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Football Picks….Nope, Not This Year

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-08-2019


Picking the winning football team each week is what Football Picks is all about and to pick the winners most times I would have to pick the teams playing my teams.  I don’t like to do that so I will just tell you who I pull for most every week…..University of New Mexico every week….New Mexico State U every week except when they play UNM.   Arizona every week except when the play one of the New Mexico Teams.  Same comment for Texas Tech and  Wisconsin. Now I root for Alabama every week and I have forever, however, this year they play New Mexico State….I do know Bama will win….You know Bama will win….All that said I’m still going to be pulling for NMSU to make a good showing and keep trying until the fat lady sings. Talking about a bull headed team, NMSU starts at Washington State, then they play Alabama, then a little later in the season they play Ole Miss. Hard to have a winning season when you line up those teams….My Lobos go up to Notre Dame for their second game and New Mexico State for the third game…Their schedule is a little more team friendly (I hope) than the Aggies. Anyway, its time for FOOTBALL….I’m ready. Been a long dry spell. ESPN showing the top twenty five  2018 games over again in the off season helped a lot

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Your football picking method is really quite simple. You just pick the teams you like. I suspected that is all the sports writers did back when I use to follow Dad in reading the sports pages in the Birmingham News. They just picked whom they liked. There is little more science to it than that. I guess that is okay because 99% of readers do just that anyway. So, my football picks will follow along very closely with yours. I will just substitute Alabama for your UNM and Auburn for your Mew Mexico State. I will throw in Mississippi State for your Arizona. Don’t worry! That is okay if you want to root for New Mexico State when they play Alabama because I will be rooting for Alabama, especially for that game to counteract your foolhardiness. This posting has just about exhausted my football picking for 2019 already. Except for Georgia Tech, all the rest are just about as senseless as picking NFL teams. I still keep up with Georgia Tech because I was once a student there, and also with North Carolina State because it was once my “Hometeam” for three years in Seminary. So, when North Carolina State plays New Mexico State (if ever), I will be rooting for North Carolina State. I still keep up with the Lobos but in other things besides football. I learned long ago that it was a losing proposition to follow UNM football. I guess the reason for that is that I learned long ago that the football program at UNM was essentially a losing proposition. One weekend trip to a home game quickly reinforced that.

When I was at Kirtland, I use to walk down to the UNM campus in the fall of the year to watch UNM intermural soccer. It was a lot like football. They had a ball. It was nice and round. They knew which way it was going to bounce. So simple! And best of all, it was free. It didn’t exceed my tiny budget the way that UNM football usually did. It was a lot of fun to watch. It did beat seating in a crowded day room of the barracks with a bunch of Air Force Bozos watching strange football teams from “only God knew where.” In the day room, the alcohol usually flowed so deep as to make the football essentially irrelevant; consequently, I usually ended up somewhere out on the mesa riding my bicycle to get out of the crowded and football biased mess in the barracks. It was so strange to me that they could root for so many strange schools other than Bear Bryant’s Alabama. Sorry guys! I hear my bicycle calling.

Well, I did pick the team I liked…However, I also went to the url of some of the schools and read about the team, schedule, roster, coaches, etc…and yes, I usually still picked the team I liked. If you will read the posting about this year I mentioned that “I know NMSU cannot beat Alabama and you know NMSU cannot pick Alabama” but that I would still be pulling for NMSU….They cannot beat Bama, but they can play over their heads and make a game of it for a quarter or two. They have good players, but not great players. I want them to make Bama earn their win. I’m not real smart, but I know Alabama football so it is easy to pick them to win most all the time. I could, but will not, pick NMSU and UNM to lose most all the time, but I will not do that either. But I do study the teams they play when I am doing the picks, including Stony Brook and Coastal Carolina…

Soccer is no longer a part of UNM. The men’s team was cut after the 2018 season as a cost saving measure as were several other sports venues. A lot of people were upset over it, but they cut it anyway.

I knew that. At the end of the season
Last year, I saw where the entire program
at UNM was being re-evaluated as cost
Saving measure. I bet the students
Still play intermural soccer though. I
Bet there is still soccer played on the
Field facing University Avenue near the
Main campus by the students
there in front of the campus where I
Watched the students play.

All the years I was at Kirtland AFB, I
thought the entire sports program
should be re-evaluated because of the
difficulty the University was having in
filling up its home stadium for a typical
Weekend game. I attributed that difficulty
to the fact that Albuquerque just was
Not a football town.

the lady lobos still play soccer and we now have a pro soccer team that is drawing good crowds, so yes, we do still have soccer. Not men’s soccer at UNM…maybe in a couple of more years we will get them back. No, not a football town…They will bring in 40,000 if we are playing good and winning and a good team is coming to town.
A so-so year with a so-so team and we can expect 23,000 to 25,000 and a good team coming in add another 10,000 or so, but that’s about it.

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