay for a harem, but not for the chief court in the land. I just hope that the Senate just gives all of this a little time for it to soak into their thick heads, and approves his nomination anyway. If the ephemeral “thumbs down” was given to every nominee who had an affair in high school, then there would not be left anyone to serve. Why not just turn down soldiers who had an affair in high school? That would be a simple and easy way to abolish the draft as well as the military.

When the Liberals disagree with Conservatives about something they go into some form of stall mode
until they can get things going their way or delayed long enough that changes can go their way. It’s a shame. They should give that woman a lie detector test and make sure she passes before they delay any votes. Why wait 40 years before you bring up something.

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