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Tropical Storm Isaac/Update

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-08-2012


Update date on Isaac….It was not Florida that was hit but Louisiana. There is something just not right about New Orleans. Any of you that have spent time in the New Orleans airport and looked up at the mast of passing ships realize that just ain’t right.The Mississippi River is what?, 21 feet above the level of the city of New Orleans???.That can’t be right, but that’s what they say. One day that will be, how shall I say this, a leveling of this river and the city of New Orleans will be moved. I don’t know when, but it will happen sooner or later in my opinion. For me, I would move to higher ground.NOW. But if you folks want to continue to live there, go ahead, but it ain’t kosher for a river to be higher than the surrounding town. That is a disaster waiting to happen.They will need several little guys with their fingers in the dike, or levee in this case, huh?.Now don’t jump on me folks, I know you love that city, but it is not right……Now, the original post…..

I was reading this morning where Isaac would wreck havoc on Florida in the next couple of days. Wind and rain, probably flooding. I would hate to have storms like that coming toward our home and I hope all will be well with the residents who live in that area. Out here in New Mexico, our storms are usually blowing dust. Folks down in Florida probably wonder what the heck that would be like…Well, its pretty bad, believe me on that. Would you folks believe that about fifty miles of the Rio Grande River is dry? Yep, just south of Albuquerque the river runs dry. We cannot keep enough water in it to keep the catfish going. I think most of the water south of T or C, coming out of Elephant Butte Reservoir,  belongs to Texas. Our farmers in the Hatch/Las Cruces area are needing water but its just not there. Our monsoon this year has been a bust for the most part. We have had rain here and there, just not enough of it. We are not giving up but we wish we could have just a little of Isaac, not a whole lot mind you, but a little bit. Well, we should be careful about what we wish for, huh?….Pete

College Football, 2012

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-08-2012


Predictions? Naw, not me….I was pretty bad last year so this year I’ll leave the pickings up to the professional pickers. But I would not have picked USC No. 1….Who then? Well, Alabama is gonna be good, but this may be LSU’s year, key word is may be as Alabama always seems to find a way….I hope so. Now, on to my Lobo’s. Did you see them on ESPN a few years ago when the fellow that was the “b” got out of line and spelled, “Loobs” on National TV. (That really helped our cause…) Well, this is the year we recover from that disaster…..The LOBOS will win at least 5, lookout Texas, better get ready..(Why do I say stuff like that? Gosh!!!!) How about Texas A & M and Missouri in their new conference? Before its over they may wish they had joined the WAC….(There I go again..What you trying to do Pete, run off the rest of your readers, both of them?) And TCU in the Big 12, and Coach Patterson, I’m thinking you gonna miss the Mountain West..However, you have had some very good teams…One other “non-prediction” is New Mexico State is gonna have a pretty fair ball club this year if they can keep their first stringers healthy. They don’t have a lot of subs and they gonna need them all, especially on Nov. 3, Auburn and Nov. 24, BYU, well, shoot they gonna need them on Sept 22, that’s when they play the LOBOS in Albuquerque also. I feel badly for the Aggies, the WAC is giving up football and they will not have a conference. And the Mountain West does not want them….Humm, wonder if the Big East will consider them? (there I go again…) Ok, I’m out’a here….Pete

Virgil E. Bonner….1934 – 2012

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-08-2012


I would like to pay my respect to another cousin lost this year. A great guy, a good father, and good Christian man. And he was a good football player, he played in the line for the Pickens County High Crimson Tornadoes, Reform, AL  and a lot of times good play from a lineman goes unnoticed. I played linebacker behind him when we ran a 6-2-2, well, it was a long time ago (does anyone play 6 down linemen anymore?)…Anyway, we were in a game and Virgil was held…He screamed at the ref,” hey, Ref he held me,”  the ref replied, “yeah, I saw it” and penalized the other team. Next play, same thing and again Virgil hollows at the ref that he was held. Again, the ref said he saw it and penalized them again. Next play same thing and the same comments from the ref. Virgil gained more yards for us that night than any of the running backs. One other story about Virgil is that in his youth he was very strong. One night we were out coon hunting with several other cousins and two or three of our Uncles. Every thing in the swamp was wet, no dry wood for a camp fire anywhere. Virgil got the idea that we could push over a rotten tree nearby. It had no limbs and was a very tall tree. Virgil started pushing on the bottom of the tree, got a real good rhythm going and instead of the whole tree falling, about ten feet of the top of the tree broke off, fell and centered right across the top of his head, breaking into. It buckled his knees, but he jumped right back up and ran the dry tree over to our Uncles. He got the praise of all the Uncles that night and we all enjoyed the fire,  but I wondered if he didn’t also get one heck of a headache. If he did, he never complained. I only saw Virgil a few times after we graduated high school, at funerals and the like, but his disposition never changed as far as I know. I understand he was a deacon there at the First Baptist Church in Reform, AL and I feel sure that everyone who knew him will testifity to him being a good man. We will miss you, my Cousin, see you up there….ps…Virgil, Cecil Bonner and I were saved at the same revival meeting at Coalfire Baptist Church. Read Chapter Six of Cousins in my downloads….I changed our names in that book and for the life of me I don’t know why, but that is us three….Thanks for loving us, Big Momma….Pete Hester

Lucinda D. Hester…Gail, Borden Co.,Texas

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-08-2012


I have some kin down around Gail, TX or at least West Texas. This was in some  of Dad’s papers, showing my grandfather as power of attorney for Lucinda D. Hester in the matter of the estate of R. B. Wilkins. For those of you doing research on the West Texas Hester’s, this may help as some of their roots were in Pickens County Alabama. Drop me a line if you would like a copy of this document. I visited the cemetery at Gail, TX and was unable to find her gravestone there. I was not able speak with any locals so she may or may not be buried there. Drop me a line if you would like a copy of the above document. pete@hesterbooks.com…… Pete

Winston Churchill on Islam….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-08-2012


This was written several years ago, still it’s an eye opener….I think you will enjoy reading this….



Growing Weed?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-08-2012


Sweetie brought home a plant a couple of years ago. I swore that the plant was weed. “Not so” Sweetie says, “it’s King’s Daisies”. I was a little afraid that after I planted it she would turn me in for growing weed. She didn’t and sure enough at the end of the growing season the darn thing had pretty yellow flowers all over it and that gave me great relief. I have no idea what “weed” really looks  like other than pictures I see on the news. Anyway, for you folks that have seen this plant sticking up over the fence before it blooms, here is what it looks like in full bloom. Pretty, huh? Well, I think so anyway….

Anita Moncrief…On Obama, His Crew(Acorn whistleblower)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-08-2012


From a friend in Dallas: to read more on Anita Moncrief go to EmergingCorruption.com…..I kind’a like the way this girl talks…..Pete


Hooray for Chick-Fil-A

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-08-2012


Stand your ground folks…. If you are gay, you are different…Say what you will, but Bill and Phil should not be a couple but if that’s what you want to do I have no problem with it. God said He does however and I hate to see you make him mad. But keep in mind that I make him mad too but I usually figure out that I was wrong and try to correct the problem. We don’t tell God to change His commandments just cause it does not fit our way of life. Matter of fact, if I recall my Bible school teachings we are suppose to tell those who are sinning that they are doing wrong….Soooo, same sex couples the Bible says you are doing wrong so you need to repent. And for your information, I’ll work on  repenting from my sinning too….Eat mor chick-en…..

Here and There

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-08-2012


The year of our Lord 2012…..Wow, where has it gone? Does it seem like it is going fast to you? Let me know if there is a way to apply brakes to a fast moving year, now laying in a hospital bed is not an option, but other than that….Subject matter for writing blogs: I run  out of words from time to time and I am there now. I guess my life is getting extremely dull. If you have some ideas let me know on that. I might even ask you to do a guest posting…….I met a man yesterday, 90 years young, who was still running his ranch and real estate company. He is on a walker and on oxygen but that does not seem to slow him down at all and he had a very good attitude about life. That is great, huh? More of us should take a page out of his book, which, by the way,  he is in he process of writing…..I will be looking for topics to write on this week, if you think of something drop me a comment on this posting and I will see what I can do. Thanks, Pete

New Novel….Not a Winner

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-07-2012


RE: Marilyn Brown Unpublished Novel Competition…..I did not win says Utah Valley University, Dept. of English and Literature, Orem, UT. However, they did welcome me back for another go next year. Well, that’s something as it shows promise, huh? Judge 2 from the University said the novel “had all the elements of a classical western novel” and a few more very nice comments, and then the dreaded, “but”……That is how we grow and develop and it was so nice of Judge 2 to send me the critique in order to see where I need improvement. Will I take the time to try and improve my J. I. Hall, Jr. novel? Probably not, but maybe. I am into Chapter Five of another new novel using the same old failing methods. I am reading and re-reading the critique in hopes of producing a winner this time. I’ll keep you posted if you are interested….if you are not interested, well, can you just say, “Bless him, Lord?”   Thanks, Pete