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Football picks for 10/22

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-10-2011


Really, there is no need to pick this week. I think all the favored teams will win. TCU is favored by thirty thousand over New Mexico and Hawaii is favor by a bunch over New Mexico State. However, I think New Mexico State will play better than the spread has them, 21 points…..I predict a seven point or less game and if NMSU plays well the entire game and does not fall apart, they can beat the Rainbows….By the way, I am picking Arizona but they are a 3 point favorite over UCLA..(I’m pulling hard for them no. 1 GD )….So, let us recap who I think will be the winners this week….Alabama over Tenn (Alabama looks tougher every week, don’t they?), Arkansas over Miss, Texas A & M over Iowa St, Okla ST over Mo (Okla St may end up being the surprise team of the season, huh?), Okla over Texas Tech, TCU over New Mexico (I am still hoping the Lobos can make a few scores and then hold them to under 40), Hawaii over NMSU, Arizona over UCLA, Wisconsin over Michigan St and this could be a close one, and  LSU over Auburn…I am tempted to pick the upset at Hawaii, but they are at home and our old NMSU desert rats will be in awe over the island of Hawaii anyway, so I better not…

Update: first things first, my comment on no need to pick…Wow, what a weekend at Tuscaloosa, first half anyway….and in Norman, Ok….what is the world? Wisconsin at Michigan St? That may should have been the least surprising of them all. But, Alabama finally got on track but Bama scared the crap out of a few of us the first half. I had trouble watching all the games…I ’bout wore out my remote control switching between games….Recapping, Alabama beat Tenn, TCU beat New Mexico,  Hawaii beat NMSU, Arkansas beat Miss, LSU beat Auburn, Arizona beat UCLA Tex A&M beat Iowa St, Okla St beat Missouri….My loses, Texas Tech beat Okla and Mich St beat Wisconsin…I was shocked but that is why they play the games…..I wish the TCU game could have gone on a little longer cause I think we about had them wore down….

King of the one liners, Coach Eric Roanhaus, Clovis NM High School Wildcats

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-10-2011


Eric Roanhaus, head football coach of the Clovis, NM Wildcats has always been very quick witted. Saturday night his team was defeated by  Albuquerque Manzano High. Trailing and with only a few minutes left in the game, Clovis had two long plays called back, one a 89 yard touchdown run called back after a hold, then the next play he called a short swing pass that went for a 94 yards TD. That one was called back on a illegal block. Still they drove down to the five yard line in spite of a sack and a couple more penalties, the game ended with an incomplete pass play. He lost 28 – 20. On the last drive, the Wildcats had a holding penalty,  an illegal block, a sideline warning, delay of game and a personal foul.  When asked about the officiating of the game, Roanhaus said that if that official would come down to Clovis that he would have someone marry his parents for him….. That’s a good one…..He is a great coach and he does not lose many games and he “calls ‘um like he see’s ‘um…..usually with humor…

Uh – oh, Now it’s next Thursday Oct 21, 2011

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-10-2011


Listen, you have to give the man credit….He does not quit trying to tell God when to end it all. Last time I thought it was God telling him. When that failed  I am now assuming its him telling God. The heck of it all is that it is going to happen, but mortal man just does not know when. I agree with Mr. Camping that the time is near and maybe even before Oct 21, but since Jesus said that even He did not know the day or the hour, we just have to wait on Him. However, folks, do go ahead and prepare for it as it could be tonight…..You know what… If New Mexico beats Nevada in football on Saturday, that may do it….That may just end it all….Now I’m kidding and this is really not a kidding matter…It is real and it will happen but Mr. Camping does not know when, but he could get lucky…No, you don’t think so?…Well just a thought…..

Football picks, Oct 15th weekend

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-10-2011


Alabama beats Ole Miss again….San Diego St beats Air Force….Arizona does not get beat this week but lose Stoops, good or bad I know not, but he’s gone….Arizona St beat Oregon….Auburn beats Florida (what has happened to these guys?)…..BYU and their new QB beat Oregon St…..Baylor beats Texas A & M (A & M is nuts going to the SEC. Their championship days are over.)..NMSU over Idaho, yeah I know, the Vandals are playing pretty tough ball, but the Aggies are doing pretty good also….Kansas St has been playing good football, but Texas Tech beats them this week….and Michigan will beat Michigan St…..Nevada beats New Mexico but the Lobos keep it closer than expected…Okla St beats Texas….Wisconsin beats Indiana and Wyoming beats UNLV…..If I counted correctly that’s 13 games….We’ll see, huh?

Oct 16, 2011….Alabama won, San Diego won, BYU won, NMSU won, Nevada won, Okla St won, Wisconsin won and Wyoming won…..Baylor, Tex Tech, Michigan and Az St lost…It is hard to get them all correct, huh?

Books I Study…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-10-2011


You know, if I want to learn about computers, I read a book on computers, probably something like, “Computers for Dummies”. If I want to learn English, I grab an English book, math, a math book…If I want to learn about Christianity, I read the Holy Bible….If I want to learn about Mormonism I suppose I would read the Book of Mormons….As far as I know the only book about Christianity is the Holy Bible, at least for the pure word from God…Of course, there are a lot of things I don’t know…But studying the “Book of Mormons” to learn about Christ? …..I don’t think so…Romney is ok, a good man and will probably make a good president, but sir, don’t pee down my neck and tell me its raining cause that ain’t gonna cut it….You talk about Christianity, you are talking Holy Bible….You talk about Mormons, you are talking about the book of Mormons….I checked my Bible this morning and there ain’t no Book of Mormons in there…..Catholics, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Nazarene, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Assembly of God and I could go on and on, but for all of them the Holy Bible is their book. So Mr. Romney, when you teach your children out of the Holy Bible, its Christian…When you teach them from the Book of Mormon, I don’t know what that is as it is not discussed in the Holy Bible…I am not going to call you a cult member, sir, you are a good man, but I am not sure I can call you a Christian either…..Pete Hester

web site ads

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-10-2011


Folks, please feel free to click on the ads that appear on this web site…. you do not have to buy anything and it may give you some very useful information…. and it will help this old soul to stay on the air. I could be like XEG, Del Rio, TX…do you remember them….seems like it was always “keep those cards, donations and letters coming folks”.Back in the good old days that is one of the few radio stations you could always count on for company driving across the southwest at night…. Things are different nowadays but they probably are still on the air…I just don’t get out at night much anymore…..Anyway, several good companies put their information on the ads here for you to look at and if it interests you, please do click on their ads. Thanks, Pete

Balloon Fiesta stuff and other ‘portant stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-10-2011


The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta concluded this weekend and by all accounts was very successful even though they could not fly on about three of the seven days. The paper stated that an estimated 750,000 visitors saw the balloons this year and the crowds around town kinda confirmed that number…..Other ‘Portant stuff:  Sweetie and I celebrated another anniversary this weekend and went out on the town, amongst that crowd and had a very good time over at Pappadeaux’s Seafood establishment. They serve up good food and in good quantities. Sweetie had craw-fish and I had the mixed seafood grill over dirty rice. Very good…You may wonder how long Sweetie and I have been married. Well, I don’t like to throw numbers around, especially big numbers, so let me just say Carl Perkins “Blue Swede Shoes” came out two months after our marriage. Barbara Streiand recorded “You’ll Never Know” at age 13 the month after our marriage and Chuck Berry’s “Rock Around the Clock” was going strong. President Eisenhower was recovering from an heart attack and the Mickey Mouse Club had just premiered. If you remember any of that you’ll probably know just how big our “numbers” are…

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta stuff and B-17 stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-10-2011


The balloon fiesta started great, beautiful weather for flying, great crowds and everyone happy, then rain, good rains I might add and then winds today which puts a damper on ballooning. Tomorrow is looking like more rain according to the weatherman. Soooooo, we don’t know how the end of the fiesta will play out.

B-17 Flying Fortress “Aluminum Overcast” is in town at the Double Eagle Airport, which is located out on my side of town and just a short drive from my place. I was in the yard when it flew over Tuesday. What a beautiful sight and a reminder of seeing them in my youth. I jumped in the car and beat it out to the air port hoping to get there in time for the landing. It was taxiing into the tarmac parking area when I arrived. As I was watching, another old timer joined me in watching the ground crew. We decided to go out and walk around the aircraft and see it from the ground. In talking to one of the EAA volunteer ground crew members he let us know as Veterans we could sign in and get a free tour of the aircraft. What a sweet deal that was. You remember watching film of the B-17 crews grabbing the top of the opening at the belly of the aircraft and kicking up their feet into the aircraft and slinking on up into the ship easy as pie….um-huh, no way…this old soul could barely get his head down over my fat belly to climb up the ladder, but I finally made it…I was looking right into the nose, the Bombardier  location and nose gunner….four could have flown in that location but I am not sure of the duties each would have had. I worked the optic bomb sight on the B-36 and some of the features were the same…On a bomb run, the plane was flown over the target by the bombardier but where the B-36 had a joy stick the B-17 has a control similar to the pilots. Up above the ladder and a little aft of the nose section was the pilot, copilot position and just behind them was the flight engineers. and it was in excellent shape and as expected, the pilots had over a jillion dials and gauges for them to study. A walk through the bomb bay, which this belly barely cleared the walkway and required a big sucking in of the old gut to make it, there was storage for about twenty 500 pounders by my count. Then you stepped into an area where present day passengers could ride and then the waist gunners positions. It seemed to me they would have been bumping into each other some in tracking the enemy planes. I had to put my hands on the guns and sight down the barrel trying to line up on a target. I don’t know how they ever hit anything but I guess they did.  I looked into the belly turret. The ground crew said the smallest man on the flight crew got the belly position and that he had to take off his parachute to get into the turret. Then if they were shot down, he had to line up the turret correctly with the aircraft, get out of the turret, put on his chute and make his way to the nearest exit, doing all this while the aircraft was probably in all manner of maneuvers while falling…geezs, who would want that job….I forgot to check out the tail gun position, but I am sure that was just as exciting as the belly gunner….Anyway, that was a wonderful experience for me. I hope you will check them out. They will be in Las Vegas NV Oct 12 – 13, Salt Lake City Oct 14 – 16, Denver Oct 21 – 23 Liberal, KS Oct 25 – 26 and Tulsa, Ok Oct 28 – 30…ground tours are $5.00 for one or 15 for a family, flights range from $399 to 465. Phone number for these guys is 800-359-6217 and e-mail b17reservations@eaa.org . This is some history you folks will not want to miss…

Football picks, Oct. 8 weekend(update)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-10-2011


Alabama wins big over Vandy….Upset special….Air Force beats Notre Dame who is a 17 point favorite…..Arizona wins over Oregon St…..Arizona St over Utah….Arkansas over Auburn….BYU has some problems this year and I am not sure what .if they don’t figure it out San Jose St will beat them…I am going with BYU but they have a close one…Baylor over Iowa St….Boise St over Fresno St……Clemson over Boston College…LSU beats Florida…Georgia Tech wins over Maryland….Okla St will upset Missouri…..Oklahoma beats Texas…..Another upset…San Diego St  beats TCU……..Wisconsin idle this week as is New Mexico and New Mexico St….at New Mexico we are ready to talk basketball….

I missed three games….Arizona lost to Oregeon St, Air Force lost to Notre Dame and San Diego St lost to TCU…Arizona hung close but with the others Notre Dame and TCU were just too tough. So, I ended up with 11 correct and three incorrect….

Kirtland AFB Jet Fuel Plume Still Spreading

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-10-2011


Albuquerque Journal, Oct 4, 2011 by John Fleck says, “Air Force officials, in new filings with state regulators, acknowledged that contamination from a Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel leak has traveled farther than previously known toward Albuquerque drinking water wells, but they don’t know how far…The metro area’s drinking water wells continue to show no signs of contamination….”The water is safe,” said Tom Berardinelli, staff director at the base, during an interview Monday……skipping down some….”It’s clear that we need to get that badly cleaned up,” said John Stomp, the water authority’s chief operation officer, said Monday..me talking now, put  Kirtland AFB Jet Fuel spill in my web site search engine and it should bring up about 3 other entries on this subject matter. Discovered in 1999 that we had a leak that’s estimated to be around 8 million gallons of, what, JP 4 or JP 8, I don’t guess it matters, but we just keep reporting about it and the cleanup goes undone. Some present issues are officials asked the Air Force to install more ” soil vapor extraction” units, which suck up the contamination floating on top of the water table. (the jet fuel does float on water as you probably know). The water authority called for installation of more of the machines to the north, where contamination is spreading….Air Force officials said they think it is unlikely they would do much good there. The Air Force only has permission to drill wells and test the water pumped up, Berardinelli said. If the state gives the green light, the pumps would then be used to pump 200 to 300 gallons per minute of contaminated water. The water would be cleaned to drinking water standards. (get this) “No decision has been made about how the Air Force would dispose of the cleaned water.”… Now, I ain’t real smart but I cannot believe that statement made it as far as the news paper. Can you? No wonder this clean up campaign has rocked on for 12 years now. We are presently pumping river water down into our reservoirs and we wonder what to do with clean drinking water. And how about using it on the base, could that be an option? If an airman serves four years in the military, do you realize that four different groups could have come through here, served their time, been discharged, gone back somewhere to a home with good water, and we are still dealing with this cleanup. Wonder how many more will come and go before the mission is completed? Or, well, how does jet fuel taste? JP 4 taste like JP 8 you reckon? Maybe a little Jet A on the side……some 100 Octane for topping maybe….River water don’t sound so bad, does it?…..