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Seems To Me Like…….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-10-2018


You know it seems to me like the world is going crazy….but then again, maybe it’s me. But I feel like:

  1. God has pulled away from America and probably because America has pulled away from God.
  2. People care only about themselves anymore.
  3. When voting its “what can you do for me” attitude when selecting a candidate.
  4. Protesting when elections do not go their way and most of the protesting turn violent,  in effect saying, “you folks better listen to me or you may get hurt.”
  5. No one knows history anymore. We have dumbed down our school systems.
  6. Our kids are excellent in running computers and phone apps. Figuring things out for themselves, not so much.
  7. Rules and government are ok as long as they are favorable to liberal thinking.
  8. Conservative ideas, “you got to be kidding”. Their are a few young people who think conservatively, but very few.
  9. That 10 percent tax rate works for God and seems to me like if all of us, including companies and corporations, would pay 10 percent to the USA we would have all the money necessary to run our government.
  10. Everyone who is able should work. If you draw a welfare check you should work doing something….sweeping streets, picking up trash, clerking in government offices….something, anything, but all work.

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Comments on the feelings of the Webmaster:

1. God has not pulled away from America, and America has not yet pulled completely away from God. America just does not yet quite know how to handle all the new ideas that the world is invading it from all sides, but God and God’s America will prevail in the end.
2. People have always cared only for themselves and their own. It is called self-preservation.
3. What other reason is there to vote. It is always what you can do for me and for my own.
4. This is the reason that democracy has had such difficulty in functioning in the past. Every person basically wants a government that serves ole #1 foremost and more importantly. It is difficult for humans to recognize the rights of others when their rights do not involve there own.
5. This is the first success of Soros and the Left. When a people do not know the mistakes and successes of the past, they are bound to repeat the mistakes and be ignorant of the successes.
6. Computers and phone apps are toys, at least in the view if kids. Kids have always loved their toys. I remember loving my “little red wagon”. I only wish I had had computers and phone apps when I was a kid. I did love the abacus my father brought home from the war, even though I never really knew what it was used for as most kids today do not even know their computers and phone apps.
7.Rules of government are ok as long as they are favorable to anyone.
9. Amen! 10% to God and 10% to the government, which is supposed to serve God’s Will by protecting and caring for God’s people. 20% is enough taxation in any case.
10. Amen! Everyone should work within their capabilities.

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