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Unemployment….What if?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-03-2020


The coronavirus is taking its toll across America. Seems as though right now at least, that the food industry is having trouble keeping  their employees working. Those guys and girls probably are in the 10 to 12 dollar per hour range, more or less…It’s tough for them even in good time and full employment, but when they miss a payday, it’s really tough. I’ve been there. Probably several of you people have been there also. This morning I was reading about the professional sports people and how that, long term, things might get a little tight for them. If the TV is not showing any sporting events and the sponsors are not paying the television people, then there is no money to pay the sport franchise’s, then there will soon be no money to pay the millionaire players. Now, that is a long way to fall, from millions to zero in sixty seconds and believe it or not, I think the food service employee’s will fare better than the millionaires. They are used to not having much and skimping by on little or none. No so with the millionaire. I know I am jumping the gun to say it will come to that, but….what if?…what then….those 4 million to 30 plus million a year employees file for unemployment? I can’t even imagine that. Lets hope that CBS and NBC and ESPN get back to work soon and the money keeps flowing to the billionaire owners so they won’t have to file for unemployment…I’m kidding….Sports means a lot to this country, in more ways than one. I hope and pray that in three to four weeks we are back to normal and our millionaire sports figures never miss a paycheck…and us bottom feeders don’t miss many…Amen?

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