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Cousins, Chapter Six, Big Momma

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads, News | Posted on 12-06-2009


chapter_six_big_momma  Cousins is a work of fiction. Chapter Six is almost all factual with some name changing, etc. My grandfather dying is actual. Big Momma is real. The story of her baptism was related to me as being factual. And her place in my heart remains unchanged, I loved her and part of her will always live inside of me. I hope you enjoy the story.

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I love this story about Big Momma. She was just about my favorite person in the whole world. While going through Mother’s pictures, I found a couple of her and I am so proud of them. They are the only ones I have seen. It’s hard to believe that she has been dead for almost 50 years.

Thanks Sandra, your comments are really appreciated. I am pretty sure that everyone of us felt as you and I do about Big Momma. Don’t you also wish that every child in American could have a Big Momma?

According to Mother, she was a much better Big Momma than she was a stepmother. I think a lot of what she did as Mother was growing up was because she was overwhelmed with what she had married into and jusst didn’t know how to handle the situation. She certainly was great as Big Momma.

All of you older guys (cousins) are so lucky. I can barely remember Big Momma during the period in her life when she was a Momma to the Bonner Clan. I remember mostly tales of her during that period. I remember her mostly as a very thin, dried-up old woman, who was rapidly losing her battle with cancer. She was not a Big Momma then, but a very little Momma with enough skin hanging off her body to make a tent for camping. I can remember Cecil talking about her biscuits, but I can’t remember eating one of them myself. Perhaps I was too little to tackle one of her huge biscuits. I can remember Cecil talking about the ferocity of her discipline, especially on his butt; but I cannot remember ever having experienced it myself. Perhaps I was a good little boy who didn’t need such discipline. More truthfully, I was just too scared to do anything to merit her discipline. I was mainly scared of the old man that she married. My only memory of Iverson is the image of a very little tyke standing near the bottom step of that old house in Coal Fire with a very scary old man sitting on the top step, I think, with a pipe in his hands. It was so far looking up to a little tyke like myself, but it seemed so near for a beast of a man looking down at me. I remember wanting desperately to run and hide from this scary old man. And you mean that this was my Grandfather! How can this be? I really miss knowing my Granddaddy Bonner and really hope some day to get to know him “up yonder”.

You missed a great guy, Errol. He was a very kind, loving person and I never saw what you noticed in him. Uncle Buck and him were very similar in my opinion, both in looks and personality.
Thanks, Pete

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