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Trump…Keeps The Liberals Uptight, Don’t He?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-08-2019


President Trump keeps coming up with things to get the liberals going…Yeah, I know…That does not take much. It’s kind of like wherever President Trump opens his mouth the left start hollowing before the words reach a microphone. It’s funny in a way but yet it is sadder in a much worse way. If they would just listen to him and not judge so quickly, things would work out to the satisfaction of all parties. But that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. Buying Greenland sounds like a pretty good idea to me, but that got a lot of folks going. Left leaning Jews got a little upset with him….some other things getting folks fired up, China trade war, expansion of migrant family detention, arms sale to Taiwan…you know, just whatever he comes up with.  All of those things are good for us. The thing the left is missing out on is trying to negotiate with Trump to get things closer to the way they want them…… Well,  I don’t think that’s gonna happen either.  And so it goes.

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I suppose the reason that the left does not want to negotiate with Trump is because the left knows that it can not satisfactorily and successfully do so. They are hoping to get rid of Trump in another way, so they do not have to try to negotiate. Impeachment is the first and easiest way, but they may one serious, miscalculated mistake. Trump has successfully fought many battles in the courts relating to his business in the private sector. He is a veteran of hard fought court battles. As a result, he is a much harder guy to impeach than they bargained for. Also, he has the backing of the American people, which is even more important. Keeping his liberal opponents constantly off balance is but one element of his strategy. Keeping his legal opponents constantly off balance causes them to spend valuable, probably scarce resources and funds on legal research and many miscellaneous related court battles that would otherwise be unnecessary in a more strategized and planned attack. This strategy Trump planned and worked out in the business world the success of which enabled the Trump Business Empire to excel. He only transferred that success to the executive branch of government. This is the reason that he will eventually go down in history as one of our nation’s greatest and strongest Presidents; that is, as long as the unthinkable does not happen enabling some “nut job” to successfully assassinate him before it can happen. I am praying daily that it will not happen and that the Secret Service will be able to do their jobs better than they have done in the past with other presidents who fail victim of assassination attempts. Oh! Please Lord! Allow Mr. Trump to successfully serve out his two terms as President that he so deserves and that the American people so much need.

Amen…Thanks for the comment

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