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Thompson Waterseal, Clear

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-11-2011


Every year, round this time, I buy Thompson Waterseal to spray my cedar fence. Sometimes I spray it fall and spring which may be an overkill. However, I have neighbors who have never sprayed and one has put up three wooden fences since I installed mine. So I know it is best to spray your wooden fence. I use my weed sprayer to spray the sealant. This year I went to Lowe’s to purchase the Thompson Waterseal, a 5 gallon can, the same outward appearance container as other years. I got it home and it was a white paint looking substance, not like the sealant of years past, which always had been of the paint thinner appearance kind of. I called Lowe’s and they said I had the correct product and to go ahead and spray it as it would dry clear. Well, I did not want to screw up my fence so I sprayed a section of left over fencing behind my tool room. It spotted and left white globs that did not disappear. I took it back. Went over to Home Depot and asked the sales person if their Thompson’s Waterseal was clear or a white colored substance and if it was clear I would buy it but if it was white I did not want it.. Well, he didn’t know, and if he opened it he bought it, he said. I made the purchase, took it to the car, but before loading it,, opened the top to look at it. It too was white, like white paint again. I took it back. I came home and looked up Thompson Waterseal on line and sent them a message as to what in the world had happened to their CLEAR Waterseal. They sent me a nice note saying buddy, you live in a state that will no longer accept an oil base water seal, and that white crap that you refer to is the new WATERBASED Thompson Waterseal. The only way to tell the difference is in the clean up on the outside of the can. If it cleans up with water, its that white crap. If it cleans up with mineral spirits, it’s the type I like. Some states can still get the oil based type. I refuse to use that water base stuff folks. I can’t spray that stuff as all of it does not dry clear and to apply it would require me to roll it on. So, do any of you know of a product other than Thompson that I can use in my weed sprayer? If so would you leave me a comment or e-mail me at pete@hesterbooks.com. It’s not critical as water will still bead when sprayed on my fence. But I need to know about future sprayings…Thanks, Pete Hester

Lobos Have A Football Coach….Bob Davie

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-11-2011


For the last ten years Bob Davie has been an Analyst for ESPN and ABC. So, at least he has seen a lot of good football teams in action….Is that good? I don’t know…Before that, 1997 to 2001, head coach at Notre Dame with a overall 35 – 25 record and about three bowl games….Before that he was defensive coordinator at Texas A & M. At earlier locations he was involved in defensive coaching, linebackers or defensive coordinator, so that is welcomed as we need some defense here. But mainly, we need the ability to do some recruiting…..With his background he should be able to do some. I would think most, or a lot anyway, of football players will recognize him from his TV days. Maybe that will help lure them to New Mexico. We need all the help we can get in recruiting. We have a good school and a good conference and we are READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL…. Welcome to Albuquerque, Coach Davie, and we wish you the very best here……

Remembering a Hero of 9/11

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-11-2011


http://www.youtube.com/user/peterscheibner#p/a/u/0/cLj4akmncsA    You guys will want to watch this all the way through. A very moving piece..This story is about the guy who was the original scheduled pilot for American Airlines Flight 11. A very touching video.

Farve who?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-11-2011


Aaron Rogers is the man, the main man….I do not think Bret is in any of the conversations around Green Bay any more. The Pack is 9 – 0 and last night they had some defense. If they click on both sides of the ball they are going to be hard for anyone to stop, including my transformed Cowboys. I do hope to see them play one another in the play offs. That could be the Super Bowl right there, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t you think so?….ok, so we have to see if San Francisco is for real and if the Saints can hold up….well, heck, the Bears are always tough, yeah, and the Lions, maybe the Falcons….geez, I hope Romo can stay healthy…


Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-11-2011


I hope Tebowing (the act of kneeling and praying, giving thanks, etc) catches on with the American public. It is certainly needed. Did you see where Denver beat Kansas City and Tebow only completed two passes, one for a 56 yard touchdown. He did run for 68 yards or so. There maybe something to this Tebowing thing. Course, I have always thought so, and now maybe the rest of the country will. So far Denver is looking pretty good. Hey, how about this…We start Tebowing for the President of the United States. I think he could use our prayers. I  heard a person a while back say, “Shoot, I’m not going to pray for the President, I want him out of there.” I personally don’t think that is the proper thing to say or the way to feel, as everyone needs our prayers and especially in that office. We are in some difficult times in America and we cannot succeed without the help of the Almighty, so lets Tebow for America and our President and Congress……OK?

New Mexico Lobo’s won!!!!!…New Mexico State Aggies won!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-11-2011


New Mexico beat UNLV 21 – 14 and just missed another td, short by inches and missed two field goals. A good game for a change….And down the road at Las Cruces, NMSU met Fresno State and beat them 48 – 45 in a wild one….I don’t think hell froze over, but it could have….I am so excited…Bama won also, more excitement, however, Miss St played tough, huh? They always do with Bama…..Nebraska did beat Penn St but barely. A sad Saturday in Harrisburg. Silence is not always golden and it is coming back to haunt several folks at Penn St, well, all over the country for that matter. A real shocker for sure…..My upset special with Wyoming beating Air Force came to be, Wyoming pulled it out….La Tech did in Ole Miss..Let me take this opportunity to tell Houston Nutt goodby and sorry it did not work out for him there in Oxford…Okla St beats the crap out of Texas Tech. I guess the Red Raiders left everything in Norman, nothing left….Colorado woke up and beat Arizona, so I missed that one…..Kansas St did beat Texas A & M, but Texas did not beat Missouri….Arkansas, Georgia, and Wisconsin all won, but I missed on Iowa beating Mich St . So, my picks were not all that great this week, but I am so happy both the Lobos and Aggies won…The Lobos showed some offense for a change. First play of the game, qb Holbrook hit Long for a 80 yard touchdown pass, hooking me for the rest of the game, which ended about 11 pm our time. It was worth it though. My remote got a work out again last night, Bama and the Aggies and the Lobos, all playing night games and each starting about an hour apart. It was fun….Thanks, guys…

Football Picks and stuff, Penn St. stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-11-2011


The Penn St. story is going to be in the news for a while….the long term effect on the school, on the football program, getting good recruits, getting a good coach….I heard some things this morning that I was not aware off…The football program brings in around 70 million a year. Joe Paterno was paid around a million a year. The football coach was ranked around 60th in the nation in pay for the football coach. New Mexico gets what, 7 to 10 million per year (and that may be high) but paid our football coach 750,000 per year. I don’t know what Alabama football brings in per year, but their coach is one of the highest paid coaches in the country. So Penn St has a ways to go to bring in a top coach but maybe they understand where they are in this matter already. But, I think they can afford to go lots higher on the football coach’s pay, don’t you?….Football picks for this coming weekend….Penn St vs Nebraska….Neb is favored by 3.5 points, but I really look for it to be worse as I think the team is in a state of shock and are not ready to play football…Neb by 14 points….Okla St beats Texas Tech….Air Force vs Wyoming….I am going for the upset again…Wyoming beats them by 3 points…Bama is pissed and Miss ST gets clobbered……Arizona beats Colorado…Arkansas over Tenn…..Georgia over Auburn…Louisiana Tech over Mississippi (I guess Nutt could apply at New Mexico), another upset special, Iowa over Mich St……Wisconsin Badgers beats up the Minnesota Gophers…..Well, some weeks I just get carried away as Kansas St beats Texas A & M…Texas beats Missouri…New Mexico wants to beat UNLV, but can’t, not this year anyway and New Mexico State loses to Fresno St (I read this morning that Fresno St has suspended three top players, so now I am thinking that NMSU may win this one). I hope that next year I can pick both the New Mexico school to win most weeks, that would be so refreshing…….Hey, New Mexico Lobo basketball team is playing New Orleans tonight….I believe the bb team is going to make New Mexico proud this year…I think they are a top twenty five team…I really do…They have a very strong bench so injuries and unavailable players won’t kill them this year, ie, like losing our point guard last year…..I’m ready for some basketball…..11/12 update…New Mexico really took it to New Orleans last night, like 92 – 49 and it could have been worse….Everyone played….Go Lobos

Penn St…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-11-2011


And we all thought that Penn St ran a squeaky clean program. That is not a pun because of the shower scene details  either. You would have thought that some higher authorities would have been called in such a bad situation, wouldn’t you? I have always liked Joe Paterno, believed in him and I think he thought that keeping quiet was the best thing to do for the University. No sir, it was not and in delaying it for so long he has really tarnished the school, if it is true. He said he told his boss and evidently they felt like Joe, to just be quiet and it would all go away….Don’t we all wish bad things were that simple…You gotta wash when you get dirty, otherwise you start piling dirt on top of dirt…..This will have a sad ending, for the school and for Joe, but the young men involved can now try to make a new start…Wow, too bad, huh? This should have been settled years ago…

Pine trees and hauling pine needles stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-11-2011


I love pine trees. We have two in our yard and one just across the fence in our neighbors yard, which acts like it is mine by dumping all its needles in our yard. So, from the two on both sides of our house in the front and one in the back, we get amazing pine needle and cone productions. I raked yesterday after our first fall wind, seemed like winter’s wind, but it had gusts of maybe 70 mph or somewhere so close to that. Anyway, tons of pine needles came raining down on my yard and our street. Since Dallas was playing the early game, I had to get out early, in the cold but clear weather and rake. And rake.  And rake. I even did the street. I had my little Mazda pick-up stacked as high as I could get the pine needles stacked. I did cover my load to haul it the dump location. A few years ago, no. 1 son gave me a gadget that attaches to my tail gate. It is fabric on a roller  with a crank handle. This sheet of some durable material is rolled off to cover the bed of the pickup and I load the needles, leaves, pulled up plants, etc and pile them in the back of the truck on top of that fabric. Then when I get to the dump, I back into the dump area, lower my tail gate and crank the load off, in seconds…..Usually, I draw a crowd to witness what just happened. If you have ever unloaded a load of grass, weeds, pine needles, you know what I’m talking about. Normally, it takes you a while to get a pickup unloaded. This little gadget is a real time and work saver as long as your load is not real heavy. On heavy loads the fabric slips and will not pull the load out. I learned that the hard way. But for grass and weeds, pine needles and such, it is great. Let me rephrase the opening sentence…Most of the time I love pine trees….

Football picks

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-11-2011


I am beginning to think that I should leave the picking of college football games to the experts. I am not doing very well…However,  Bama should have won. I hope coach will have a try out for kickers from his student body…I’ll bet you there are some good kickers amongst the thousands of students on that campus. Come on, coach, find you a kicker….But, LSU played a good game and they really have a good defense..Utah laid it on Arizona….Wyoming hung with TCU very well but I missed my upset pick here and the same for my upset of Wake Forest over Notre Dame…Wisconsin won big and both my New Mexico teams got beat up on, again, but you can hear the cash resister down at State going ka-ching, ka-ching, as the 900,000 bucks are being deposited from the University of Georgia…Thanks Bulldogs….I don’t think San Diego State paid the Lobos anything like that…Matter of fact we may still be paying Rocky Long on our buy out from a several years ago…Oh, well, I am sure life is good on the west coast, huh, Rocky?….I’ll probably pick again next week, but I’ll go easy on the upset specials…..