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Coal Fire (AL) Baptist Church, What is going on?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-10-2010


Tell me what is happening at Coal Fire Baptist Church, Coal Fire, AL. Is everything ok there? I should hope so but I hear they are looking for a preacher…Probably need to start praying, huh?…That church is pretty special so we need someone special to preach there…If you read my downloads, Chapter Six from my book Cousins, “Big Momma”, that is the church I am talking about. The church where my granddaddy died one Sunday night. The church that I, and a bunch of my kinfolks, were saved . They used to do the baptising down at the Bridge across Coal Fire Creek on Hwy 82. That’s where Big Momma was baptised, where us cousins were baptised..Yeah, I called it Middle Creek and I wish now I would have called it’s real name…It just “don’t get no better than “Coal Fire Creek” now does it.” Anyway, that church has been through a lot, lot of folks been through that church….How many families have called that church home? Now let me see if I can recount some of the names: Collier, McCool, Bonner, Bishop, Davidson, Darling, Estes, Burgess, Bell, Hester, Bates, and several families with the same last name attending at the same time, and I am sure there were a lot before me and a more after me, maybe my buddy THE BISHOP OF POSSUM TOWN can name a few more folks…Anyway, praying is always in order…It won’t hurt for us to talk it up a little, will it? That’s where our roots are…..We have to….

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Coal Fire Baptist Church is okay. It is just going through the cyclical phenomena that all Baptist churches must go through, that is, the changing of a pastor. Brother Michael Bonner had been there something like 16 years. The church had gotten into a routine, and it was losing members rather fast. Brother Michael was asked to resign, and he did. All the church needs is a new pastor, new energy, and new ideas. All Brother Michael needs is to finally cut the apron strings which have attached him to his parents for these many years and to go out and find new opportunities of ministry in strange and different places. There is nothing like the challenge of ministering in strange and different places to develop the potential in a young minister. I only ask that Margaret and Bill, bless their hearts, will let their son go out into the world to make and meet new challenges. Personally, I wish that it was possible for Michael to go to college or seminary. This would better prepare him for new and strange church fields elsewhere. All Coal Fire needs is a new pastor. Please pray for their pulpit committee as it goes out into the highways and the hedges in a diligent search for one.

And so I shall pray….also for Mike..he is a special guy and I pray God’s blessing upon him daily….

I am from the bishop family and live I’n coalfire and attend church out here. My family went here and still does and now me and my immediate family go here. The church is great. Yes we’ve had our moments but we are just fine. Bro Mike is our preacher and will be until the Lord tells him and the members different. We are about family and thy is what churches should be about family and community to grow together for the purpose of Christ. You don’t have to be a big extravagant church full of people to know that God is present and working and I can tell you God is always in coalfire church. When we are together praying, worshipping, or just gathering you can always fill Gods presence. People may come and go but Gods word is forever. We do need pray just as every church but don’t talk about things your not apart of; we are Gods children and he is in charge of coalfire baptist church. We are doing just fine. Thank you.

Applying to the first comment you need to come to our church and see before you say things about our pastor. Michael is a great Godly man and his knowledge comes straight from the “man” himself and from the bible. We are not trying to be a famous big church we just want to serve God and worship him and that’s what we do. Every person I’n that church is amazing and special to me. We are family; family of God. So please do not write on your opinion but only by what you know and the word of God. I appreciate it.

Well, Deanna, your church is very special. And in my youth it was also my church. I did not mean to offend you and Mike Bonner is my ken folk. So I am very much interested in Coal Fire Baptist Church and I hope to be down there in July for a reunion. Michael preached at my Dad funeral so I know him and when I mentioned what was going on I had heard he was leaving. So if I offended you please forgive me. I will always have special feelings for that church. But sorry, Coal Fire Baptist church is a part of me and will always be and I will be writing on the church in the future I just hope the things I say will not be offence to you in those writing. Did you note that I plugged the 4Given Quartet coming over to sing in June. I hope you enjoy them. You have a great church, a great church family and I am pretty sure I know your family. So God bless you and I am sorry you misunstood what I was saying and I ask
for your forgiveness… Pete Hester, Coal Fire born and raised.

You didn’t offend me.My comments were more toward the first commenter I did not realize you knew Michael or the church. I was just explaining that we are happy at coalfire and my comments were just to correct and let anyone else who reads this doesn’t judge our church or anyone in it. We are Christ centered and happy just the way we are. God will provide for coalfire as he has over the last 80 years or so. So no problem here. Maybe you could come to church and visit us some time.
God bless!

Yes, God will provide for Coal Fire Baptist Church as it is a good church, a Christ centered church, and though small it has infulenced many people over the years, huh? I thank you for standing up for the church and for Mike. God Bless you and you come back to visit me, maybe even read my running from Momma post where I got a well deserved whipping in the top of a tree. That happened there in Coal Fire also or in my download read about my Big Momma and that church. Thanks for your comments and concerns, Deanna, and come back to see me. Pete Hester

Can someone please contact me concerning the history of Coal Fire creek and surrounding area, my grandmother grandfather were from Pickens County, doe the names, Babb, Dorroh, Sherrill ring a bell??

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