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A Star is Born…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-09-2013


13-Year-Old Singer’s Audition Will Blow You Away (VIDEO)

I was impressed….My eyes leaked a little bit. What a precious young lady…Pete

Football picks, 9/14/13 weekend, updated 9/16

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-09-2013


Record 10 -1 so far…..Here we go:

Bama over Texas A & M …..Bama cannot pussy foot around with the Aggies, they are tough. Bama’s offense looked sluggish against Va Tech and I hope Coach worked the boys on that just a little. They should be alright it they take care of business… Bama by 7 points. Man,what a game, 49 – 42 Bama…..

Arizona over UTSA….Listen, Wildcats fans, this bunch from San Antonio has come to play football and if you take them lightly they will beat your butt. But, Arizona is the better team and should win by at least 14 points. Arizona 38 – 13….

New Mexico Lobos vs Pittsburg…Pittsburg Panther fans…ditto my remarks to Arizona. You will probably beat the Lobo’s but you dang sure better play your A team..You let down and the Lobos will beat you. Play your best and you should win by 14 Points.  Panthers 49 – 27.

New Mexico Aggies vs UTEP….UTEP is favored by 6.  Picking an upset this week….These boys have played Texas and Minnesota and had them both back on their heels for a time. This week the Aggies by 3 points. Oops, UTEP over Aggies 42 – 21….

Wisconsin vs Arizona State….The Badgers are coming into Tempe this weekend to play the Sun Devils and AZ St is favored by 4. Sorry, Sun Devils, the odds makers got it wrong. Wisconsin by 7 points. Another oops, Az St 32 – 30 but Wisconsin slipped down trying to line up for a last second field goal….

Stony Brook vs Buffalo…Buffalo is a FBS school. Some folks around Buffalo are auguring they should be an FCS school. Well, I don’t know but I am pretty sure Stony Brook is gonna give them another butt kicking and put more vim into the works. Stony Brook by 14 points…Well, another oops, but 5 overtimes before Buffalo pulled it out 26 – 23..

Dallas over the Chiefs. Oops, chiefs lucked out,…..Broncos over the Giants…..This one I got…

College record this week, 3 right 3 wrong   season 13 – 4

Pro 1 – 1    season 3 – 2





My Will….Being of Sound Mind????

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-09-2013


Well, two weekends ago, after a tough morning in the back yard, weed eating and mowing, etc, and resting with number two daughter having a spot of tea, I commented that due to the professionalism and hard work she had performed in my back yard all summer, mowing the grass and stuff,, again…, that I was willing her my lawn mower, er, upon my demise, of course.( She did display a real joy upon being notified of my decision). So, be it known by all men, and women, that should I pass on anytime soon, the lawn mower is hers. (Said “hers” is number two daughter). Now, if I live long enough to purchase a new lawn mower, I will probably just give her the present one, parts included, and then wait to see who my helper is with the new mower before naming  who the new mower shall be willed to. I figure this will be a huge, I say, huge incentive for the lawn mower operator of said new mower, if and when I get one. I thought I should write this up on my blog just to make it official and all, you see, especially that, “be it known by all men” legalese type language.

Signed This Day of Our Lord, September 11, 2013 by: E. V. Pete Hester, official signature…….

Some folks say I get my gift of bs from my Uncle Shorty, now I don’t know, I just point and shoot, and let it hit what it may……..



Obamacare…please watch…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-09-2013



This from a friend in Houston and it has some very serious concerns. I hope you will take a couple of minutes and watch it. Very informative…Pete

You might like to look at a related insurance message:

Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana Flee Obamacare Exchanges – See more at: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/blue-cross-aetna-united-humana-flee-obamacare-exchanges#sthash.Qvn23aRN.dpuf

Jesus Loves Me….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-09-2013


All my life I have been taught that, “Jesus loves me”. How do I know?  Because the bible tells me so. And it does in fact say that. There is the song that all vacation bible school students sing about that so we learn it at a very early age. Chances are pretty good that if you attended church in the early years of your life you sang that song also. I love it and believe it. One other thing that I have been taught and I believe it very strongly also is, “FEAR THE LORD THY GOD”. I think that there are times we forget that scripture as it does not sit well with us. But if you believe the bible, you believe that God made this universe, and you believe that Jesus loves me, then you must believe that we should fear the might of the Lord our God. He also said that “my words shall not return to me void.” He said it, he meant it, and my friends, you better believe it. It is so…. A federal judge can make a ruling, a house of congress can make a ruling, the senate can make a ruling and all the country can say, now we can do it. If God says it is wrong, it is wrong, government cannot over rule God’s law. Many think that it can, but it does not work that way. Obedience to the “word of God” is one of our obligations as a believer. “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Give unto God that which is God’s.” I think that means money or loyalty…..That said, still “Jesus Loves You”……Pete Hester

Who Is Reading Me?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-09-2013


Well, I really don’t know. Each visitor is recorded by his or her IP Address which states the town….no names and that is how it should be. But it is nice to know the area of the county my readers are from….They are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, California, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Georgia and Illinois…..I hear from most every state, just some more than others and I did not intend to leave any out. Anyway, it is nice to see all the states and to wonder about who is reading or visiting the site. I appreciate all of you and thank you for keeping me going. Most of you do not leave me a message but the fact that you have been here is encouraging to me. I truly want to thank you and when you stop coming by, I stop writing. (I wonder if I should reword that as some of you may figure it is a time that has come….????) Naw, I think you are my buddies…Huh?. Pete

Football picks…9/7/13 weekend…Updated 9/9

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-09-2013


Record from last week, 5 wins 1 loss…..Here we go for week two:

Alabama…..Has a bye week and they should be rested up for Texas A & M.

Arizona….Plays at UNLV and should win by 7 or more points. Arizona won by a bunch…58  – 13….

New Mexico…Plays at UTEP and the Miners are favored. Still I am going with the Lobos by 1 point….And the Lobos have a new QB that will help the Lobos. Lobos won in overtime….42 – 35…a very good game.

New Mexico Aggies…Plays at home against Minnesota….Playing at home ain’t gonna help…Just to big for the Aggies….Minnesota by 21…Minnesota won 44 – 21..

Wisconsin…Plays Tennessee Tech…More competition that UMass but not enough to slow the Badgers very much. Wisconsin by 19…Wisconsin won 48 – 0…

Stony Brook…Plays Rhode Island….Stony Brook is way too much for Rhode Island….Stony Brook by 20….Stony Brook won 24 – 0.

10 right 1 wrong

Denver wins tonight against Baltimore and Dallas wins Sunday against the New York Giants…..Update…..Denver won and Dallas won…Payton Manning with 7 td passes looked great. And Romo had a good night behind a much improved offensive line…




New Mexico License…”Dearly Beloved..”

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-08-2013


If you come to New Mexico and want a hunting license there are some very strict guidelines that must be followed…..specific area’s of your hunt….a drawing on some licenses…out of state license….and of course, seasons of the hunt….for fishing licenses, you can get one no problem, even temporary, but you need a valid drivers license….Driver’s license is what you want, well, we probably can get one, but you need to show some local address and some bills verifying that you live at that address. Oh, its a marriage license you want, uh, same sex, well, its not exactly legal but we will go ahead and fix you up. That’s ok as we can worry about legality later. “What you say you want to hunt  elk while you are here on your honeymoon!!!!. Are you crazy? There are some things we just will not do. I cannot believe you just asked me that.” I love New Mexico, always have. It’s exciting…….Pete

Football picks, Aug 31 2013 weekend***Update

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-08-2013


It is time to get started on the 2013 season….Picks by hesterbooks.com…I read the same stuff as other sports writers and most times I am reading some sportswriters stuff….I just don’t always agree with them…So right or wrong these are my picks….Here goes…

Alabama vs Virginia Tech…odds makers are saying Bama by 17 to 19 points. I think it will be more like 27 to 29 points, unless Bama easies up some on them….Bama by 27. update….Bama wins by 25 points.

Arizona vs Northern Arizona. Another warm up game, however, the Lumberjacks can play pretty tough at times so Arizona by 20. update…Az wins by 35….

New Mexico Lobos vs UTSA. Odds makers are saying the Lobos by 3 and I am in total agreement. Coach Oliver of UTSA was a winner at Miami and he is going to take this program to a very high level, just not this year. I agree with Lobos by 3. update…UTSA wins by 8 points…They have a strong passing games. My bad….

New Mexico State Aggies vs Texas. Odd makers are saying TX by 42 points and if a couple of key Aggies get injured they are probably right. If the Aggies first team can battle the entire games then Texas by 21 points. Update…Texas wins by a bunch but halftime score was only 14 – 7, that’s kind’a a victory ain’t it…Ok, maybe not…Still the pick is correct…

Wisconsin vs UMASS. The Badgers will coast on this one. I have very little knowledge of UMASS except to say I think they only won one game last season. Odd makers are saying 44 point and that seems fair to me. Wisconsin has a new coach though and it is a new season and new conference for the Minutemen, so I will go with the Badgers by 30 points. Update..Badgers win by 45 points. I over estimated the strength of the Minutemen, but 45 is ok. The pick is correct…

Stony Brook vs Penn…..A scrimmage only so I will not pick on this one. However, I would still favor Stony Brook even in a scrimmage. Go Seawolves…..Update…They say the strong pass rush of the Seawolves was their strength, helping them win the scrimmage…

ok, 5 wins…1 loss,  so far….Pete

Rev. Al…Where Are You????

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-08-2013


I am not going to say very much here as anything anyone says could be perceived as hate writing. But it does seem strange that the anger from the killing of Chris Lane seems to be missing from some quarters. Any death by gunfire is so sad, so unnecessary, so bad that I cannot write enough descriptions to cover the sorrow suffer by the family, friends and by the general population. Why young shooter, why? I am in no way blaming the black population and I hope no one else is. But we cannot help but remember the riots and gatherings of a few weeks ago regarding the killing of a black youth…… Blacks, browns, yellows, whites….we are all in this together….This horror needs to stop. It must stop….NOW!!!……..Rev. Al, your thoughts?