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Professional Sports…..Over For Me

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-09-2017


 A reprint from my Facebook page…..9/25/17

I’m through with professional sports…. An education was given to these guys, free of charge in most cases, with a four year degree to help them after their days in sports were over. This education provided at the expense of taxpayers, state and federal with them going on to play professional sports and become millionaires with money provided by the viewing American public. All of this free education comes from a country that has tried to provide security for these athletes, freedom for these athletes, a healthy enviroment for these athletes and their familes and yet they cannot stand and honor the country that has provided those benefits for them? Why? If they feel they need to protest something there are many other ways to do that. Visit and speak to schools, churches, corportations and special events to make your points……But do not dishonor the country that has provided so much, a military that has sacrificed so much, for them to be where they are….. I say, “Stand up…..Honor your country….and then organize and protest what you consider to be an injustice”….Until they do that, I’ll not spend any of my money to support them when they do not support our country…

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I agree wholeheartedly. Professional sports are over for me as well. It was bound to happen. Probably, at least, 20% or more of professional athletes are foreign nationals with very little or no respect for our flag, our National Anthem, or our government. They are just here for economic reasons only (to play football for big salaries); but, when I go to a foreign nation, I make it a point to respect the flag, the anthem, and the traditions of that particular nation and its people. When players kneel or sit when our National Anthem is played or fail to properly salute the Colors when they proudly fly overhead, then those players are disrespecting, not only the Colors and the Anthem, but they are disrespecting our nation, its government, and the freedoms which have been given to them to make their big salaries. Not only that , but it is a violation of the U.S. Code to disrespect the Colors as well as the Anthem. For that reason, all such violations must be punished, at the very least, with fines, deportations for non-citizens, loss of job, even up to the maximum sentence of treason in some cases.

If a soldier in uniform, who has been given the responsibility of bearing the Colors for his Unit, kneels and allows the Colors to fall to the ground, and the majority of the men of the Unit dies as a result, then this soldier is guilty of treason and must be shot. Well! The football field is also a battlefield. Although the battle is played by rules and killing is not allowed, it is still a battlefield where the winner wins and the loser loses. It is just as important for each player to respect and recognize the power that insures that the rules are followed and that each player is protected when the rules are followed, and this can not be done unless every player on the field respects and acknowledges that power.

This “Me” generation has no respect for any person or thing….And I agree with you….someday we may wish we had a few good men with a backbone to stand up for our nation again during a war….”Heaven forbid”…..

The problem is not the “Me” generation but with the next to the sorriest before them, that is the generation between the Greatest and the “Me” generation because this generation raised the “Me” generation according to Dr. Benjamin Spock.

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