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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-07-2019


I watched a report on TV this morning about trans genders running track, competing against some girls. What a screwed up world. The transgender won…..Surprise, surprise. As I understand this case, the transgender was a boy, competing against some girls and the “it” won. I feel badly that a person feels lost in who they are, but, hey, get over it person…You are either a boy or girl, there is no “tweens”. Your plumbing assignment determines just where you need to be…..We, the general public, allow this type thinking. It’s crazy…. What else can we come up with…maybe human or not human, alien maybe, something else even more far out…..And what is really surprising to me is that we, the general public,  actually go along with this madness and allow it to continue. That is really the most surprising part to me. No one is outraged at this type thinking, well, maybe me and a few others. What a screwed up world….Oh, I said that already….I have no other words…it is screwed up….it is crazy…

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The individual really has no control over the thinking of another person. I think that this individual should receive a good scrutinizing going over by the media by having the unfairness of his competition totally illustrated; but, as long as transgender operations are allowed, I suppose his entrance into the completion is as legitimate as that of any other female. It boils down to the fact that the basic unfairness of his act must be corrected by the lack of support of the sport that allows such an unfair completion, which probably is not going to happen as long as such competition is allowed under law. Alternatively, all of this “guys” teammates must decide for themselves whether or not they want to compete against such a weirdo. Mass resignations, in this case, would be appropriate. At the very least, all teams should have to publish the criteria under which their recruiting is done. Then, any gal who joins the team would be aware of the kind of competition she will have and will know what she might be getting herself into.

Why not try a different approach which is already a tried and true method. We have all male teams and sports. We have all female teams and sports. Why not have all transgender teams and sports? If there are insufficient transgender individuals to field, say, a football team, then let these few transgender individuals compete in sports like, tennis, where teams of a single individual, or two, are common. In sports, as in life and war, there has to be rules of engagement. That is the way I feel about it.

I just cannot get used to the idea that I should recognize a transgender. I don’t really know just what a transgender is. Certainly it is something new since biblical times, at least I never read of such. So it they are not created, then they must be man made….That’s my problem. But that’s just me.

Why not let them be boys or girls, one or the other…that would be a novel idea, huh?

You are so right! A transgender is not a girl or a boy. A transgender is an entirely different species. They should not be allowed to use either a girl’s or a boy’s facilities, since they are different. Just because they overcome the legal requirement of being one or the other doesn’t mean that they are not or will not be viewed either as one of the other by the general population. To me, a transgender is no transgender at all. A transgender is merely an unsexed male or female who is allowed to live out a lie in the ordinary world unmolested by the law as if it was the God-made truth. When this transgender comes up before the judgment bar of God and is asked “What orientation were you down on earth?”, What will be the answer of the transgender? Will it be, “I was a girl?” Will it be, “I was a boy?” Or, will it be, a new hybrid species made by science called “transgender”? God will say, ” I know no such species in my Creation. GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!” So, that will be the end of that. It will be the end of the screwed-up experiment that circumvented the beautiful Creation of God.

I enjoy reading the first and second chapters of the Book of Genesis from time to time just to remind myself of the world that God intended as He masterminded His Creation without any destructive acts of any part of it. I feel that if He meant a transgender to be a part of it, He would have made such from the beginning as well, giving an Adam, and Eve, and a transgender “Whatever”, in which case we would have now and entirely different world, which is certainly not the case. In fact, if He had made the transgender in the beginning, the transgender would have likely been eliminated by the natural Law of the Fittest long before now by the simple process of selection. For one thing, how can a transgender reproduce itself? Reproduction is an essential part of the creation of all species. For this reason, a transgender subspecies is really irrelevant because it is biologically impossible to sustain. The species will eliminate itself in time, and it probably has. Man, through the magic of medical science, just resurrected it for a time but not for eternity. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT, IF YOU WANT ETERNAL LIFE, THEN STICK TO GOD’S WORD TO OBTAIN IT.

Amen, Brother….That is exactly correct.

I will amen that comment also.

I still have a problem saying there is such a thing as a transgender…A lot say that they are and some even believe that and
convince others that what they are saying is factual…I cannot go along with that way of thinking. There are problems upstairs
that need to be addressed in those individuals, in my opinion.

You are exactly right, Mr. Webmaster. Scientifically, there is no such thing or being as a transgender; but, under the legal definition, there is such a being. Legally, a transgender is one who can perform the functions of both sexes, not sexually, but in livelihood as she or he or “it” may desire. Scientifically, a transgender can not perform the functions of both sexes because a transgender lacks the proper equipment of one or both of the sexes. Therefore, a transgender is a legal definition only. It is a description of a being made by man as a part of His Creation, nor is “it” a God-made being as part of His Creation. So!!! If one wants to play a role in God’s Creation without actually being part of that Creation, then all one has to do is to have a medical transgender operation in a way made legal under the law and perform the acts necessary to function as an individual of that sex into which she or he or it allowed her or him or it to enter, then society will consider her or him or it as a bona fide transgender under the law. SO BE IT! BUT IT IS NOT SO IN ACTUAL FACT BECAUSE THAT PERSON HAS ENTERED A “PERSONHOOD” THAT GOD DID NOT RECOGNIZE IN THE CREATION. THIS IS MY INTERPRETATION OF GENESIS. I MAY BE WRONG, BUT THIS IS THE WAY THAT I SEE IT.

And I think you are correct. A person is either one or the other, not both, not mixed, but a man or a woman. I will not except a person that tells me that and I will still refer to them as he or she….That’s the way I feel about it.

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