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Threatened, New Mexico species…Western River Cooter

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-05-2012


The Western River Cooter is one of the least known turtles in North America. It lives in the Pecos River drainage system in southeastern New Mexico and portions of West Texas. It’s upper shell is olive to brown with whorls , circles and long furrows of yellowish or light brown on each of the plates. The head, neck, legs and tail are greenish with yellow lines and scrawls. Broad yellow blotch behind each eye. It can reach up to 16 inches in size. It is listed as threatened with the primary threats being recreationists and anglers who use them for target practice. Also they are used as bait for other species. The habitat for the Western River Cooter is streams with deep pools, clear water and rocky or sandy bottoms. It feeds on plants and aquatic insects. The Western River Cooter lays between 7 and 19 eggs in sandy soil that hatch out in August and September. Under favorable conditions the Western River Cooter can live up to 40 years.

Pseudemys gorzugi from Eddy County, NM


Oklahoma did this!…Have you heard?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-05-2012


Have you heard that Oklahoma, 1) voted to place the Ten Commandents on the entrance to the state capitol?,and they did. 2) Recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all illegal immigrants and ship them back home unless they want to get a green card and become an American citizen? 3) Passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegals to the Oklahoma database for criminal investigation purposes? 4) Passed a law declaring Oklahoma a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives, joining Texas, Montana and Utah as the only states to do so. Other states looking at this are Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Florida. 5) Passed a law confirming people have a right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles? 6) Passed a law that all drivers license exams will be printed in English and only English and no other language. Since all the road signs are in English only, one must be able to read and write in English….Pretty smart folks up yonder in Oklahoma, huh?…..I think so too…..Pete

Nicknames and other stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-05-2012


Nicknames comes from so many sources, younger siblings who cannot say a name correctly, fat kids nicknamed Slim or short people called Shorty and so on. I got mine because of wearing a brace of six shooters from the time I got my first cap pistols and holsters, wearing them until I was a pretty big boy, hence Pistol Pete…when I quit carrying them the name Pistol was dropped but the name Pete stuck. Until this day, family and friends call me Pete…..Non friends call me a lot of things, but thats ok to as long as it is a term of endearment….If its not, then I will not worry about it. How about you…Do you have a nickname you would care to tell us about, well, simply click on ” read the full post” at the end of the post and a comment section will come up….I would love to hear from you….

Other stuff…..Did I tell you a story about some of our kin doing some, er, cussing?…It seems that this little fellow, about 5 years old, came up to his Grandma here a while back and said, “Granny, is damn a cuss word?”….”It sure is” came the reply…The kid says, “Oh, ok, I’ll keep saying shit then.” Out of the mouth of babes, huh? I thought that was cute….Pete

Fun Evening Out

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-04-2012


No. 2 grand daughter has a new house, moved in a few weeks ago. No 2 son and no. 3 grandson and I help paint it before they moved in. I had not seen it since the painting was completed. I walked in last night and it was an immediate WOW…..Her decor was awesome….every room is a different color and everything matches. I was really impressed. She and her guy fixed spaghetti, salad, bread and tea and we had cake and ice cream for dessert. What a nice evening. I am so proud of all my children and grand children, they are all so nice…But you know what, that was sweetie and my expectation for our children….we tried to raise them right….doesn’t the bible say “raise a child in the ways of the Lord”  or something like that….It will be passed on down to the next generation….Well, back to No. 2 grand daughter, she is so special…. her Mom and Dad and her Grannie and I loved the attention we recieved last evening…Good Job….

Allergies….taking the fun out of spring

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 28-04-2012


Pollen, pollen everywhere..There is no escaping pollen here is Albuquerque I don’t reckon, at least I have not found any safe place…Just when one thinks things are getting better, another uncaring plant starts spitting out it pollen, polluting the atmosphere with all that sneezy, nose running and itchy throat….and the roof of my mouth of all things, pollen…..miserable, that’s all you can say about it….I’m so tired of blowing my nose and sneezing I could just, well, just curse a little bit, like cursing the dad-blamed, no-good, cotton picking, fit for nothing pollen…but I won’t cause it’s part of the reproductive process…  But, if you are like me, you are ready for spring to be over with and the plant birthing process to go on and get started….know what I mean, Vern…..

Gila Monster…Endangered species

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-04-2012


The Gila Monster is the largest native lizard and is the only poisonous lizard found in the United States. This orange and black lizard can be found in the Gila River Valley and Peloncillo Mountains of southwestern New Mexico. The Gila Monster lives in desert scrub and rocky canyons  and spends about 90 % of its time underground  in rocky crevices and abandoned burrows. The Gila Monster feeds on nestling rabbits, rodents and bird and reptile eggs. As sluggish as they look,they can move surprisingly fast and should not be handled. New Mexico lists the gila monster as endangered. photo en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gila_Monster.

Beards Mill, Coalfire Creek, AL

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-04-2012


It has been a long time and my memory has dimmed somewhat, but as I recall things, my favorite swimming hole on Coalfire Creek was Beards Mill. I hope I got the name right. This hole is south of Coalfire, down on the Mcshan to Carrollton Road, just off the roadway a piece. It had a grassy hillside on the west side of the creek, with a diving board, a big log across the creek and a swing that one could swing all the way across the creek and drop into about six or eight inches of mud, sliding forever seemed like. It had trees on that side, but very little undergrowth, allowing for the long unimpeded slides.  The hole used to be 15 yards wide or so, twenty or thirty yards long and was about six feet deep as I recall. We spent many summer days  down there swimming and playing. I guess some of my fondest memories were made around those days of my life.  Once we wanted to go down there and one of my cousins (which I will not name) borrowed his dad’s panel wagon for a quick trip down to Beards Mill. Well, it was low on gas so we borrowed some from the local grist mill engine but there was not very much in it either. So we were still afraid that we would run out of fuel before we could get down there and back. In those days, that road was graveled. At Union Hill Church, cousin kicks it out of gear to save gas and off we go, free wheeling it down the long hill, saving gas and making good time. We go over a rise and there approaching us, right in the middle of the cotton picking road was an another car, the only other car we met on that trip. Well, the only thing we could do was take the ditch. The passenger side of the tilted panel wagon was plowing dirt from the top of the ditch into the wagon, but other than that we were ok for a short time. Then, low and behold, right in the middle of the ditch was a stump…..I don’t think any of us had ever noticed that old stump before. It gave us a sudden stop, tearing up the front end and the radiator…I don’t know how much damage really, except to say we had to work all that summer for my uncle to pay for the repairs on the truck. In hindsight, he was pretty lenient on us, but he was firm and fair in our repayment process. We may or may not have really earned enough to pay it off, but we learned the value of equipment and hard work from that little excursion. I don’t remember us borrowing the truck or gas ever again. And I don’t remember who all was in the truck that day, other than to say several of us. Will some of you other cousins ‘fess up” if you read this. I am sure you will remember the day……Pete

Coalfire Creek from the bridge over US 82 Highway…Photo by Karrah

If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-04-2012


 This was sent by a friend from Columbus, MS. We can all agree with what Mr. Harvey said so many years ago. click on the you tube title… about 3 minutes…..Pete

Do you remember the radio commentator Paul Harvey? Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations.

The following commentary was broadcast 47 years ago…. April 3, 1965.

It’s less than 3 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3Az0okaHig&feature=related



Pine Martens, a threatened species….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-04-2012


One of the little varmints that reside in our state is the Pine Marten. It is related to the minks and weasels and resides in the spruce and fir forest of the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. Their prefered habitat has lots of large fallen logs and stumps with plenty of canopy cover. They are about the size of a house cat. They are skilled predators feeding on mice, squirrels, rabbits and birds. In early spring, the female marten gives birth to 2 to 4 young , born blind and hairless. The loss of habitat and timber harvesting in the high elevation old growth forest poses the biggest problem for this species. Currently they are listed as a threatened species. I thought you might like to know something about these little fellows….Now we both know….Pete

Kirtland AFB, NM Jet Fuel Spill

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-04-2012


Let me see….I posted on this topic Oct 4, 2011,  May 2, 2011, March 30, 2011 and July 8, 2010 (feed Kirtland AFB in my search engine)….It’s back in the news again. The State of New Mexico and Kirtland AFB have got to get their heads together to do something. I mean it has only been 13 years since it was discovered they had a leak and we are doing more talking than doing. At the very least they should try to pump up the mixture, remove the jet fuel and pump the good water down into another well….Ok, or something else but something,…One of these days the government is going to announce, “Sorry, we will have to close Kirtland AFB, er, it is to costly to maintain, etc, so on and so forth…” Then where will Albuquerque be with all of our under ground jet juel and water mixture…I fear, the same place we are today. It is my desire to live out my life in Albuquerque. And I prefer to drink water, pure water……Come on guys, it is time for action…turn on the after burners…..get the lead out…. Can you say, sir, Yes Sir?.,,,Right away, sir…..