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Racists….Bigots….Liars….All Races Have Them

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-07-2019


I will be the first to admit that the white race has our share of racists and bigots and liars….I wish we did not, but we do. But I do not believe that President Trump is one of them, but he is extremely honest in his answers and some other races jump all over that honesty as racist, mainly because it fits their agenda, which is tearing down Trump.

I am pretty sure that the black race is just as bad as the whites in being racists and bigots. And one member of congress and one extremely vocal public speaker are about as bad as they come in racism and bigotry ….both are black and neither one own up to being racist.

However, that said, both of those parties and myself need to understand that there is a degree of honesty in all of the answers given on both sides. We have to listen to what is being said and evaluate it’s truthfulness and not be so quick to say “racist’.  Can we do that? I doubt that we can also. But we owe it to the world to try.

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If you look up Webster’s definition of race, you will not find any of those words being a general characteristic of any race because they simply are not. Racists….Bigots….Liars are all learned traits. Neither is a general characteristic. Racism is the practice of racial discrimination. It is a practice and must be learned. It is not an ingrained trait. If the white race has them, then it is learned in certain areas because of conditions around them, especially in the formative years when growing up and being educated. If the black race has them, then it is a learned trait in their formative years. If you want to do away with racism, then you must do away with learning, or, at least, have it strictly controlled, as the communist do. None of us want that. The best way is to control racist thought and not to control learning. The best way to control racist thought is to always think rationally about race, race relations by keeping the lord’s Prayer constantly in mind. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. The solution is so simple. It is the practice in the real world that is so difficult.

We all are inherently racist. It is a natural human characteristic to love oneself and to consider oneself better than others. This thought grew out of the “survival of the fittest” mentality in a rougher, cruder time when the survival of the race (human) was at stake. As there became more and more humans living close together, then the concept of love and Christianity became more and more important. In communal relationships, love and Christian relationships were thrust into center stage, but there is always a constant tension between the two. There is always a constant battle between the inner man’s sense of self-preservation and the love of one’s fellow man. This tension becomes even more important when there are differences as to race, skin color, social as well as intelligence. It is the overcoming of these differences that is the purpose of the Christian faith. Then, one might ask, Why is the Church such a failure at it? Because the Church was never a saintly organization. It was created by Our Lord Jesus Christ as a Hospital for Sinners. This is what it is, and this is its purpose where we are to work out the fine points of our human relationships together under the guidance of the Lord. When this is done, our racial discrimination problems will end.

Well, I hope many read your posting and work on being more in touch with Mr. Trump and his ideas expressed from time to time. There
are many people who jump on him when he says something that is honest about certain peoples. And a lot of it is because of a different culture. But whatever the reason, a good listener will understand where he is coming from in most cases….if they want to…Most of them don’t want to and judge him as racist or something worse….thanks for your comments…

A speaker like President Trump expects to be jumped on after he speaks or writes something controversial. That way he knows that he is being heard. He knows that his words have reached their mark. The quickness and the veracity of the reaction is a measure of the degree to which the mark has been hit and of the need for what he has just said. Any political speaker and speaker advocating social or political change knows this, and it is exactly the king of reaction he is expecting and is listening for. Any potential voter who reacts to what has been said in this manner is the same potential voter who will react positively in the ballot box later. For the politician, it is a gamble, but it is the same gamble that every politician must make. A few are successful at it. Many more are not so successful. To some, the practice appears reckless and sometimes stupid. To others, it is an astute politician

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