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Follow The Sun Novel Now Reinstalled...Volume 1 follow-the-sun-by-e-v-pete-hester This novel, click on the title and when reading, it moves right to left by using your little wheel on top of your mouse. A little different but you soon get used to...

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A Repost On The Abortion Debate Doesn't Belong On Billboards Kathleen Parker wrote: Abortion Debate Doesn’t Belong on Billboards Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-05-2019 2 Pete Hester wrote Kathleen the following e-mail today: I...

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Coalfire Stories....from an earlier posting There is no Wikipedia information on Coalfire, Pickens County,  Alabama….It is not included…So, you are gonna have to just trust me or the twenty-five or thirty or fifty other people who can talk...

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St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Please Give. ... Luke 18 verses 15 - 17...."Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belong to such as these"....I try to give something every month to St Jude. What an institution...

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Just American..We All Just Americans….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-08-2021


July 20, 2020 

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A repost of Pete Hester Facebook Page…..
Today I’m wondering if Egypt is worried about having to pay Israel for keeping the Jews as slaves for 400 years. Wouldn’t that be something. I don’t think that will ever happen…. I’m sure there were many cases of slavery throughout history and it is a shame it happened. I ‘m sorry it happened. I imagine you are sorry it happened.. But it did. There are so many wrongs committed over the years it would be impossible for us to rectify these errors nowadays, like the USA paying the Native Americans fair market value for the land we paid for with a few beads. How many dollars would that cost in todays money? Things like that will not work. It can’t work. There is no way…. The USA could not come up with enough money to settle those accounts….Regarding slavery in the USA, most of us southerners were just poor white folks, eating black eyed peas and corn bread like most  of the folks in the south, black and white, and glad to have that. None of my family, that I know of, ever owned a slave. As a descendent of a poor white family should I then have to pay for not having slaves based on the color of my skin? That don’t make sense, does it? Of course not. All lives matter and black lives matter and they always have. Us whites need to act more responsibly and at the same time, some of the blacks need to act more responsibly. Listen folks, its time we became Americans. Just Americans…..Bald headed Americans, young Americans, old Americans, fat Americans, skinny Americans, and on and on….But just Americans;. Can I get an Amen?

Identified Flying Object….a repost from Pete Hester Facebook Page

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From Pete Hester Facebook Page….

The world of politics….That is the happening thing today. I can get involved. I can leave it go and not comment. And all the other things that are going on I can back away from. Now I am going to say something directly from my heart and it is this…..What is going on today is directly from God to me through His word. The world is now totally in His hands. He has full control of the spaceship called Earth. He is guiding it to His final destination. He does not need my help at the controls of this ship. He needs me to have faith in Him. We can be bitter, we can fuss and complain, we can say derogatory things about those in temporary control of the Earth if you choose…But for me, just knowing that the ship’s Captain has got this I choose to relax and ride this ship He is guiding….I realize it’s going to be a bumpy ride, that He told us already, but I know where this ship is heading….It is an identified flying object and we know where it is going. I hope you will join me and come along for the ride, relaxing as our Heavenly Father takes us home.

Guidelines to Follow…Mountain Driving and Life

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-06-2021


Guidelines to Follow…Mountain Driving and Life

Father’s Day, 2021

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In 1998 my brother called me and said, “Dad said if you want to see him alive again, you need to get on down here and if you decide to come, he wants you to come prepared to talk with him about his salvation.” Well, I have told you that story before but I started like that to let you know that I know where my dad is…..In heaven, waiting one me there. It was certainly my privilege to have visited him and discussed his salvation and in doing so it helped me to confirm mine also. So to my Dad, who is in heaven, I say Happy Father’s day Dad and I’ll be seeing you before too much longer. Those great songs comes to mind this morning of, “Want It Be Wonderful There” and “When We All Get To Heaven” and “In The Sweet By And By” and “Beulah Land, Sweet Beulah Land”……I’m looking forward to hearing you sing again…

A repost from Pete Hester’s Facebook page 6/20/21

Fishing Folks

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Taken from The Albuquerque Journal, Thursday, June 17, 2021, Fishing Line:

Sandra Mia Jacquez, 6 caught her first fish. Lexi Jaramillo, 8, caught and released a 44 inch tiger muskie, Christopher Pearson, 8, caught a 33 inch tiger muskie,, Jayden Martinez 12, caught a 31.5 inch tiger muskie, Samuel Kovac V 7, caught a 16 inch rainbow trout, Ezra 5, and Exander Garcia 3, both caught their limit of rainbow trout, Lilly Lovato 5, caught her limit of rainbow trout…..and Esther Montoya 80, caught her first fish ever., a 19 inch rainbow trout….reading that just made my day. That’s the kind of news I like…

When Is One Old

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When do we get old? …….I put that into my computer this morning and got several answers….Some say you are old at 43, others after 50 and the older one think it is 65…So, none of those cover me, so further investigation reveals that we have the term ….elderly, now that seems to be around 75 or so for early elderly….then we come to the, er, uh,, well, the late elderly, not in “late” as passed, but in late in still hanging on I reckon. That’s apparently where I am….still here,  hanging on, enjoying the days and nights (until 9 o’clock or so anyway). I’m in that “late elderly” category, but I don’t feel like “late elderly”. But I guess that can change in a heart beat, from not feeling it to really feeling it…So, after some careful consideration, maybe you guys should just call me “ripe elderly”….Yep, old Pete is ripe….hasn’t dropped off the tree just yet, but he is dangling….a dad gum strong wind could bring him down from the tree…I reckon ripe fits, don’t you?

Dr. Aruna Khilanani….Fantasies in Shooting White Folks

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In a lecture given to Yale University this doctor, if you can call her that, Aruna Khilanani, said she has fantasies about shooting white people in the head, burying them and walk away thinking she had done the world a f—— favor. Wow…How can she get away with saying things like that. And saying it in a lecture at Yale of all places. And no one there stopped her which is also amazing. This old white boy objects as I have white children, white grand children, white great grand children, white friends and she is walking around free….Does she have a gun?….well, if so the police should not let her out on the streets and she definitely should not be around a group of white students. She is border line crazy. “Houston, we have a problem”….Well, ok, let’s change that…”America, we have a problem.”

ps….In the opinion of this writer Aruna Khilanani would have to smarten up just a wee bit to be classified as an idiot.


Interviews by hesterbooks.com

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You know, I have had this web site for over twenty years now. My son fixed me up with it I believe in the year 2000. During that time I have spoken to several people and used what they said or reported to me but I don’t think any of them was a formal interview. At least one was black and several were brown and white. Today I read where the mayor of Chicago said that he would only give interviews to black or brown reporters. I really had no intentions to interview that person and I do not know him, one thing I can say with confidence that, “He ain’t white”…..A white mayor would not dare make a comment like that. America is no longer a level playing field. Blacks are not bigots, are they? Surely not…Not with all they have experienced…They would not act like that, er, would they? Black lives do matter….but I’m  beginning to wonder about us old white boys…

oops…..He is a she….She is black…..She is gay….She has been removed from my list of people to interview…


Stoning Stephen…Saul Giving Approval To His Death…

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Yep…it says so right there in Acts 8.1, “And Saul was there giving approval to his death. Skip over to Verse two, “Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him.”  Verse 3, “But Saul began to destroy the church. Going from house to house he dragged off men and women and put them in prison.”

That’s quite the start for the church. And for some time Saul continued to be persecutor of the followers of the church. God caught up with Saul on the road to Damascus with letters to arrest  followers of Christ, but Jesus struck him blind, spoke to him telling him to get up and go into the city and there further instructions would be coming to him. Then, He told Ananias  to go to him. Ananias told God all he had heard about the evil doings of Saul of Tarsus. Acts 9.15, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer in my name.”  And thank goodness Saul became Paul, telling the  gentiles. Saul changed and did exactly what God asked of him.

There is a story in there for a lot of us. It tells of the power of our Lord and Savior. And we also need to listen to Him…. Paul spread the gospel story. And it is still being spread.

Yep, old Saul went from stoning Christians to spreading Christianity…Yep, Jesus got hold of him….

Marijuana….Now What

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Well, I’m confused, which is nothing unusual, but I read this morning concerning legalizing marijuana that there are presently about 330,000 people in jail for illegally using or selling marijuana, most of them black the article stated and it further states that it was a result of white business men taking advantage of poor black kids who went to jail for selling and using that marijuana while making them (the white businessmen) rich. ….Now that marijuana is being legalized those same white business men will become rich for doing the same thing that the poor black kids went to jail for, is what the articles states….

Am I being oversensitive here? Does that make sense to you? The key word to me here is “white business men”. I personally do not believe that is a true statement. I think black business men used black kids and white kids, to sell the stuff also and maybe there were more of them than there were of the “white business men” doing the using. Someone is doing some amazing deductions in the thought process and blame game, if you ask me…..

Wonder what will happen to the 330,000 prisoners when the marijuana does become legal in most states? Will they go free and use the selling skills for other products? I hope for the best if it does happen.