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Signs of the Times

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 29-06-2010


With every season or holiday comes a change in the decor throughout the house and even to the outside. Our fireplace mantel changes with each one. When it is in between seasons, my sweetie goes with angels…Now, its the American Flag and other patriotic symbols…Looks good. Once I put a camera on the entertainment center just to capture
each change…and I did..Now I don’t know where I put the pictures, you young folk probably don’t understand that, but my older readers sure do…It was a good thought and if I ever find the pictures I might show you….Sweetie does a good job decorating stuff…But anyway, when you walk into our living room you surely know if its Christmas time, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines or St. Patrick’s and Fourth of July….So, by the decorations, I might not can tell you the day but generally I can get us into the right month….

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This blog illustrates the value of women in our lives. It illustrates the old saying, “although I often find myself lost with them, I certainly would be lost without them.” I’ve often wondered if women can and do say that about men. It might make an interesting subject for a poll.

I don’t think we really want to know what women think about men, do you?….It can’t be good….Pete

Really! My wife always says good things about me. Then, my mother always said that I was a little angel. Of course, she could say things that are not on her mind, but that couldn’t be true because she is a Christian and a Catholic. Good Catholic Christians do not lie. Just like George Washington, and the first President wasn’t even Catholic.


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