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Japan’s Abe Won’t Confirm Nobel Nomination For Trump

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-02-2019


In this morning’s Albuquerque Journal, Feb. 19, 2019, Simon Denver and Akiko Kashiwagi of The Washington Post write that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan will not confirm he nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. He said that he would like to refrain from giving a comment. The same article stated that Junya Ogawa, a opposition lawmaker, said it was “unthinkable” for Abe to have nominated a man who had pulled out of the Intermediate-Range nuclear Forces Treaty, The Paris climate change accord and the Iran nuclear deal, started a trade war with China, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Promoted “America First” and who wants to build a wall on the Mexican border….. Well, I think some of the reasons he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize is Trump pulled us out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, pulled us out of the Iran nuclear deal, fought for tariffs on goods from China, moved the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem, promoted America First, building a wall on the Mexican border or stepping up security there, made NATO step up to the plate on NATO countries paying their fair share and stopped sending aid to those countries that “hate America”….. President Trump has his backers but we never seem to hear from them. Wonder why that is? Do you suppose it is as President Trump says and the media is unfair and even upset because they missed the American peoples feelings in the last election?…..If so, they would never admit it, would they?

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It’s sad, so sad that President Trump can’t be given his due credit for a job well done by the present Prime Minister of Japan; but, then, I am not sure that President Trump ever expected to receive any credit from the Prime Minister of Japan, who would never recognize a “job well done” if it struck him in the face. I wonder who recognized the militaristic Prime Minister of Japan when that Prime Minister sacrificed untold millions of innocent Japanese citizens on the altar of the atomic bomb after he persistently and maliciously continued his attack on our army, navy, and air force in the face of a most certain defeat, which was already happening, which, by the way happened to include my own father during the early years of my life–a father whom I would have never known had that Prime Minister been allowed to have his way in the world. That Prime Minister didn’t have to precipitate that attack, neither does the current prime minister have any right to reciprocate against the President of the United States of America for doing a job “well done”. So, hear this, Mr. Prime Minister. The danger to the peoples of this world due to nuclear weapons is not due to the United States of America, or its President, for developing them as a defensive weapon; but it is due directly to the malicious and murderous actions of the Prime Minister of Japan and its murderous rulers for prosecuting and perpetuating such a long, cruel war as WWII, knowing that it could not possibility be successful, not only against the United States of America, but especially against the world at large. So, give our President his due, Mr. Prime Minister. What could it possibly hurt: a cheap placard stating for history sake a job well done and a place in the textbook of world history. Japan earned its place in history by willfully allowing itself to become a target for the most powerful, destructive weapon know to man. Please don’t create an additional mistake by allowing the Japanese mouth and intransigence to become an additional even more powerful weapon in the future.

I was not planning to go back that far in this discussion. Japan’s attack on us and not surrendering when asked to prompted our dropping those bombs. Millions of soldiers lives were thereby saved. So you are right in that sense. However, I doubt that Abe had any more to do with that bombing than you or I did. I’m glad he is promoting Trump and I wish more people would see him in that light.

You are right Mr. Webmaster, but the Prime Minister should still give President Trump a little consideration for a job well done and consideration for finally breaking the stalemate of coming up with ideas that work in the Japanese region. I am afraid you are wrong about the present Prime Minister of Japan. Shinzo Abe comes from the same militaristic mentality that the wartime prime ministers of Japan sprang from. They all still believe firmly in Japanese world domination and believe that the United States of America is really only a paper tiger that is unable to really change or dominate the world because it is a democracy. Deep down in his heart, Shinzo Abe really believes that just as surely as the wartime prime ministers did. The United States of America had best be vigilent to insure that this Japanese mentality is kept tightly wrapped in a box.

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