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St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Please Give. ... Luke 18 verses 15 - 17...."Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belong to such as these"....I try to give something every month to St Jude. What an institution...

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Facebook….Pete Hester Page

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-05-2019


I went to get on my Facebook page the other day and they said, “who are you?” My e-mail had been changed , which I had changed but did not tell the FB police….My password did not match, which I had changed when I changed  the e-mail, so they had no idea who I am/was, but they did offer to set me up a new account…..I had a bunch of kin and pals on my list and no way to tell them all “I’m gone”….Hopefully they will read this or maybe some of my kinfolks will tell the other kinfolks and pals about why I disappeared from the FB pages…..The FB police  are getting real picky about what you can put on your postings anymore, especially if you want to go public with some stuff….I reckon that’s ok, Mr. Zuckerberg has been getting in hot water, well, maybe the wording is not great but anyway Congress had him on the hot seat for a while….So maybe he is being a little tougher on his posting and has his police force watching a little more. Anyway, I did not want to set up another account…..and I had already pulled hesterbooks.com from Facebook as they thought I was a money making business…..no, no, no….no money here. I pay my own way, let every one read my writings for free and pay for the site out of my pocket. So, hesterbooks.com is not on FB either.  Really, I ain’t mad at you Mr. Zuckerberg or your police force, I’m just going to post on hesterbooks.com for a while….So far, I can post whatever I wish here and other than some, er, well, bad review comments from time to time, I can tell it like I “sees” it. …..And the comments are open, even for Mr. Zuckerberg, here at hesterbooks.com. The hesterbooks.com police ain’t nearly as tough as the FB police….

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All is well…I am now back on. Did not take me long to get ready to return to Facebook, did it….

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about Facebook. Hesterbooks is the best website. I have stopped Facebook and signed up with Twitter. If it is good enough for President Trump, it is good enough for me. I don’t like the term “Facebook Police”. It smacks of electronic censorship, which is a dangerous thing. If there is any such thing as “Facebook Police”, then that in itself is enough to ban Facebook. The press should be free rather electronic or print. Once they start requiring a certain behavior, certain words, banning words, then it is time to reform and ban the press. Freedom of the Press is involved here, perhaps even Freedom of Speech. Let Zuckerberg go. He has had his day. We don’t need a policed Facebook to keep our press free.

I did not mean to upset anyone with the phrase, “Facebook police”, I was trying to imply that the powers that do
the editing at the Facebook headquarters are sometimes a little pushy. I’m sure there is a certain liability with not
guarding what we write. Some caution is required.

I didn’t mean just your use of the term. “Facebook Police” is pretty generally used. If it turns out that Facebook does have a police actively enforcing their rules, then I will react, and it will be negative to Facebook. For a police to be effective, it must be self-generated. The editor and writer must have enough discipline to act as their own police. At least, that is the way I feel about it.

With Facebook or others like them, they have to edit what is being printed or posted on their pages or face
liabilities for not doing so. It has to be done. I delete many comments daily from hesterbooks.com for many reasons,
except I let most opinions through, but even that has limits….

Then, it comes right back to censorship. The problem with the press today is that there is no free press. When one picks up the daily newspaper, rather print or on line, one never knows the source of what one reads; therefore no one reads the newspaper any more. Our democracy is dead because no one trust each other any more, even to the extent of trusting what one reads in the newspaper and certainly not on line. It is no longer true, as Virginia wrote to the old New York Sun, if one finds it in the New York Sun, then it must be true. It is now true that if one reads it in the New York Times, then it is automatically suspect, and one immediately begins to wonder what their ulterior motive is in writing and publishing such junk. It is my position that a democracy cannot operate without a free press. Social media cannot replace a free press. social media only replaces the old gossip sessions in the local barber shops. Social media and the digital age has only began the final down spin of democracy as a successful form of government and will end with the total enslavement of all free people everywhere, I am not smart enough to know what the solution is; but, in my opinion, digital technology should immediately be placed on hold until the “powers that be” get their heads together to work out the best procedures and techniques that promotes the best democratic communication that promotes democratic rule and the free participation of every free citizen everywhere without the ever present “what’s in it for me?” that trashes the mind and undermines the democratic process making everybody distrust everybody else.

What is the solution? If all the so-called knowledgeable big whigs got their heads together, nobody would trust them anyway because everyone would immediately wonder “what’s their ax to grind?” and “what’s in it for me?” The real answer is, “Oh Lord! please return to your helpless creatures real soon and straighten out this whole mess.” One can only imagine how Facebook and Twitter and the digital media would change once the Lord Jesus Christ is in charge of its implementation. There would be no more infamous passwords because everyone would trust each other to do the right thing, primarily to love and trust one another. No passwords would be needed. People could reclaim their lost hours spent dreaming up safe and secure passwords. In my opinion, the best password is the power switch on one’s computer. Just turn the thing off, leave it powerless, and all the scam artist in the world will be deprived of the most successful gimmick to lawlessness ever devised by man. So, when I feel a need to defeat and confuse the scammers, I just make the simple decision to power down my computer and to leave it powered down for a while. That de-powers the scammers. It stops their electrons and leaves them “dead in their tracks”.

I deleted 18 comments today…Censorship or taking care of business? I don’t know, but it’s done and I do it every day. Just one of those things we live with. Do you agree with it. I doubt it. For various reasons I do it. Justified? I think so. It is my decision right or wrong. Every editor in the country has that decision to make daily. One makes it and moves on. Anyway, thanks for your comments….You made the cut….

No! I don’t agree, nor do I envy you as an editor. It only makes it downright clear that we do not have a free press in this country; neither does any other reputable democracy in this world have one, which is only additional proof that the rule of the people and governments that allow its people to rule themselves under the rule of law is in dire jeopardy.This is not to say that I am giving up on either democratic governments or the ability of a free people to rule themselves. There is a practical that it can be done. The practical end result just hasan’t been found yet. The Greeks thought they had found it, but Aristotles murder with the brew proved that they had not. Modern America thought that it had produced a truly workable democracy in the 18th century, but subsequent events directing America towards its end after producing the greatest success story of people rule in the history of the world shows that even we still have our problems in practical, successful “people rule”. What’s the solution? We could do as the British are famous for doing. We simply “muddle through”. Out of the muddle, we may have a little resemblance of “people rule”; but, most likely, we will get simply “more of the same”, simply an educated view of a very vague representation of what could have been a very grand scheme that simply didn’t pan out because the people simply were not able to make it pan out. There was not that much of a problem with the scheme that couldn’t be ironed out. There was just a severe problem with the people who were doing the ironing. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. The next try might really take an intervention from the Almighty, like another visit by his Son.

Thank you for your opinion. I appreciate you.

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