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800,000 Not Being Paid…Shameful

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-01-2019


It may be the Congress of The United States or it may be the President of The United States and it may be both and it may be some other stuff, but what ever it is should immediately be fixed. 800,000 folks not getting a pay check when they have bills to pay and children to feed. I say to both of you or to anyone else involved……GET OFF YOU LAZY ASS AND GET THIS FIXED….It is shameful that Americans have to suffer because of you high paid ass holes sitting on you rear end while so many of your fellow Americans suffer. What is wrong with you people. Your belly is full, your bills are being paid, your bank account is in good shape and I’m thinking that what “goes around, comes around” and I feel like your day is coming…..That’s all I got to say about that…

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So!!!!! The Feds aren’t being paid. What is so bad about that? Perhaps billions of illegal immigrants will see the fallacy of their ways for wanting to come here to begin with. Perhaps they will see the error of their ways and decide to stay in Guatamala where their paycheck has the consistency and value of straw whether than come to America and force our goods and services into the same consistent value or worthless straw. I’ve heard all my life that the straw always looks better on the other side of the fence; but, when the worthless do get over there, they find that there is the same ole worthless straw over there too. Being rich means to make the best of what one has. There is the best in Guatamala as well as the best of America. When one girds the poorest of the poor clothing about his loins and goes out to make the best of the best about him, now this is the essence of making wealth out of a mole hill, and it is the essence of being rich. I say to all those illegals with backyard contraptions about them to consider leaving our contraptions alone and use a little imagination to convert your own contraptions into something useful for mankind, into something that is running short in the world, and perhaps in to something that the world is running gravely short of, almost to the point of causing mass extinction.

When a family has bills to pay and children to feed they expect to be paid if they have a job. If we need to cut back, remove some employees, fire some employees, so be it. But do that, don’t shut down the entire government. Doing what they are doing now is unforgiveable as far as I am concerned. No amount of talking, blowing smoke or holding hostages will change the way I feel about that. I said what I believe and I believe what I said. Let’s get the government rolling again.

In certain situations, it may be time to consider having fewer unwanted children in the world especially if financial conditions are so dire in certain parts of the world that they can not be adequately fed, clothed, and housed, and one has to go wandering over inconsiderate desert, mountains, and streams seeking food for them. I, for one, do not think that economic conditions in Guatamala or anywhere else in Central America are quite that dire. The primary problem appears to be the essential laziness of its people and the experience of years of accepting hand outs from the rich few which has all but destroyed their incentive to work. Anyone who can not pick themselves up by their own boot straps when given a little help to do so will not likely be able to by traveling thousands of miles over dangerous terrain, killing children in the process. I’m sorry! Killing children is no excuse for breaking the law and violating the sovereignty of any country. If they wanted to, they can feed their kids without violating our sovereignty, our borders potentially violating our national identity. Easy money through drugs is the real factor. It is not the desire to feed their kids, who appear to be expendable. I remain with President Trump, not with the rich goons who are running the country of Mexico along with the thugs and drug cartels, enslaving the poor people of Mexico. Now you have my prescription for a better world order. Let’s help the children of Mexico all we can but do it without helping the filthy rich goons of Mexico who became rich by raping their country and stealing from their children. The drug cartels are just another modern way that the rich of Mexico have found to do just that, while, at the same time, raping our own whose young people are very susceptible to cheap, easy, and plentiful mind boggling drugs that can not be obtained legally in our country.

I am not talking about the children of any country other than the USA. The 800,000 people who are presently not getting pay checks should be getting the checks going to congress and their staffs. I’m talking American children. I’m talking people with jobs now and they are not being paid. Shameful…No other way you can say it. I spoke with a lady today who works for the forestry service and has for many years. She is supporting her mother, losing her dad a few months ago, was involved in a four car pile up (not her fault) and her car was totaled and while insured just another problem for her. She is very worried. That is totally unnecessary. Put the workers back to work and solve the issue some other way.

I am talking about the children of all countries, even those that harbor a hatred of the USA. I worship a God that plays no favorites and holds no grudges against anyone, not even for the good ole USA or the American people. I grew up in the Third World, called Coal Fire, where women commonly died of complications of child birth, where they had to be driven over pothole infested roads to Columbus, Mississippi in another state to a hospital and who commonly didn’t make it. We grew up under conditions where we had no special privileges or special medical care but with only a lot of tender loving care, a godly mother willing to sacrifice, and a father who was willing to go out of his way and endure a lot that I might have a good life. Thank you father and thank you dear mother wherever you are now and wherever Heaven is. Marina and I are about to leave on a trip to Maui to attend Christine’s wedding. Christine is the daughter of Marina’s brother who lives in California but who is getting married in Hawaii on the island of Maui. I am not particularly worried about Federal employees, what with all their benefits, they will be okay. some may suffer a few hardships, but most will likely be better off as a result. They will be back at work (if they actually do any work) in two shakes of a sheep’s tail. In the meantime, let’s let President Trump complete his agenda. He has come closer to solving the problem than any President in my lifetime. He may just do it this time, if the goons in the Media and elsewhere will let him.

It’s sad the a-holes can’t get it worked out. Rich people being rich people….

The people of Central America and Mexico are rich compared to certain retired USA residents. The a-holes can and will get it worked out if the a-holes will just step back and let our more dedicated a-holes do the job that they were elected to do. You’re right! I will find another venue to express my grievance and to do my part to create a new world order. Like the main stream media in America, this website, like so many others, has lost its utility and lost its bearing, perhaps becoming anti-American in the process, but I shall continue to pray for its webmaster.

I don’t understand what you are getting at about the webmaster,
but that’s ok. You do what you need to do. I cannot change your
opinion, nor do I want to and you cannot change mine. But I don’t think you know what mine is.
I support the wall or tighter border security. I support conservative ideas. I don’t like liberals.
Stopping folks paycheck is not right. That is neither conservative or liberal, it’s simply dumb. Your
Mom or Dad would not agree with that either. My folks would not agree with that. And thanks for your prayers. I need them
every day.

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