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Printing Money….Good Grief

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-09-2019


I read in the newspaper today where the United States uses 9.7 tons of paper daily to print paper money….Wow, did you see that? It was in the comic strips so do you reckon it’s correct. If so, consider this…..it takes 454 paper bills to make a pound of paper money, according to Google, so if it’s one dollar bills or twenty’s or hundred’s, it takes 454 of them to make a pound. Nine point seven tons converts to 19,400 pounds of paper. If they are printing all one’s on Monday, 8,807,600 dollars  hit the streets of America. If it’s twenties on Tuesday,  176,152,000 dollars hits the street….If it’s hundreds on Wednesday, ah gee, well, that must be about 880,760,000. Anyway, it’s a dad gum bunch of money. If we could figure out a way to stop the paper going into the governments printing presses we could fix the budget, well maybe…but consider this: give each American their own printing press and if they need some money, print it up…that would save a whole lot of salaries paid to government workers and then also we could pay whatever taxes the government wanted us to pay by printing up two, three thousand dollars…no sweat….Oh, wait.. we better not do that since the feds can and citizens can’t and it would be better if the government did not do that either….I mean,  pretty soon we gonna run out of trees.

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If every citizen in America had his/her own printing press and even had his/her own supply of U.S. Government certified paper to print the money on, do you think that 99.9% of the citizens would limit the printing of money to their own needs.? Boy! counterfeiting would be the largest, most competitive business in the country. Virtually everyone would be printing money and hawking the sale of it on every street corner. “Here! Here! Here! Come get your money here? We guarantee our money traceable to U. S. Government Scrip”t. With 300,000,000 people running 300,000,000 printing presses, there will be more money in planting and raising trees and making paper than in printing money. Just think where the poor chemist would be that invents “quick growth trees” or a new way of making “money grade”, counterfeit-proof “, “money-grade” paper even without trees. I’m dreaming already. It’s just my luck! As soon as this came to pass, I’d be dead and gone. Let’s just leave our money alone. We already have the best monetary system in the world. Let’s leave it that way. You can’t improve on perfect. The images on our money are real, historical people and patriots. We don’t have to commit sin by placing an image of divinity on our money and expect everyone to bow to that image. Just do as we currently do, and bow to the “almighty dollar” itself, and the ceremoniously put it to death after its 11 month lifetime. Americans don’t know how lucky they already are.

I hope you know I was kidding about the printing presses for citizens….Of course I was…As to America having the best money system in the world….they are about as bad as the citizen ownership….Printing money is out of control. We should have a gold dollar in Ft. Knox for every dollar of paper money we print. It is paper, just paper, that the government is propping up….I hope it can hang on for a few more years. All the other governments in the world may be just as bad, don’t know about them….but, keep the presses going…we love it….don’t we?

I stand by my statement that America has the best monetary system in the world. We just have a Congress that allows the system to be frustrated by over spending, overprinting, and undisciplined budgetary control. Unfortunately, we have a populace that encourages the same; in fact, we currently have the most undisciplined population on monetary matters in our history, and that does not vogue well for the continuation of the American monetary system or our country. It is a hard lesson to learn, but every living American should have to live through a Thirties Depression in order to return to the roots of the Greatest Generation. I hope I am gone before it happens because I am not a member of the Greatest Generation. I am a member of the one that followed, or the sorriest. Printing money is never out-of-control until the supply of money exceeds the value of all goods and services at which time the supply exceeds the demand and money becomes worthless. As long as the supply of goods and services exceed the supply of money, the value of money is maintained, and all is “peaches and cream”. As far as a “gold backed dollar goes”, it is impossible to have a “gold backed dollar” and guarantee a “chicken in every pot”, universal health care, and free housing for all, and any number of other expensive, free stuff for all. There is simply not enough available gold in the world to do so. In order to do so, we will have to find an asteroid or planet made of solid gold and claim it as our own. Can you imagine the kind of worldwide consternation this would cause, and the disputes over legal ownership and the biblical “wars and rumors of wars”? Before we trash the best monetary system in the world, let’s sit back and enjoy the benefits of having the best monetary system in the world that was dreamed and created 300 years ago by the financial genius, Alexander Hamilton and the other Founding Fathers. Imperfect people can not improve on perfection. The standard of perfection might increase, but perfection is perfection. It can not be improved on.

Chicken in every pot is your words not mine…never was and never will be….Our monetary system is wild and while it may be the best on earth, it is still not very good. We should not be printing money that we cannot back up. One day we gonna have to pay the fiddler….you and I will probably be gone by then, but it’s gonna happen..

A “chicken in every pot” is not my words either. To be grammatically correct, it should be in quotes because “A chicken in every pot” was a very famous political slogan in a 19th century presidential campaign although I can’t remember which one. Several additional points: We have the best monetary system in the world, and it still is essentially the same as originally dreamed and created by Alexander Hamilton, the financial wizard among the Founding Fathers. I agree! It is wild! But that is only because the system is adapting itself to worldwide usage by billions (not millions) of people. It is already the de facto standard of the world and will soon be the standard adopted by the whole world. It is having a rough time, but it has lots to adapt. It will undergo some changes in different parts of the world, but the final financial system will remain essentially the same. I can’t see how you can say that the system is the best in the world, but “it is still not very good.” It is the best in the world. It is the only workable system we have. So it is the best. The money the system prints is, indeed, backed up. It is no longer backed by gold as it was during the gold standard, but it is backed up by an ephemeral thing called “the faith and credit of the United States Government”, which is the full “faith and credit of the American people”. This is all that will work in this age with a world population of two billion and counting. We would have to start mining gold in other worlds in order to have enough gold to guarantee every person of a two billion and counting population “a chicken in every pot”. As long as the American people have this “faith and credit in their own government and as long as the people of the world have “faith and credit in the U. S. Government as well as their own governments, it will work. In order to make it work, I must bring my “preacher training” into this. In order to make it work in the long term, worldwide, serving billions of diverse peoples, there has to be some truth in the universalism of biblical principles because, in the end, Jesus Christ will make it work at the consummation of the end times. Our system is only a beginning of the final system that Christ will introduce at the end time. That’s the way I see it, and this is the reason that I don’t want to see us return to the “gold standard” because I have no gold. The “gold standard” has already been tried in the past when there were far fewer people and much less money required. Progress means the Christian way. Let’s not return to the “devil’s way best on gold.

Whew…how long winded….I really don’t want to do a lot of typing, so please consider that I have presented you with a long, very interesting rebuttal, one that in the eyes of the webmaster he has determined himself to be the winner. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment on the postings.

Rebuttal accepted! Only time will tell the real winner; but, as long as the American people maintain faith and credit in their own monetary system and system of government as well as a healthy confidence in themselves and their ability to govern themselves, they already have the best system that will endure over time. One correction! My comment was made on government time. The taxpayer of Arkansas is footing the bill as long as they are gracious enough to pay my salary. I still say that our system is the only system that will work universally: a system that is fully dependent on the full faith and credit of the taxpaying public fully cognizant of what’s going on and fully aware that the continuation of the system is fully dependent on their active participation. So, the Almighty Dollar, fully backed by a dedicated, freedom-loving people is the only real, long term solution to the financial need of that people. That we already have. We only have to support it and plan for the future. Your rebuttal is accepted, but only time will tell if the American people have what the Founding Fathers had who developed it and have what it takes to maintain and continue it. I am constantly reminded of the answer that another of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, gave to a question asked by the lady in the streets of Philadelphia after the adjournment of the Constitutional Convention in that city. “Yes, dear lady, we have a republic, but can we keep it?” Each future generation must decide that question for themselves. The future will decide.

Thanks for the comments and you are absolutely right….Our system is backed by a strong citizenship and a few gold bars. That really is amazing that it can happen and continues to happen. Wonder why the American people, including me, work so hard to stay out of debt when our government works so hard to stay in debt…no, that’s wrong, they do not work hard at it as it seems to come so easily for them…..As far as keeping our republic, I think it is already long gone….We are a shell of the old America and the old one ain’t coming back as far as I can tell.

Only the people can tell the future of our Republic. If the people want it to endure, then it will. The problem is the people have changed. The United States is no longer the nation it was when it consisted of 13 states, and 15, and 20, and 25, and 48; neither, are the people the same. We are no longer a nation of English descent although the language is still quite commonly spoken. Australia can still claim to be a nation of English descent; but, when Islamic people are being elected to Congress speaking, debating, and voting freely under the eyes of the One, True God from on High, we can no longer claim to be One Nation Under God. That’s just the facts. Moslems will increase: Christians will decrease simply by virtue of the fact that Christians pervasive characteristic is love. That of Islam is Death (Killing). The religion of Islam was founded by Mohammed, who was basically a murderer. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, whose overriding characteristic was Self-Giving Love. On earth, the two does not mix very well. One maliciously consumes by eating from the inside out. The other lovingly multiplies and propagates to fill, not only the Hebrew nation according to the prophecy of God, but also the entire world. That is the reason that abortion is a blot on our nation that will take a long time to erase. It might even be the seed that ends with its destruction, but the God in whom I believe can overcome even that. Only time will tell as it depends on the stamina, endurance, and faith of the people. If we believe that God is directing our nation in this, then we must believe that that God’s People will win in the end under the direction of God because God is the One, True God who is not the Islamic god of Mohammed

Well said…Thanks

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