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Follow The Sun Novel Now Reinstalled...Volume 1 follow-the-sun-by-e-v-pete-hester This novel, click on the title and when reading, it moves right to left by using your little wheel on top of your mouse. A little different but you soon get used to...

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A Repost On The Abortion Debate Doesn't Belong On Billboards Kathleen Parker wrote: Abortion Debate Doesn’t Belong on Billboards Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-05-2019 2 Pete Hester wrote Kathleen the following e-mail today: I...

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Coalfire Stories....from an earlier posting There is no Wikipedia information on Coalfire, Pickens County,  Alabama….It is not included…So, you are gonna have to just trust me or the twenty-five or thirty or fifty other people who can talk...

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St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Please Give. ... Luke 18 verses 15 - 17...."Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belong to such as these"....I try to give something every month to St Jude. What an institution...

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My Property…..Riverfront…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 28-08-2015


My property lies 21 feet below sea level. And it is surrounded by water, one is a major river that is navigable and  the other is a large lake of tremendous portions of water….water is very, very, plentiful all around me. And every few years we have major storms that break the dikes that is suppose to keep the lake water and river water out of my property. Every time that happens, and I get flooded,  I call on you folks to help me out, to help rescue me and my family and to help me rebuild by houses and barns….oh, and I have many, many buildings and a very large family. And you know what, every time I have a storm or I am inundated with rain or floods, you come to my rescue….I really appreciate you doing that and I am glad you do not get tired of making that sacrifice. You have not failed me yet….I am the City of New Orleans and “I ain’t moving”. (Does this make any sense?)….Yeah, I know…that is not how I should look at it….So, you please tell me, just how  should  I view this situation?

Confederates move to Brazil…John W. and Lisanna Brownlow Family by Otis Vaughn..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-08-2015


Otis Vaughn is interested in locating members of the Brownlow (Vaughn descendants) family who relocated to Brazil after the Civil War. In the past, I have had several readers from Brazil and if any of you know some of the Brownlow’s family or belong to the Brownlow family I would like to put you in touch with Otis Vaughn. This is a nice and well written article and I hope to hear from you on it. Thanks to Otis for sharing and thanks to you readers for taking the time to read this interesting article. Click on the Lisanna the Confederado heading to open. Thank you, Pete Hester…


Lisanna the Confederado 2nd version

Engle, New Mexico…..Ghost Town…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-08-2015


   Engle, New Mexico…. Now a ghost town, built in 1879 as a cattle shipping point on the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, and was a thriving location until the Elephant Butte Damn was completed in 1916 and business dropped off as people moved away. Today it is headquarters for Ted Turner’s Armendaris ranch. An old school house still stands. Trains still pass through Engle, but the old train station has been torn down. Engle is located 17 miles east of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on Highway 51.

A Tribute to Cecil Bonner by Otis Vaughn…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-08-2015


Special thanks to Otis Vaughn for his article on my cousin and friend, Cecil Bonner…Yesterday I left out a page and it should be included today. Thanks to Otis for a nice article on his adventures with Cecil…..Pete Hester


August 10, 2015

Tribute to Cecil Bonner

By: Otis Vaughn



I have a lot of good memories of my friend Cecil Bonner, and his cousin and my friend Pete Hester. In his writings, Pete has mentioned Coalfire, Pickens County, Alabama, and the fact that many good folks still live there and many more lived there in the past. My family moved to Pickens County in 1950, and I lived on a farm several miles from Coalfire while Cecil and Pete lived more or less in “downtown” Coalfire. We became best friends in high school, and spent many hours together.

My close friendship with Cecil was in 1958-59 after I was discharged from the Air Force. We were friends in school at Pickens County High School (PCHS), however as I already mentioned, our close friendship was later.   As I get older I do have certain regrets, and one regret is that I did not stay in touch with Cecil for over the years we drifted apart. As I recall, Cecil’s car was an early 1950’s model Chevrolet sedan, and there is a special a story involving his car that Cecil told and I will share in a moment.

One day Cecil and I decided to go fishing. Cecil told me a story about a night he and his dad (Woodrow Cecil (Dee)) Bonner spent fishing on the Sipsey River. The night was a very stormy night with much thunder and lighting. The catfish really took to their bait that night and they caught a number of large channel cats. Cecil was convinced that the stormy weather that night along with the spot on the river where they were fishing, caused the fish to really bite.

The following Saturday, we gathered our fishing gear together and headed for the same spot where Cecil and his dad had built a campfire and spent the night. Cecil noted that it was a clear and cloudless night and we might not catch many fish. We built a small campfire, and put a bucket of water on some rocks in the fire so we could make coffee. While the coffee was brewing, we cut a number of 6’-8’ fishing poles, and before dark we had the poles with lines and baited hooks tied to them placed at intervals along about a 100 yard stretch of the river. Every hour all night long we checked the poles to see if we had caught any fish.

We used flashlights for light to walk along the river bank as we checked the poles always thinking we would have a fish on the next pole. Sometime before midnight, I accidently dropped my flashlight into the river, and I can still see that light pointing straight up from among the tree roots about 6’ down. All night long that flashlight was still shining every time we checked that pole. I thought about getting in the river to try to retrieve the flashlight from among the roots, but I was well aware that the river was infested with snakes. I gave up the idea of retrieving the light. Cecil’s prediction about this not being a good night to fish proved to be correct for we only caught a few fish.

The rest of the night was story time. I told stories about how life had been in the U.S. Air Force, and Cecil told a number of stories. We talked about playing football at PCHS, and how remarkable it was that we had won 90 games over 10 years and we had been state champions in our division several times. Most of these years the coach was Henry Curtis Elmore, and a great deal of the credit for the winning years goes to Coach Elmore. We worked hard but Coach was always fair, calm and focused on teaching us how to win.

Pete, Cecil, and I had been team mates on several of these teams. Cecil played halfback and he was very fast, and he was a very smooth runner. Cecil ran so smoothly and with such ease that it was fun to watch him run. One might say his running was poetry in motion. One day Coach Elmore took Cecil aside at practice and told him that he wished the entire team could run as fast and as easily as he ran.

Cecil was very proud of his dad. Dee was a very good athlete, and Cecil undoubtedly inherited some of his skill. Cecil told stories about his dad playing baseball when he was in the U.S. Army. Dee was on some very good baseball teams, and he was one of the stars. As I recall, Dee had a batting average of over 400.

There is the special story that I have thought about many times over these 56 years since Cecil told me the story that night. A story that made Cecil a hero in my mind. A story about getting a man whose arm was cut off to the hospital.

Highway 82 angles slightly northwest out of Tuscaloosa, AL and heads on west into Mississippi. Originally, Highway 82 was built over cow trails, and probably some Native American trails as well, and curved in many directions but always headed NW from Tuscaloosa.   It was paved. By 1959, the highway had been slightly improved with a few of the curves straightened and a few hills had passing lanes. By today’s standards, Highway 82 was still an unimproved two lane highway.

On this fateful day, (at a site 40 or more miles from Tuscaloosa) some men were working, perhaps farming, and a man’s arm was cut off. They were able to stop the bleeding to some extent, but the man needed to be taken quickly to the hospital in Tuscaloosa. In those days cell phones had not been invented and to find a house that had a telephone would take a lot of time, and an ambulance would have to come from Tuscaloosa which would take more time. Realistically, they knew they had to move quickly.

The man with the cutoff arm was placed in Cecil’s car and Cecil hit the gas pedal and headed east on Highway 82 for Tuscaloosa. Another man was riding in the front seat with Cecil with the window down, and he was waving a handkerchief out the window as fast as he could to indicate the extreme emergency of the situation. Cecil drove up and down hills and around curves passing all traffic and the “siren” the handkerchief was waving rigorously as a way of pleading with everyone to get out of the way. I don’t remember for sure but I believe a policeman sensed the nature of the emergency and escorted them part of the way to the hospital once they arrived in Tuscaloosa.

Cecil told me the amount of time it took to drive to the hospital, but after all these years, I don’t remember the exact time. I do remember exclaiming “you had to be driving 90-100 miles per hour”. He said something like, “I was”. Cecil was a real hero that day risking his life to get an injured man help in an extreme emergency. Whenever I think of this story, figuratively speaking, I tip my hat to Cecil – a real hero.

If anyone remembers this story, I am very interested in knowing how the injured man fared once he reached the hospital.

I did not know how to clean catfish so Cecil took our catfish catch home. We drank a lot of coffee that night. We told a lot stories. My back was covered with mosquito bites, and I am sure Cecil’s back was covered as well. A night that I will always remember.

President of the United States of America…..

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We need a good person in the White House, a strong leader of integrity and good morals, one with Christian values and a strong economic background. In looking through the candidates available in the Republican party there are 3 or 4 who could fit the bill and we are hopeful that the right one will be picked to lead the party back into power. In the democratic party there is not one, yet…They are the majority party in the U S of A and it will be very difficult for the republicans to come up with a person to unseat them…Yet we must…You talk about change, er, wasn’t that what Obama ran on the first time, change….wow, now we really need change….The “what can you do for me attitude” we have has got to be changed. We are already broke as a nation and I wonder where the next democratic government will come up with all the money they will need to “pay for the party” about to start with a new bunch coming in.  Oh well, we can print some more, can’t we? I don’t see any republicans available at present to change stuff. Wonder if Trump would give some of his 10 billion to the government……Is bankruptcy kind of like borrowing money? He declared it 4 times, so I hear…That may be kind of like, “our money”…..probably not….but he may owe a debt to the American people….I don’t think he fits the bill of my opening statement, however, since we don’t hob-nob with the same people, I don’t know him very well…so he might…you reckon?

My Mom…Otera Bonner Hester….Part of Her Story…

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From my Facebook page of July 28, 2015 ·

J. I. Bonner’s second wife, Genie House Bonner, died shortly after giving birth to Lenoit Bonner McCool, leaving J. I.’s oldest daughter, Otera, my mother, to be the mother of a new baby girl and a host of rough and tumble boys. It was a job that my mom often spoke to me about and oft times would show me her bicep indicating the means of keeping them in line. They came around to visit her on a regular basis and I know she loved them more as her children than she did as siblings…. What I wanted to tell you about was the oldest boy, Horace, left home and family during the depression and went out west, hoboing all over the west, rough necking or panhandling or what ever else he could find to do. He was gone for several years with no word getting back to my mom as to how he was doing. I don’t think he contacted his own family during that period. I was very young during this time and found out most of this later….But when I was about 5 years old, 1940 or so, we lived south of Reform, AL on the Carrollton Highway. I was out swinging on a tire swing one morning out in the front yard. All of a sudden from behind me my Mom let out one of the most blood curling screams I had ever heard, before or since. It scared me, almost to the point of crying. I turned to look at her and she was looking down the road. There was a tall man walking down our road and had to be coming to our house. Momma went to running as hard and fast as I had never seen before. What a time of rejoicing for her, and I guess for him. Uncle Horace had come home…I pieced all of this together over the years but I have come to understand just what she really experienced that day and just how much that scream meant…..This was more like one of her children coming home and she was so happy….I think Uncle Horace came home to stay. He never went back to his family and I have no idea of the story there, but he was home and over the following years I got to visit with him many times. Not like with my other Uncles, but I got to know him….One of my earliest childhood memories…… I don’t think of this story often, but it is with extreme clarity that morning lives in me….

Remember When?…Especially Football?

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Remember when college was about learning, getting an education, having fun, making lasting friends, getting a scholarship so the poorer people could attend……Tell me, where has that gone or where is it going. Some of the schools are wondering where they will get the money to pay the athlete  while he or she is attending….The budgets are so large, coaches are paid so much, now the professor is a lower paid staff member and is pushed to help keep the student athlete eligible so he can play and the team keep winning…I’m a big sports fan and love to see winning teams…used to boys came to certain schools because that is where they wanted to play and was not guided by “how much is it gonna pay me” or will it “get me looks from a professional team”. We see more and more of the “thugs” and less and less of the student athlete. Sad part is…..its gonna get worse….money is taking over the conferences….money buys the glory…Yeah, I’m caught up in it also…

Problems on the Site…

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Encountered some problems on the site. Sorry for the inconvenience….Fix is on the way. Thanks, Pete

Reunion…Pickens County, Alabama Hester’s, about 2006

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From my Facebook page of July 20, 2015….

Well, cousins, from the Hester side of my family, I was looking through some pictures made about 2006 or 2007 when we had a Hester reunion at the old Hester place…A pretty big one with lots of folks there….And of course, no names were put on the pictures…Now, just how stupid can one person be. You know you put the picture aside and then ten years later get back to them……I cannot remember yesterday with good clarity and I expect myself to remember the names of kinfolk from almost ten years ago. I mean, how dumb is that? So now, here is one of my questions….I recognize Uncle Dutch, Aunt Inez, Aunt Idella, Levon, Rebecca, Willard Hodge, Sambo and his family and the Guy’s and most of their family, Gwen, Vickie, Jennifer and a few others. I think I saw Tandy there also….If you were there, you may remember we had some kin there from Florida….. If you remember them, or how we were kin, please let me know. I depended on Sambo for so much for knowing my Alabama kin so now that he has passed on I am at a  total loss….I would love to hear about them if you know.


Reprint…A Life of Peace by Alan Bonner

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-07-2015


A Life of Peace by Alan Bonner…..I featured this article by my cousin Alan a few months ago. He was convicted of murder in the state of Alabama. I don’t know the full story of this conviction but I do know the full story of Alan. He made peace with our Heavenly Father and was totally prepared to meet him. He died last year while incarcerated in Alabama with several years left on his sentence. Well, God freed him before the State of Alabama did. We exchanged letters for many months during his sentence. He was ready for his heavenly flight. Here again is that letter and it is my pleasure to publish it here again.

A Life of Peace by Alan Bonner


First, I would like to thank Cousin Pete for inviting me back for another posting on his web site and secondly, I would like to thank those of you who will take the time to read this posting. Pete gave me the green light to write on the subject of my choice as long as it had nothing to do with politics. I feel the same way that he does about that. We have had enough politics this election year. What I am going to write about is, however, somewhat the results of politics, men’s policies and how they coincide with God’s policies.


Jesus the Messiah said that He would be coming back to earth someday and His disciples asked Him what would be a sign of His second coming. Jesus told them that many would come and claim to be the Messiah. In doing so, they would deceive many. He said that there would be wars and rumors of war, pestilence, famine, and earthquakes in various places. He said that many people would betray and hate one another.


Jesus spoke of a “tribulation period”. The prophets Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Amos, Joel, Hosea, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah, Haggai, Zephaniah and John also wrote about this period as God gave them the words to write. All of these prophets, except for John, were given these prophecies by the Lord God prior to Jesus’ birth.


The world stage is currently moving toward a setting that will soon begin the seven year tribulation period. The Books of Matthew, Luke and Revelation go into detail about the signs. In the Book of Revelation it tells of these things taking place just before and soon after the second coming of the Lord.


As we all know, the world is in a mess. There have been wars, conflicts and rumors of war for hundred of years. Countries in the past have fallen apart as a result of disobeying God, and depending on man rather than God, to solve their problems. It seems that history has not taught us a thing about living an abundant life. History repeats itself because; we do not learn from it and make the necessary changes to avoid it happening again.


We have always had earthquakes, foul weather, famine and pestilence throughout years past, but not in the large quantity and intensity as we are having today. Every year there are floods in places, droughts in other places, wildfires, disasters  from earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and other natural and man made catastrophes, that cause death, food shortages, injuries to people and wildlife and food prices to rise. The loss of personal and real property causes insurance companies to pay out million of dollars for repairs and replacement of such property forcing the price of insurances to increase and so on. It seems to have a domino effect as it causes insurance companies, banks, households and families to fail. People have to relocate, find jobs and bury their loved ones. When things of this nature happens, like Hurricane Katrina, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, etc, on a large scale and in intensive proportions, many people are effected in an extremely bad way and many never recover. All of these things result in more government spending, more expenditures that we and other governments around the world, do not have to spend.


These “birth pains” that Jesus called them are coming more and more regular, closer together and much more intense. This tells me that we are getting close to the tribulation period, or the 70 weeks of Daniel.


Every country in the world, with some exceptions, hates Israel and the United States. Iran has threatened Israel more than once with nuclear war. The parts and the uranium for these weapons are supplied by Russia and China, communist countries that hate Christianity. The Muslin countries that are devoted to Islam border Israel on every side. Israel has a large supply of oil it owns, as well as a sea full of minerals and elements that the rest of the world is running out of. I am speaking of the Dead Sea as the source of those elements and minerals.


The only ally that Israel has is the US and a portion of Europe. Australia and some others are hardly worth mentioning due to their geographic location, the size and strength of their military and money to spend in helping a country or countries win a war. Israel has one other ally, the most powerful force of all, Jesus Christ. At the very end Jesus will be there along with his angels and saints to destroy those attempting to take Israel over.


Between now and then, however, there are going to be some very hard times. Consider the time of Jacob’s (Israel) troubles; the world is moving very quickly toward that time now. In those times, in the latter days, the Day of the Lord, as God the Father and His Son describe the end time with these phrases throughout the Bible. Jesus said at that time, and then the end time is near, even at the door.


The anti-Christ will be coming on the scene, along with the false prophet in s short time, I believe. I also believe that the anti-Christ  and false prophet are alive today. They have not yet received their power from Satan, but they are probably already known and prosperous people. One man, whose book I read believes that the Anti-Christ is Prince Charles of Wales. He has the money and is well known. He is a politician and has pushed for a New World Order. It does not matter who the man turns out to be because his power to do miracles and wonders will come from Satan himself.


He will take the world that is in economic turmoil, war torn and beaten by natural disasters and immediately bring about peace, repair the damage, feed the famine victims, heal the sick, and mislead many people into following him and worshiping him. He will say that he is the Messiah and deceive many. He will cause large numbers of people to take on the “mark of the beast”. Then he will turn on them and kill and destroy.


Please do not worry about the world and let all these things put you in fear. There is a way out of all this. Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the only way out of this mess. I believe that I will be alive at the beginning of the seven years. If not, I am sure that the next generation, our children, will be.


I have no fear of this. I have no fear of dying. I used to fear these things, especially eternal hell, but not anymore. I gave my life to the Lord Jesus. I confessed that He is Lord, that He died on the cross and that He arose from the dead, He is here and He is alive and well sitting on His throne at the right hand of His Father, God. See Romans Chapter 10.


You can also put aside your fear of death and dying. You can accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life. Your fears will leave you and you can have peace of mind as I do. Dump that load of bricks off your back and walk around peaceful and fear nothing.


Jesus won a victory over death, hell and the grave. The victory is ours as a free gift from God.


I have included the scripture where that which I have written of can be found in the Bible so that you can read about these things. The truth shall set you free.


Matthew, Chapter 24, Luke, Chapter 21, Mark, Chapter 13, The Book of Revelation, Isaiah, Chapter 24 and Chapter 26, verses 19 – 21, Chapter 40, verses 15 – 17, Chapter 46, verses 8 – 13, Chapter 53, Chapter 55, verses 6 – 13, Chapter 66, verses 22 – 24, Jeremiah, Chapter 7, Chapter 10, Chapter 15, Chapter 25,, verses 12 – 16 and 30 – 38, The Book of Daniel, 1 Thessalonians,  Chapter 4, verses 14 – 18 and Chapter 5, 2nd Thessalonians, Romans, Chapter 10



Note from Pete. Alan’s letter to me was hand written and while I tried my very best to write the article exactly as he had send it to me, there were times when I had to guess about what was said. So you can mark any errors up to my reading and not to Alan’s writing. Any comments you leave at the end of the posting will be forwarded to Alan. We are grateful to Alan for his contribution of this article and I hope you will let him know about your thoughts.