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Surprise…Surprise….(New Mexico Needs A Football Coach)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-12-2019


Alabama is not number 1 in the football polls……Alabama got beat by Auburn….Ohio State is number 1….players beat other players over the head with helmets….betting is allowed on college sports…Stephen F. Austin beat Duke in basketball….Eli is not QB of the NY Giants …..Peyton is getting more TV time than when he played….New Mexico Lobos are looking for a football coach…..whoa, wait, what?….New Mexico is looking for a football coach? Now, who would want to take on that job? The football coach gets about as much respect as Trump, well, maybe a little more but not much…. Recruiting good players is very difficult, the fan base is lousy….last weekend it was reported 2000 or so turned out for the game. (well, the stadium only holds 40,000 about, so it was hard to tell. lol) Rocky Long was smart…He left while he was ahead and made some comments about the fans, but I’m not going into that…..I’m popping off a little bit, I know and I should not. It is really a shame that we have such a nice university, many, many, students getting high quality educations,  but we cannot get  good football players. I think, and I mean, really think that if we can have a few winning seasons, “THEY WILL COME’. If not, maybe we should drop down to the next level for football. What we need here is fans with a Chicago Cubs mentality. Once a Cubs fan, you are a fan for life, or so it seems to me….Not so here and the newspaper is afraid to tell it like it is because those same few fans buy the papers or pay for advertising…..I’m 84 and stopped going because of my age, parking and crowds….2000 folks, well, I could park just about anywhere, huh? Can’t use that excuse, but it wasn’t because of the football coach, he was a pretty good one…never should have left the triple option….God Bless you Coach Davies….Good luck on finding a good coach, good players and some good fans…..GO LOBOS

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