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Burning Bibles….A |Terrible Action

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-08-2020


Burning Bibles is certainly a way to get attention, but not attention in a good way. If the Black Lives Matter are the ones doing the burning I would distance myself from any in that group. The one that can and will help, hear and answer prayers of the people, will be turning a deaf ear to those doing the burning in the future. That action says they are getting mad at God…That makes matters so much worse. These are some weird people and hopefully it is a very small minority of the Blacks that had a part in this bible burning session. I hope they will come down on and condemn those who did this evil thing. You folks are putting a burden on your own backs. One day you will see that. I hope it is not too late. I hope those in charge of BLM will come forward with an apology for this evil deed.

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