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UFO’S….More and More Sightings and Stuff…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-09-2019


UFO’s are in the news more and more every day. Even sightings reported this month. And I still have not seen one, but that does not mean they are not there. I believe, however, that the United States of America knows a lot more than the general public is being told. I don’t believe that all these sighting were made by drunks, lairs and crazy people. Swamp gas, reflections, military operations, etc., is kind of getting old as to what is really happening. Our universe is big, huge, and we are probably not the only intelligent life in the universe. And some of them may look a little weird, especially if they were not made in our God’s image. I mean, of course, if they do exist. Something is surely happening and it is very hard for me to believe that no one, no one knows anything. I really believe that there is a level of government that is hidden from congress and the executive branch of government, with funds being fed to them via unknown sources. One source said that 40 billion in funds fed to the military is missing. I sure don’t know, but………The military and defense contractors and an arm of the CIA probably can tell us much more than congress ever could. They never will, but I believe they could. One thing is sure…..THEY AIN’T DUMB.  And folks are seeing something….. One day soon the boys in the congress and the President are going to get tired of the swamp gas, reflections, blah, blah, blah. They will have to make a solid statement. Especially if we get a crashed unit that the government can’t get to in time to cover it up….

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Refreshed, back from vacation, and ready for the old workaday world again! What do I find? More UFO’s! Why didn’t I see any while on vacation? Maybe old New Orleans was too hidden by smog, clouds, rain, and fog for them to find it. As for a level of government hidden from Congress goes, just follow the money. No part of government can exist without money. Cut the flow of money and that portion of the government will wither like a vine cut from its roots. Following the money is sometimes difficult because following he money path is sometimes as hidden as following the source of the money in the first place. It is easy to find the taxpayer when taxes are being paid. Just follow the gripes. The trick is to find the money to pay for much needed goods and services, like the Wall, when one finds that the taxes never were paid in the first place. Perhaps some strange beings in UFO costumes from a place called Hollywood stole it. They are good in producing films like “The Greech that Stole Christmas'”. They may be good at hiding and stealing UFO’s too. Maybe that the space aliens found the earth so politically undesirable that they stopped coming or decided to look for greener pastures, at least with a more honest government. Space aliens aren’t dummies after all.

Hope you had an enjoyable time on vacation. I believe you…..I tend to believe what people tell me as I have no reason to doubt what they are saying. If you had seen a UFO while on vacation and told me about it, I would have believed you. People all over the world are seeing things in the sky that are not identifiable and they may not be from other worlds or what have you, but they are not all drunks and lairs. So, I believe them and what they have to say. If they are lying, they are the ones that have a problem, not me. Anyway, that’s just me. Jesus stopped John in Revelation from saying stuff, “don’t write that down” and I wonder just what that was….Just saying.

I generally agree. I have no reason to doubt what people tell me either, except for some people who shoot off their mouth when that are not qualified to shoot it. An example is the MSM, who know nothing about global weather especially how it changes over the centuries and who know nothing about the influences on global weather by universal and spatial phenomena. The earth is changing as. It certainly is as the earth winds down over time from “The Big Bang”, but nobody knows how is winding down or how fast, or whether not the “winding down” is influenced by spatial forces from outside the earth, by a Prime Mover (God), or anything about its origin, reason for existence, or ultimate destination, and especially its reason for being unless one knows and believes in that God as the Prime Mover. As for UFO’s, they may exist or they may not. At the very least, we should honestly investigate the evidence as it occurs; and, as scientist, honestly look at it to see what it means to our world and our existence in it, even at the risk of proving there is no God or Prime Mover. I don’t believe any future evidence, honestly uncovered and investigated, will ever do that because, if god is God, He is God of all and God for all time; and, if He is, all that is said in the Book of Genesis is True and will come to pass just as it is Written. If there are UFO’s, the beings responsible for them know this God too, as they are part of God’s Plan. So, let’s participate in God’s Plan for this world and learn from them. We must hope that they come from God’s Plan and not from Satan’s Plan of opposing God at every turn. The most that we can do in that case is to
remain faithful to God and His Plan, opposing Satan constantly, having faith that God is the All Powerful God and will be sustained in the End.

There is one final point. The ancient Hebrew had an overriding characteristic that qualified them for being “God’s Chosen Instrument” for God’s revelation of His purpose for Mankind. They never jumped to conclusions and tried to put their own words in God’s Mouth. They simply waited for God to reveal it in His own time. This reality is in stark contrast to every other people in the world. I guess the ancient Hebrew were prepared by God for this role because He really tried them in Fire by their Life in a cruel desert, slavery in Egypt under which they essentially remained faithful to God’s Will without overly blowing their own abilities out of proportion. To think about it, there is no other people as qualified to accept and to carry out to a conclusion such a mandate from God as the Ancient Hebrew beginning with Father Abraham. They are a unique people in this respect, but they were tried in the Fire for their role.

Both comments are well said and honest. God is in control no matter which, ie, there are UFO’s or there are not UFO’s and also as you said,
a part of God’s plan for the world no matter which. Yes, we will wait and see, of course, but I may continue to write about “what if” or “could it be” or “do you suppose” or some other stuff I may think up as my thoughts soar.

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