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A Repost On The Abortion Debate Doesn't Belong On Billboards Kathleen Parker wrote: Abortion Debate Doesn’t Belong on Billboards Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-05-2019 2 Pete Hester wrote Kathleen the following e-mail today: I...

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Coalfire Stories....from an earlier posting There is no Wikipedia information on Coalfire, Pickens County,  Alabama….It is not included…So, you are gonna have to just trust me or the twenty-five or thirty or fifty other people who can talk...

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St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Please Give. ... Luke 18 verses 15 - 17...."Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belong to such as these"....I try to give something every month to St Jude. What an institution...

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Alabama Football Fan (A Repost of an Earlier Posting) by Dan Hall

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Big Alabama Football Fan by Dan Hall

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Big Alabama Football Fan

I was watching Alabama play in the national championship game Monday night and got to thinking about one of the biggest Alabama football fan I grew up with, Pop loved the Tide. He talked about listening to the 1925 & 1926 Rose Bowl games on the radio & then going to Tuscaloosa to see them get off the train after winning the National Championship games. He talked about listening when Johnny Mack Brown made that great catch in the 1931 Rose Bowl. I guess between him and my uncles Sam & Pete, they are the reasons I love football & especially ALABAMA football so much.
Back in the early 1960’s Alabama football was not on the TV every weekend, maybe once or twice a year. But they were on the radio, and at the time the best radio Pop had was in the car, so he and I would get in and listen ( him letting me start it up very 15 to 20 minutes to keep the battery charged) to the Tide Roll. Now Pop loved Bama winning but he didn’t like for Bama to lose, as none of Bear Bryant’s teams didn’t lose many times. If Alabama did get behind, Pop would get out of the car saying something about Bear Bryant needing to do better. He would be gone about 15 minutes, come by and ask me ” how they doing now ?”, if we were still losing he would leave again, only to come back again in another 15 to 20 minutes. But if they were back ahead or driving for a score, he would get back in the car to listen some more. We talked a lot listening to those games, about many things but mostly football, Alabama Football.  I really enjoyed listening to those games with him, and watching one on TV was great, he would talk to the coaches & players about what he thought they needed to be doing.
He would love it now that they are on TV every week, and the way Coach Saban has them winning games and National Championships.
Pop got to listen to or see the first 12 of Alabama 16 national championships……
He loved football, Pickens County High School football and Alabama football. He saw his brother-in-laws, sons, nephews, and grandson play for the Tornadoes.  I don’t know about the earlier games, but Uncle Pete’s and my games at PCHS, he was always standing by the fence in the north end zone. I bet at the other games he was in that spot.
And yes, Uncle Pete I was young but I remember going to your games at PCHS…”.

 Dan Hall is writing about his Grandpa and my Dad, D. W. Hester and he was a big fan…He did not take Bama losing very well at all. Thanks, Dan, good story….
Posted April 9, 2019  This is one of my favorite articles written by my nephew Dan Hall. I just wanted to share it least one more time…..Alabama just keeps on winning National Championships…I’m pretty sure Dad is watching with a lots of other Alabama fans from Heaven….(well, I don’t really know that,  but if they can, they are…..)

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

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Image result for white sands that are not copyrighted 

Some of the most beautiful sand you will see anywhere is in the White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo,  NM. It is a wonderful place to take your family and play in the sand or just drive thru the park taking the tour. You will be glad you did. Many years ago my youngest son’s cousin came to visit him from Alabama. He wanted to see the White Sands and we agreed to take him. Only thing was, it was March during spring break, and the wind was having its way with everything not tied down in New Mexico on that particular day. He loved it. He had studied the old desert fox, Rommel, and thought the day was wonderful that he got to experience the winds that sting your face and eyes and makes you struggle to walk against it. I figured he would hate it, but what did I know. Seeing how much he enjoyed it, made me enjoy it even more. It’s windy around New Mexico nowadays….wan’na come out and play?

ps…if you double click the picture I think it will take you to more pictures of White Sands Park…..

Mueller Reports…..Trump, No Collusion or Collaboration

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Mueller has spoken….. No collusion with the Russians….The democrats and the media goes wild….The media more so than the democrats….Trump and the rest of us already knew there was no collusion.


Bisti Badlands, New Mexico

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You may have never heard of the Bisti Badlands of New Mexico. It is a strangely beautiful and sometimes very eerie place. Enter Bisti Badlands into your Bing or Google search engine and see some of the sights for yourself. It is truly amazing. You may even want to visit in person but at least look at some of the photos and videos you will find online. I have driven through there from time to time and was always amazed by the formations near the highway. Tour New Mexico and take a good look.


Pelosi…..Do You Read The Newspaper?

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I read an article in the Albuquerque Journal Newspaper this morning, March 15, 2019, about human and drug smugglers comings through New Mexico’s southern border’s boot heel, taking back roads to bypass the Border Patrol check points and taking their paid clients on to Albuquerque  for 1500.oo US and then on to Birmingham, Al for another 1500.00. One of the cartels are handling all of this and it is a pretty elaborate scheme. These people come into our country along with those seeking asylum. They have to have a sponsor and at least one of the sponsors called was reportedly  a billiard parlor in Nashville, Tn.

Nancy, maybe you should listen to your President. He is getting information you are not. Does the information collected by the Homeland Security folks and ICE ever reach your desk? If so, do you simply think that it is more propaganda spread by the GOP? If you don’t to believe them, well,  you might try reading the paper.

The American people are getting fed up with you people not listening to “We the People”. I think that soon, even the American people of California will go to listening to Trump, especially those without ties to the cartel or with kinfolks south of the border. You see them at all the rallies, don’t you? They are the one waving the Mexican flag and burning and stomping on the American Flag. Lately, these folks have been coming on up with those from Central America. It does not matter which of the countries beyond our southern border, it just needs to be closed. Wise up, Mrs. Pelosi, and help our president right some wrongs and close the southern border to all illegals.

Legal entry is ok.

Update: Ok, I’ll admit, I’m dreaming to think that  Nancy Pelosi would ever read this site with her “pass it, then read it” attitude. But would some of you guys tell her to read a newspaper ever once in a while. Or maybe, listen to her duly elected President for a change.

Boxing Match…Starring Otis Vaughn and Pete Hester

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Pickens County High School, Reform, Al circa 1953

Today Otis Vaughn is boxing for his health…and he says it is helping his Parkinson’s. I am so glad that it is. He puts in a lot of time making it so and there are dedicated people aiding him in making it happen. I think it is a wonderful story about how his PD has gotten much better. (see the postings below about that). I hope it will continue improving. His only boxing experience has been with his older brother….oh, and me. I told you that he is my best friend, and he is, but he wasn’t always my best friend. So, let me tell you our story.

I attended the Pickens County Alabama school system for all of my 12 years of elementary, middle school and high school years. Otis moved into our school system about his sophomore year of school as I recall. I knew him a little our sophomore year, but really it was our junior year when the fireworks started.

Now, Otis does not really remember all of this because most of it was taking place in my mind. I thought he was making a play for my girlfriend and I also thought he was trying to get the right half back position on the football team….my position. So, I started objecting to every thing Otis did. But Otis did push back so the bickering started.

I did not think our coach noticed such going on between players, but he certainly did notice.

One day during PE Coach had had enough. He pulled a set of boxing gloves out of the gym that I did not even know existed and told the guys in PE that day to gather round and make a circle. And he told Otis and me to fight and to keep fighting until we could not fight any more. They were big heavy gloves. Thinking back on it I’m pretty sure they were 10 ounce gloves….10 ounces when we started….by the time we finished they must have weighted a ton. I cannot say today just how long we fought, but it seemed like forever. I had fought my cousin Cecil several times and we both boxed, jabbed and threw upper cuts, etc…Otis on the other hand threw haymakers, lots of haymakers…..I could see them coming and jab Otis two or three times with my puny jabs and try to block those haymakers…blocking did not help as they would jar me down to my eye teeth and not all of them were blocked, the ones not block took it’s toll on my body. If we strayed away from the center of the ring, some of our good buddies would push us back to the center of the circle. The fight seemed to go on forever. I thought the boy would never get tired. Finally, when both our arms were hanging down by our sides and we literally could not lift our arms, coach stepped in….”Boys, lets take these gloves off and you two shake hands.” I was ready, believe me.

Now, I can’t really speak for Otis, but as for me, I came away from that day with a new respect for Otis Vaughn. I don’t think either of us was a victor in that battle on that day but I really know that we both won….FRIENDS FOR LIFE….Thank you Coach H. C. Elmore for a very valuable lesson. And thank you Otis Vaughn for being my friend.  Pete Hester


Parkinson Disease….Some Help Is Available

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I am so please to have Otis Vaughn guest write for me again here at Hesterbooks.com. We have been best friends since high school back in Reform, Alabama….No, we did not attend a reform school but we did attend Pickens County High School in Reform, Al…..A few years ago Otis became aware that he had Parkinson’s, news that scared him and his friends. Talking to Otis today you would never know that…..Well, now he still does talk slow, but it’s a “Alabama slow” and not “Parkinson’s slow”. We published the Part 1 of two parts first, so remember to scroll on down and read part one and then come back to Part 2.

How wonderful to read in Part 2, Otis’s own words when he says, “….most people do not know I have PD. I live and enjoy a completely normal life……..and “I give Rock Steady Boxing the credit for providing the means for me to live an ordinary life.” What wonderful words to hear.

I am hoping that this message is spread on the world wide web so that others may benefit from Rock Steady Boxing. Many thanks to Carolyn Rhodes, Otis Vaughn and Rock Steady Boxing for allowing me to publish this article.

Parkinson’s….Boxing Helps…Part 2

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Rock Steady Boxing Part II

A personal statement on benefits of RSB

Authored by Otis Vaughn

February 28, 2019

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) really works and greatly slows the progression of Parkinson’s Disease!

The leader of the Huntsville, AL Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City (RSBRC) is Mrs. Carolyn Rhodes. Carolyn became intimately interested and invested in Rock Steady Boxing when her husband Jim Rhodes was diagnosed with PD. Carolyn was the driving force in organizing and starting RSBRC. Carolyn and Jim were trained in coaching RSB in Indianapolis. She has done an excellent job, and Jim, and now others with PD, have reaped the benefits as he was one of the original participants and his PD symptoms have decreased considerably since he started boxing. When the average person sees Jim, they would never guess that he has PD. Jim has been a great encouragement to the others who have been diagnosed with PD and have joined our local program. RSBRC was started in June 2016.

Our lead coach is named Dallas. Dallas organizes all our exercises, and he keeps us from being bored by having different exercises for us to do each week. The one constant from week to week is we always do boxing exercises. We usually work on a dozen or so exercises each session with each exercise timed to last four minutes, and when we finish all the exercises, we work through the circuit of exercises again. Dallas has a loud penetrating voice that is easily heard above the loud music. Dallas keeps us moving. We have little if any slack time. Dallas and the other coaches make sure our sessions are fun.

Another lead coach is Snoop. As new PD patients join the group, Snoop teaches them the basics of boxing for several weeks before they join the main group. Snoop’s job is to conduct a basic “boot camp” with new boxers so they can keep up with the rest of the boxers when they join the group.

It has been said that PD should be considered a family of diseases. That may very well be true because almost every PD patient seems to have different symptoms. When I started boxing my symptoms were: whole body tremors and especially my hands; not being able to walk in a straight line; poor balance; difficulty swallowing; digestive problems; speaking slower, lower, and softer than previously; and a tendency to lean left while walking.

Every day our exercise routine is started by all boxers sitting in a big circle and stating our names loudly enough to be heard clearly on the other side of the circle. After we state our names, we loudly answer some question that is designed to get us to exercise our vocal cords. This vocalization of our names plus speaking some additional information exercises our vocal cords since one’s voice is usually affected by PD. In the pictures shown in the following paragraphs boxers wear yellow shirts.


Our circle of boxers as we start the day.

After this introduction, we do warm-up exercises that are led by Dallas or one of the other coaches. Our coaches are experts at giving us exercises that are designed to stretch and warmup our bodies. After warmup, we are ready to begin the exercises.

                                           Boxers punching the heavy bags.

A boxer punching the heavy tear shaped bag. This bag is good for practicing upper cuts. Other boxers are shadow boxing so they will be ready to punch the heavy bags.

There are many ways a heavy bag can be pounded and punched on the floor.

We also punch the torso training bag which is named Dallas, Jr. It is impossible for a boxer to knock Dallas, Jr. down.

There are a number of other forms of exercise we do including hitting the speed bags, riding stationary bikes, riding the elliptical machine, hitting plastic shopping bags, lifting weights, using 40″ PVC pipe to do exercises, jumping and running on a trampoline, bouncing heavy balls off the wall, plus many more. There is no end to Dallas’s creativity.

RSB has many doctors who support the program as well as therapists who provide tremendous help in teaching us how to manage our PD symptoms.

Now I want to say what RSB has done for me. Almost all the symptoms I mention in an above paragraph have been greatly diminished in their effect on me. Most people do not know I have PD. I live and enjoy a completely normal life. I have to say that I am not completely healed, and I still take medication for PD every day. I give RSB the credit for providing the means for me to live an ordinary life. I realize that I have the personal responsibility to practice what I am taught, and that practice must include everything I do every day. For example, PD tends to make me walk leaning toward my left. Every day for the rest of my life, I must make myself stand and walk straight and resist the urge to lean left…. and it is so with my other PD symptoms. I must take responsibility for my life. I am approaching being 84 years old, and life is very good!!! Keep moving. Keep boxing. Keep exercising.

After we have completed cool down exercises, we are ready to close out the day. At the end of the exercise day, we gather in a tight circle where we are touching each other. Dallas or one of the other coaches leads us in repeating a poem in very loud voices. The coaches write different poems for each day. The following poem, written by Dallas, is appropriately read only if one shouts the words … we need that vocal exercise!


Parkinson’s and Rock Steady had a fight,

Early in the morning and through the night.

Parkinson’s was a worthy foe,

Rock Steady Boxing stole the show.

Parkinson’s started with a sucker punch,

Rock Steady countered and ate his lunch.

Parkinson’s opened his bag of tricks,

Rock Steady hit him like a ton of bricks.

Parkinson’s had to take a standing 8 count,

Rock Steady knew this was a rout.

Parkinson’s staggered and fell against the rope,

Rock Steady charged with joy and hope.

No mas no mas Parkinson’s said.

Rock Steady boxers hit him in the head.

Shout it out loud,

Victory, Victory, Rock Steady is proud!!!

We have many coaches and volunteers who help us every day without pay or compensation of any kind. They perform a wonderful service. We simply would not be able to perform without their help!!! I am sure all the boxers say many, many thanks to them!!! We thank the coaches who have paid the price in time and money to coach us: Allen, Anne, Armand, Carolyn, Dallas, Derrik, Erin, Jim, John, Julie, MC, Ru, Russ, and Susan. We thank the volunteers who dedicate so many hours of their time each week: Angela, Arlan, Bob, Bruce, Chuck, Clint, Daniel, Elena, Erin, Eva, Jane, Jo, Kandy, Maggi, Mary, Mike, Pam, Peggy, Renee, Tamara, and Vicki.


Parkinson’s… and Boxing Helps…You Kidding Me? Part 1

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Rock Steady Boxing

Part 1

Introduction to Rock Steady Boxing in Huntsville, Alabama

Coauthored by Carolyn Rhodes & Otis Vaughn February 28,2019

Those with Parkinson’s Disease now have Rock Steady Boxing as a proven way to fight back against the devastating effects of the disease. This article introduces those who have PD, as well as their families, to the health benefits you can achieve with Rock Steady Boxing.

The authors of this article are based in Huntsville, Alabama. As you read this article you will notice that we call our organization: Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City. Rock Steady comes from the benefits that boxing provides to those with PD and gives them the hope that their shaking and other symptoms will calm down and they will be rock steady because of their participation in boxing.Huntsville, AL is called the Rocket City because much of the original rocket development and production in the U.S. was done on the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal located adjacent to Huntsville. At the conclusion of WWII, Dr. Wernher von Braun and his group of German scientists and engineers surrendered to the Americans, and the U.S. government located them in Huntsville so they could work on Redstone Arsenal and develop our missile and space industry. These brilliant scientists and engineers became U.S. citizens, and they did indeed lead our efforts as we learned to build and did, in fact, build many rockets and other items necessary for space exploration. The largest rocket ever built is named the Space Launch System and is being managed and built in Huntsville. That is why the citizens of Huntsville, AL takes great pride in calling our city the The Rocket City.

There are Rock Steady Boxing organizations all over the U.S. and even internationally.Those wanting to participate in Rock Steady Boxing should be able to find an organization that sponsors RSB in their own city or community. We are an affiliate of the National and International Rock Steady Boxing organization. Our organization has grown so rapidly and with such success that Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City has been named one of the six regional training organizations in the U.S., and we will assume that role on April 20, 2019. Many coaches will come to Huntsville to be trained in coaching Rock Steady Boxing.

When you finish reading Part I of this article, remember to continue to read Part II which is a personal account by one who has benefited from Rock Steady Boxing.

RSB Mission Statement: Rock Steady Boxing helps people with Parkinson’s disease maintain their physical independence, improve their quality of life and restore confidence and dignity while they wait for a cure. RSB empowers people with Parkinson’s to “fight back”. Boxers condition for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength to defend against and overcome opponents. At RSB, Parkinson’s is the opponent.

Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City is a non-contact boxing program that was developed to help fight the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Several medical studies over a twelve-year period have concluded that the Forced, Intense, Explosive action of boxing training is an effective form of exercise for people living with PD. This fitness program is dramatically improving the ability of people with Parkinson’s to live independent lives, increasing their self-worth, sense of efficacy and quality of life. Recent studies also show that this form of exercise may be “neuro-protective,” actually working to delay the progression of symptoms.

Rock Steady Boxing is a first-of-its-kind organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Patients at all levels of symptom progression are seeing improved motor function as a result of intense non-contact, boxing style exercise. We’re proud to say that Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City has joined the fight against Parkinson’s disease right here in Huntsville!

Medical research is proving early validation of the effects of forced or intense exercise:

In the words of the neurological specialists:

“Twenty-five percent of my patients come from Rock Steady… the changes to their speech, to their cognition, are much slower in those patients. They don’t get worse as quickly, and they tend to be better cognitively for longer.” – Jessica Huber, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Associate Professor, Purdue University

“The results from Rock Steady are awesome and impressive…at the end of a two-year study; the boxers had much better results than those who did typical exercise three days each week.” Stephanie Combs-Miller, PT, Ph.D., NCS Associate Professor and Director of Research, Krannert School of PT, U of Indianapolis

Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City was brought to the community through the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center but serves adults with Parkinson’s of any age. We are one of 713 Rock Steady Boxing affiliates world-wide.

We meet at a local gym where our 50 volunteers help our 117 plus ‘boxers’ find that HOPE is in their corner.

We have started to accomplish our goal in that, when people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s in our community, their doctor follows that diagnosis with, “but there is a gym down the street where you can fight back and find HOPE.”

General Information:

FUNDING FOR QUALITY OF LIFE: Millions of dollars are allocated each year by Parkinson’s foundations to “find a cure”. While that is a very noble and necessary endeavor, there are few organizations that are focusing on quality of life TODAY. Rock Steady Boxing aims to improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s, until a cure is found.

Funds will be used to support operating expenses to include volunteer training, additional coach certification, independent contractor fees, to increase hours of part-time staff, add additional staff, equipment, insurance, utility and gym rental fees.

Rock Steady is promoted through local and regional neurologist referrals, the Senior Center’s monthly Senior Life Magazine with a publication of 6,000, word of mouth, multiple local media outlets and ongoing presentations to professional organizations.

Dr. Amit Arora asked us to give a presentation to the annual Neurology Conference in May of 2018 because he wanted to spread the word about his Parkinson’s patients that are boxers successfully managing their symptoms. He and his office staff stated that they can see when a patient walks in the office which ones are boxers by their posture, gait, voice, strength and confidence. Since Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease, their patients usually get worse, but since taking part in RSB, they see improvements in their patients for the first time!

How Rock Steady Boxing Rocket City is Financed

Communities recognizing the need for Rock Steady boxing will need to raise their own funds to support the program. In Huntsville, we are fortunate to have dedicated leadership and the medical community support for our program. Our local doctors recognize the benefits of Rock Steady Boxing, and they encourage their patients to participate. Our total budget is $75,000 per year.

Boxers pay $35 each per month (120 active boxers, with 38 inactive currently). We are adding 6 boxers on average each month.

Coach certification costs $500 for each coach. We sponsor the training for 3 new coaches per year.

Head Coach stipend is $500 each month.

Boxing Coach Stipend is $250 each month.

Utility Bill $150-$500 a month.

Gym Rental Fee $2800 a month

Our next Goal is: Ownership of 10-12,000 square ft building on 2 acres for North Alabama Parkinson’s Support Center where many programs can be held such as: The PD Support Group, Rock Steady Boxing, PD Dance Program, LOUD Crowd Voice Program ©, PD Music, PD Yoga, PD Cycling etc. The estimated cost for this facility is $3,000,000.

Japan’s Abe Won’t Confirm Nobel Nomination For Trump

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In this morning’s Albuquerque Journal, Feb. 19, 2019, Simon Denver and Akiko Kashiwagi of The Washington Post write that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan will not confirm he nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. He said that he would like to refrain from giving a comment. The same article stated that Junya Ogawa, a opposition lawmaker, said it was “unthinkable” for Abe to have nominated a man who had pulled out of the Intermediate-Range nuclear Forces Treaty, The Paris climate change accord and the Iran nuclear deal, started a trade war with China, moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Promoted “America First” and who wants to build a wall on the Mexican border….. Well, I think some of the reasons he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize is Trump pulled us out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, pulled us out of the Iran nuclear deal, fought for tariffs on goods from China, moved the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem, promoted America First, building a wall on the Mexican border or stepping up security there, made NATO step up to the plate on NATO countries paying their fair share and stopped sending aid to those countries that “hate America”….. President Trump has his backers but we never seem to hear from them. Wonder why that is? Do you suppose it is as President Trump says and the media is unfair and even upset because they missed the American peoples feelings in the last election?…..If so, they would never admit it, would they?