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2nd Amendment Type Guy

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-10-2017


I believe in my right to bear arms….I believe in your rights to bear arms. I have one and feel like that’s probably all I need. I don’t have a 410 gauge pump, which I would like to have and if I find a good one for the right price, I might buy it. I have considered purchasing a hand gun and still might, but I believe that would be the very high end of any guns I might purchase or desire to purchase. The fellow in Las Vegas had 33, right? Why would anyone need or want 33 guns? Are they supplying a private army? Should some sort of a flag be raised when someone says he wants,  has or needs 33 guns? I’m not speaking of collectors or dealers. If a private citizen has 33 guns, I personally think he bears watching. Then, of course, it brings up the question of how many is too many? A real hunter probably needs a few more, but what is wrong with asking how many guns he owns and if the answer is more than 3 or 4, question him as to why. We are going to have to take a strong look at some type control and I realize the “control” is the scary part….More and more of us believers in the 2nd amendment are trying to make some sense of what is happening in America…..America has gone stark raving mad…..And we need our guns…..I can protect my house with one or if my wife wants one, then two…..Can’t everyone? And I don’t need an automatic as I can fire a semi-automatic pretty darn fast.

Well, if I touched a nerve, let me hear from you. America needs all the suggestions we can get. Giving up our guns is not the answer, but something in between might work.

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I believe in the right to bear arms too. A democratic republic is impossible unless the people have that right which shall not and will not be infringed by the government. The word “control” and the “right to bear arms” are mutually incompatible in meaning. The two terms may even be oxy morons. The only “control” that applies is the control that comes with gun education, that is, the ability to know how to shoot a gun, the proper safety measures necessary to shoot it safely, and the ability to know when to shoot and when not to shoot. As driver education is now almost mandatory across this land, gun education should be mandatory as well. Once a young person received his/her gun education from their parents at about the age of 12 or so. In an age when so many young people don’t have parents, have only single parents with no knowledge of guns nor interest in them, or simply don’t have any known parents or responsible people to care for them, then these people, especially, need gun education before they can responsibly use a gun. A gun is no more a dangerous weapon than an automobile, and it takes just as long a learning curve to use one responsibly. The Second Amendment is an essential part of the Law of The Land, and it is going to remain so for some time. I don’t see it being appealed any time soon, and it should not. So, let’s grasp for the only other control remaining for our guns that will be brought on by gun education: not only for every young person who wishes to own and operate a gun but also every other potential gun owner who wishes to own and to use one. In the meantime, ban the automatic, assault weapons of the type that the Las Vegas shooter use. These weapons should only be possessed by official, armed militias, the police, as well as collectors; but the guns possessed by collectors should be permanently disabled, so that they cannot be fired. Come on Hillary! Let the people have their guns! We don’t want much, but we do want a weapon sufficient to protect ourselves. We can use a butcher knife; but, when our assailant has a gun, then a gun with knowledge how to use it properly and safely, is pretty much essential.

“Control” is managing the automatic firearms and those for weapons of war, larger caliber and rapid fire, that you and I refer to.

“Control” is managing all weapons, including automobiles, butcher knives, as well as guns, and that control must come from education in the proper use thereof. It can not come from laws administered and enforced by the government. If people are safely trained in the use of their butcher knives, guns, and automobiles, then there is no problem. Then a weapon becomes just another implement or tool to serve mankind.

As you wish….

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