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Follow The Sun Novel Now Reinstalled...Volume 1 follow-the-sun-by-e-v-pete-hester This novel, click on the title and when reading, it moves right to left by using your little wheel on top of your mouse. A little different but you soon get used to...

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A Repost On The Abortion Debate Doesn't Belong On Billboards Kathleen Parker wrote: Abortion Debate Doesn’t Belong on Billboards Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-05-2019 2 Pete Hester wrote Kathleen the following e-mail today: I...

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Coalfire Stories....from an earlier posting There is no Wikipedia information on Coalfire, Pickens County,  Alabama….It is not included…So, you are gonna have to just trust me or the twenty-five or thirty or fifty other people who can talk...

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St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Please Give. ... Luke 18 verses 15 - 17...."Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belong to such as these"....I try to give something every month to St Jude. What an institution...

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Don’t forget my Sponsors….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-12-2013


You get free reading and free downloads here, thanks to my sponsors who’s ads appear throughout my blog. Click on one or two that interest you…You may see something you really like and I get a few pennies in return for your click….We will both thank you very much…..Pete

Ruben Navarrette, Jr….He’s at it again….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-12-2013


You know, Mr. Navarrette is a well educated, intelligent and successful writer. But where does he come up with all this crap…..”President Obama and his administration is responsible for dividing all the illegal alien’s families by deporting the illegals?” He said that in this morning’s Albuquerque Journal. Enforcement officials are doing their jobs by enforcing the laws of the United States of America and he pronounces them wrong and hypocritical in trying to do their jobs? The illegals came to this country by breaking a law. Somehow this criminal came to have a family here. Now he is caught and is being returned to his home country and it is Obama’s and his administration that are the bad guys for dividing the familes of the illegals? What kind of logic is that? Are the laws of the United States of America to be ignored by all? Or just ignored by some? You have it wrong, Mr. Navarrette, and you know it….You have harped on this subject for months and have blamed the Democrats, the Republicans, the President, the Presidents administration, Congress. And let’s see, Mr. Navarrette, did you blame the media at one point, well, maybe not, but it has been everyone’s fault except the lawbreaker. Talk amnesty, if that’s what you want to talk about, Mr. Ruben,  but deporting a law-breaking illegal is no one’s fault except the illegal.  Say it like it is, don’t say it like you want it to be………Pete

A Dreary Day in Albuquerque….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-12-2013


“Gloom, despair and agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive misery.” It’s an old tune, but it still has a place in our lives from time to time. We have lots of beautiful, sunshine and clear skies here in Albuquerque most of the time. When we have a bad day or two, we take it hard….Well, at least us old timers who do not like to get out in bad weather…Today is one of those days. We had a get together planned for tonight and it is snowing, probably not a whole lot (it is still snowing at the time of this writing) but enough to make us old timers worry about slipping and sliding, falling down or getting stuck on a roadway somewhere….So, an early called was made this morning by the host household saying, “maybe some other day” and we readily agreed. It’s not fittin’ for man or beast out there today….. I feel for the guys and girls that have to get out anyway, if they want to eat that is, and go on about their daily business never minding what the weather is like….. Retirement does have a few benefits. Heck, we need the moisture and I don’t want to complain,  but I sure do like sunny warm weather…..Pete

Alabama – Auburn Rematch Bowl Game…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-12-2013


Ok, here’s the deal….I think Bama is the better team and Auburn is just lucky, well, ok, besides being a pretty good football team. But, come on, that was a fluke play…A once in forever type play. I think Ohio State, Florida State or any of those other teams can play whoever, but if they are not beating Alabama, they are not number one. That would be another mythical champion…..  And really, folks, I am not a sore loser, that’s just the way it is. Number one basketball teams get beat every year and it hurts of course, but most every one knows they had a let down or a fluke game, but it does not change the fact they were the better team…And they usually go on to prove it….Same here, Bama deserves another chance…Ok, sports fans, you can tell me I am wrong…(I’m not, but you can still tell me)…..Well, some memories never end. You know what I’m saying…So, where can they play? I know, Iron Bowl Replay, Birmingham, Alabama….There would be a sell out….We got to put this together in a hurry….Come on Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Florence, Madison, Reform and Coalfire …..We need your immediate support….Pete

Famous Last Words…..On Bama Anyway

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-12-2013


“Alabama will go undefeated and I wonder who, if anyone, can beat them this year”…….Yes, I said that a few days ago….I still think Alabama was the better team last Saturday, but they did not have the most points on the scoreboard, did they?…Has “Devine Intervention” been with Auburn the last two or three ball games?….Sweetie has a saying that it does a body good to get a good butt kicking every now and then. Maybe she is right. This upset may make for an interesting bowl picture, huh?….I don’t know if I can pull for Auburn or not. Depends on the opponent, I reckon. Course, Auburn still has to beat Missouri and those boys have been playing pretty tough. Does Auburn have any more rabbits in that damn hat you reckon? Pardon the colorful language, just a spur of the moment feeling……Dag nab it….Where were all the Alabama defenders? Coach? Anyone???? That was bad….Pete

Subjects for Writing

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-11-2013


Writing about the same things over and over gets tiring. It does to me anyway. I mean, you hear some things so much and you wish they would go away. Such as, immigration, immigration reform and controlling the border….Come on, until the end of time, no end on this one until we add Mexico as a state or maybe, Mexico starts taking care of their own…….Congress, what a mess, again, until the end of time or until the American people wake up and vote some new one in, and, er, uh, that’s a short term fix, huh? ……..Peace in the middle east, boy, that will be the day. Yeah, the world is coming to an end on that one or so I hear……The University of New Mexico and New Mexico State getting a winning football program, now, that will probably happen along about the time peace happens in the middle east….. Oh, well, I feel better now that I have written about the things I just hate to write about….Oh, heck, I left out same sex marriage and “those folks” and I need to get that off my chest also. On second thought, some things are just too sad and just too hard to understand to write about. I could not do them or myself justice on the matter. I think God still loves them….No, I said that wrong….God still loves them….Wow, saying that really did make me feel better…..Pete

Let’s Try This….

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This commercial is terrific and it touched my heart. Brought to my attention by a friend in Dallas. It is awesome……

USA, A Christian Nation?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-11-2013


According to the latest numbers I have been able to round up, America is still a Christian nation….According to the numbers supporting Christian principles, I don’t think we are a Christian nation. I mean, Christians do believe in the Bible, right? Can we say we do, then don’t? Have the rules changed in the last few years? What is happening? We Christians seem to want to believe or say we believe in the biblical principles, while in fact we support those things a lot of the bible has written against. I read in the paper this morning that Republican are against those things that the public majority now supports. Well, I looked…There are 317 million folks in America (latest numbers) and 173 million are listed as Christian. That leaves 144 million that are something other than Christian. To me that means the Christian should still be winning, huh? Well, we ain’t, (I know that is wrong to say ain’t, but that is the way I feel. I use it a lot, but that does not make it right.) So, the point I am making is some of us Christians are not being true to the Christian principles. Does that make it right?…Well, I don’t know…I can only wonder what will be the next to fall from our beliefs? Will it become ok to steal if a person needs drug money? Can we just go ahead and end the life of those on life support with a majority rule? We can kill the unborn… Prostitutes have been around forever, shall we go ahead and legalize that? Males can now lie with males, so men should also be able to lie with other females, huh? ….You know, some of you will read this and support what I am saying. Others of you will be upset at some of my wording and thoughts. But please stand up for what you believe. If you are a Christian, be a Christian, if you are not, then be whatever that is. God says if you are in the middle of the road and sitting on the fence, that He will spew you out of His mouth…His words, not mine…….OUR FATHER, WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOW BE THY NAME, THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE……Well, yeah, I need to work on some things also…..Pete

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, Branson, Mo

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-11-2013


More Fish Pools  We always like to visit the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery each time we are in Branson. They raise about 1.125 million pounds of trout annually. A large portion of them are released in Lake Tannycomo just below the hatchery. They supply trout for several other streams and lakes also. The dam in the background is Table Rock Lake. You will want to visit this hatchery if you are in Branson also. This year I noticed the covering (shown here) over the ponds where the trout were raised and asked the attendant about them. She said they added them a few years ago because a flock of Heron from Table Rock Lake had considered the hatchery their own buffet.  The cover is kind of a chicken wire type cover allowing the weather and elements to come through while keeping the Herons to only admiring the menu… It is fun to buy a handful of pellets of fish food and toss some into each pond so you can check out the size of the fish in that particular pond. That creates quite the stir, believe me…..Pete