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Antelope Wells, NM Port of Entry ..Update 1/19/19

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-12-2018


Antelope Hills Point of Entry

This is a picture of the border crossing facilities at Antelope Wells, NM where little 7 year old Jakalin Caal Maquin and her family came to when turning themselves over to our Border Patrol. There is another building close by that is a little more accommodating and modern than what you see here.  No medical facilities, no doctors, no treatment centers, four (4) agents work this place working 8 day shifts because of the long distance to their homes. Lordsburg, NM is about 90 miles north and has limited medical and about the same to Deming, a little larger that Lordsburg but also with limited medical facilities. There is a small hospital there but serious cases are flown to El Paso or Albuquerque for treatment. There are some small communities on the roads thru there but no treatment for any ailments of any kind. So any families arriving at Antelope Wells from the south walking and turning themselves in would be processed at the above station. This is where the little girl and her family arrived after their march across the barren  desert of Mexico and expecting to get help. I am so sorry there was no  facilities there to help her but I’m not sure if there had been that she could have been saved, since the doctors were at least an hour or better away from there. Putting the blame of her death on the shoulders of the Border Patrol is a terrible thing to do. They had nothing to work with and certainly they were not expecting visitors with a sick little girl to be coming into their station. But, somehow, all the liberals are blaming the present Administration as the culprit in her death…..I don’t have all the facts either, however, I have enough to know that all of us should be very slow to place blame on any American in this tragedy.

UPDATE: The democrats said today after Trump’s speech that the border was sufficiently guarded at the ports of entries where the migrants were seeking asylum and were well able to handle the job. Evidently they missed my postings on hesterbooks.com. Four agents to handle 150 migrants that showed up last week…..The democrats may not even read the newspapers…If Trump would tweet that info they sure see it…

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I place no blqme in this trqgedy at all and I don’t believe that any thinking American, who knows the danger in our southwestern desert from the weather and climate places any blame either. What happened to that girl is sad,and what has happened to counless other people over the years in that desert is equally sad, including the gold and metal prospectors of earlier years, but anyone should know better than to take chances with their own lives, much less with the life of a young girl in the cruel conditions of our southwestern desert as well as any desert for that matter. When I was biking and hiking in the high desert of northern and central New Mexico, the first thing that I made cerain of was that I had plenty of water and sunscreen; and, even then, I paced myself quite closely to make sure that I didn’t bite off more than I could chew concerning the climate. Any parent or guardian who places a small child in such a situation deliberately don’t deserve to live themselves. No one can blame President Trump for protecting our border as that is only what he was elected to do and that is his appointed task under the Constitution, but everyone can blame any parent or guardian who puts a child in such a situation resulting in the child’s death because any parent should know better. At the very least, they should know better of the need to make better plans and preparation for any long journey, most especially for such a long, arduous and dangerous journey, especially where the life of a young person is held in the balance of such a stupid decision. Sure! We know the living conditions in Central America. We know the desire to seek a better life, but this desire, no matter how universal it is does not give the guardians of such a young life to be stupid insofar as that life is concerned. As for me, I remain steadfast in my condemnation of the stupid liberals in their condemnation of President Trump for doing exactly what the people who elected him wanted him to do. The President of the United States has enough responsibility just to protect our many troops in dangerous places around the world without accepting the responsibility of protecting every unfortuanate child whose parents are so stupid as to place their precious little kid in harms way by making a stupid decision to have that child walk across a barran desert without adequate food and water

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