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Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter, And... Chapter One       Returning to the Black Range and the land of the Warm Spring Apache Indians, I could not believe what I was seeing. The last time I was here the magical portal...

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J. I. Hall, Jr.....A Western Novel by E. V. Pete Hester This is my latest novel and it is not in a good format for reading, however, it is readable. I enjoyed writing this book and I had problems finding a publisher....so, what the heck, I wrote it just for...

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Confederates move to Brazil...John W. and Lisanna Brownlow... Otis Vaughn is interested in locating members of the Brownlow (Vaughn descendants) family who relocated to Brazil after the Civil War. In the past, I have had several readers from Brazil and if any of...

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Miss Me? No? Oh, My!!!!!

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-11-2013


Tired of reading the same old post for a few days? You didn’t notice? Oh, no!!!!…..well,, I have been gone for a while….traveling around to some of my favorite places…..Lambert’s, Ozark, Mo, Branson, Mo, Eureka Springs, Ark…..We saw several shows, all outstanding, ate some wonderful food, saw some great sights and prayed at one of our very favorite places to pray….It’s just so peaceful, so beautiful, so serene, so quite…..just seems like God lives in those hills…Where is that you ask? Well, Thorncrown Chapel near Eureka Springs, AK….Yeah, I know that God is available everywhere, but it just seems like He can hear me a little better in the Thorncrown Chapel….Maybe it’s because my heart is a little more settled, that my mind has slowed some in that setting, that a peace has come over me like in the quite days of my youth…Well, I really don’t know the reason, nor do I need to know why, I just know the peace last for a while after a good talk with the Master in that setting. If you are around Eureka Springs, give it a try….Pete Hester

Football Picks, weekend of 11/2/13, updated 11/11

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 31-10-2013


Sorry, I missed a week on football picks. Its ok, as the winner won and the losers lost. I did not pick the weekend of 11/9….but I would have picked Bama over LSU…I would have picked Arizona and they lost to UCLA….I would have picked the Lobos and they beat the Falcons…I would have picked Boston College over the Aggies, but the Aggies played them tough. I really thought they might win, but……I would have picked Wisconsin over BYU…I would have picked Richmond over Stony Brook and I have not seen a score on that one. Denver won and I would have picked them, Dallas lost and I would have picked them. So, I don’t know what that makes my record, but its not real good whichever way it was…..

Bama has an open date…..

Arizona vs California….Arizona by 10 points…Az won….

New Mexico Lobos vs San Diego State…Coach Long of SDSU beats his ex team by 7 points maybe a little more….Come on Lobos, surprise me…win another one. Lobos lost

New Mexico State Aggies vs Louisiana- Lafayette .. Aggies should lose another one, but I going to pick the Aggies to win by 3 points…Come on Aggies, don’t let me down. Lets win the next four…..You can do it….Go Aggies ..Aggies lost

Wisconsin vs Iowa…..Badgers by 17 points…Badgers won

Stony Brook vs Maine…..Maine wins by a touchdown…Maine won

Dallas beats Minnesota….Denver has a bye week.. Dallas did win…wow

University of New Mexico, School of Dentistry, Albuquerque, NM, Novitski Hall Clinic

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-10-2013


Boys and Girls, Men and Women, Sweetie and I use the Novitski Clinic for our cleaning and preventive dental care. When we lost our dental insurance upon retiring, we looked for something we could afford for our dental health. So, we found this clinic through a friend. We love it. Every year we see a new senior student, they work on our teeth, we fall in love with them and then they move on to a career in dental hygiene, and then we do it all over again. I noticed yesterday,, after our visit with another precious student, that not only Sweetie and I, but everyone who is a patient there, hugged their student hygienist before leaving the place. It is a good school and we help them to learn the trade by allowing them to practice on our teeth and they help us keep our teeth for a few more years and help us have a perfect smile, er, uh, well, most of the time anyway. Thank you young men and women of Novitski Hall, you are GREAT…..

To learn more about the UNM School of Dentistry go to: http://dentalmedicine.unm.com

Pigs in a Blanket….Yum, yum…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-10-2013



Hey Dads, want to give Momma a break next Sunday morning or any morning? Here is something I make once or twice a week, so I am sure you can handle it. If you want you can scramble some eggs to go with them.

Pigs in a Blanket…

1 can of biscuits…3 wieners

pepper jack or American cheese

split the wieners in half length wise

half the wieners (You will need 10 pieces)

cut 10 narrow slices of cheese (same length as wieners)

 roll out each biscuit into thin piece,

put in one piece of wiener and one slice of cheese

roll biscuit around wiener and cheese

Place on cookie sheet and bake per instructions on can

Of biscuits. Usually about 10 or 11 minutes at 400 degrees

I let biscuits get golden brown.

New Mexico Drought….Some relief in 2013, oh, and Rancher stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-10-2013


Thank goodness God was in control of the rain this year and not congress. During July, August and September we got good rains statewide. Albuquerque also got a pretty good share of this rain fall. Our water table increased several feet even without input from the Rio Grande water flow. Some areas are still dry and needing rain. Albuquerque people, according to this morning’s Albuquerque Journal, used 6 % less water than in 2012….That’s great, however, some of the yards in my neighborhood suffered some until the rains started. Our grass was sure pitiful until it got the rain, that’s for sure. It is still looking pretty good but it is ready for another good shower…. I was talking to a Roswell area cowboy who’s boss sold off most of his cattle due to no grass and the high cost of hay early in the year, suffering a loss on the sale. During the monsoon rainy season their ranch got real good moisture and now the grass is about knee high. He said his boss sure wished he had his cattle back. That’s sad, but it is the nature of ranching, good years have to provide for the bad years…. I really like ranchers and their abilities….They can do more things and do them all well….Seems like all of them can be accountants,  do mechanic work, do carpentry, wield, use their imagination to improve conditions, dig wells, get by on a little of nothing and get a dang old pickup to run many years beyond a normal life span, and get a woman to live on a ranch and wear  old shirts and jeans, work on the ranch, still cook, be a mom and wife and love every minute of it. My hat is off to the American Cowboy…..Some mighty good folks in some lonely places and they love it…..Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rancher……Pete Hester

Football Picks, Oct. 19, 2013 weekend, updated 10/21

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-10-2013


Here goes:

Bama over Arkansas by 14 points….Roll Tide, and did they ever, big time. Sorry Razorbacks….

Arizona over Utah by 3…..Arizona is at home and Utah is going to have a let down after winning that shocker last week…Go Wildcats…Arizona Looked good in beating Utah. Good job, Arizona.

Lobos vs Utah State…..Lobos by 1…Lobos will finally get it together.. Uh oh, Utah State did a come to Jesus number on the Lobo’s..I don’t want to recount the score here…ok?

Aggies vs Rice…..Aggies win their first game beating Rice by 7. The pink “glow in the dark” jerseys will shock the Owls into submission, plus the Aggies had a week to rest up for this one…Uh oh, I don’t want recount the score here ok. er. uh, did I just say that. I did, huh…Well, I be dog. What can we try next if “glow in the dark jersey” do not work? We will work on it. Silky pants, maybe….

Wisconsin vs Illinois…..The Badgers win by 14, could be 21…..It was several. Wisconsin did good, ….make that, did well….

Stony Brook has a bye.

Denver and Dallas  both win…Dallas wins, Denver loses…..dag nab it….

Seventh Day Adventist Problem

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-10-2013


Albuquerque Journal, Oct. 17, 2013 by Mike Bush, “Break the faith or stay home” article. Seems like Liberty Thompson, Cuba, New Mexico High School, class valedictorian, will not get to walk with the other seniors with her class on a Saturday’s graduation exercise. That is the Sabbath Day for Liberty and her church, The Seventh Day Adventist. State rules are against changing the graduation date. There are 43 in her graduating class and they are all for her and the change of dates….. Now, in my way of thinking, this is a personal issue between Liberty and God. Quietly, she should resolve the issue herself, staying home if her conscience so dictates or go to school and walk. Involving the community, state board of education, newspapers and what ever else seems to be calling attention to herself and what she wants and not to the schools program. Am I being unfair in that assessment? What do you think?…Pete  ps   She could attend Sunday church with one of her classmates, after all they do serve the same God, just worship Him on different days…..

Kokanee Salmon Snagging Season, New Mexico

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-10-2013


From New Mexico Wildlife:

Kokanee are land locked salmon. Although not native to the Southwest, , kokanee thrive in some of New Mexico’s deeper and colder plankton producing lakes. In late fall, large schools of four-year old kokanee gather to spawn and die…….A popular method for catching kokanee is snagging, the intentional taking of fish by hooking the body rather than the mouth. Kokanee are the only fish that may be legally snagged, and only during Special Kokanee Snagging Season. If another species is caught by snagging, it must be immediately returned to the water…..Each autumn NMDGF collects millions of kokanee eggs and milt to fertilize eggs and hatch fry. The young fry are used to stock Heron Lake, Navajo Lake, Abiquiu Lake, El Vado Lake and Eagle Nest Lake. Keeping this fishery vibrant and healthy for anglers to enjoy depends on successful collection operations, which is why Heron Lake and Willow Creek are closed Oct. 1 – Nov. 8.  Snagging Season: Oct 1 – Dec 31, Abiquiu Lake, Chama River (check regulations for full locations), Pine River, El Vado Lake, Navajo Lake, and Eagle Nest Lake. Nov. 15 – Dec 31, Heron Lake and Willow Creek…..Bag limit, Kokanee salmon, 12 per day, 24 in possession. General information, call 1-888-248-6866 and online license applications, www.wildlife.state.nm.us….

Sounds like fun, huh? What would you use to snag? I suppose a big old treble hook. And what about that poor old trout you snag on accident that you have to throw back. Reckon it will survive that ordeal? Seems a shame to throw it back for the other fish to eat, huh? But, that’s the rules, throw that sucker back….

Oreo Addict, I agree with the rats….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-10-2013


I did not know until today that Oreo cookies are addictive. Per todays Albuquerque Journal, Oct. 17, 2013, by Kathleen Megan,  Professor Joseph Schroeder, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Connecticut and some of his students have proven that rats prefer Oreo cookies over cocaine and morphine, proving that high sugar and high fat foods are more addicting than the aforementioned drugs, they say. The rats keep coming back to the cookie jar even after the cookies were removed. And, like me, the rats take the cookies off the cream, eat the cream, then the cookie. I’m an Oreo addict. Sweetie bought some of the double filled Oreo’s the other day and I finished them off in a hurry. She would not buy anymore nor would she let me buy any. However, I stood near a end cap filled with the beautiful cookies and starred for several minutes, reading the labels and salivating. I was looking for an open package but there were none. I did get to appreciate the smell…..I have used some morphine during some surgeries, never any cocaine, but like the rats  its Oreos for me…Pete

Balloon Festival, 2013, and other stuff…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-10-2013


I suppose the balloon festival for this year was a great success. Great weather prevailed and they flew most every day I hear. Good job, God, thanks a lot from all the people involved in the event. I don’t go anymore, but all the people who do are happy. The people who don’t go are happy the traffic is gone….But wait, the work on the Paseo Del Norte/I-25 interchange is starting today or tomorrow and will last 14 months….A flyover is being built and it will be nice when it is finished, however, we will endure some suffering for a while until then. That dang river is just in the wrong place, dividing the city and we only have a few choices traveling east and west. Paseo Del Norte is the high speed east west street, or make that was and it will become even faster upon completion of this job….Oh, did you miss me? What, you did not know I had been gone….Well, not gone, gone, but missing a few posting. If I had been posting it would have been about our sorry azz congress and you have probably heard enough about that. What are they thinking…Oh, sorry, they are worried about the Washington Redskins and the damage that is doing. If they decide it will affect them and their paycheck, then they might get to work. If not, then “the rough end will drag and slick end will slide”. Pete