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United States Postal Service

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-12-2010


Been to the post office lately?…When I go it seems like everyone is going….the line is always there when I get there..The other morning, Sweetie says to me, “take this to the post office. If you go now there won’t be anyone there.”….I did…Wrong, the line stretched from the counter all the way back to the door…One clerk to serve 15 or 20 people and most of them with multiple packages. About three or four of them got out of line and left, not having time to wait I suppose…Then a clerk called out from the back, “those of you here to pick up mail or packages come to this door”, about four left the line for that. Still, four or five were left in front of me. This one guy must have had eight or ten packages. The lady right behind him had four or five packages….The lady right in front of me had a couple of pieces of mail and a sack. When the many packages guy got to the counter, another clerk showed up. A loud “Thank you Jesus” went up from the crowd, er, well, that was me…That got a few chuckles anyway. Finally, the lady in front of me got to the counter. She opened the sack and had many, repeat, many photo type envelopes inside that dang bag. They were still working with her when I got called by the other clerk. Behind me,  the line still stretched back to the door… Well, I made it, but it sure makes you want to stay away from the post office, don’t it? Makes you feel for the one clerk working and everyone waiting…No wonder postal clerks go “postal”…..

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Suggestion! Next time go to UPS or Fdex! The U. S. Postal Service gives us a glimpse of what it will be like to get healthcare under Obamacare in just a few years. It will be an exercise in patience except, where healthcare is concerned, your life will be on the line, not merely Christmas mail.

It is better in that they usually do have several clerks waiting on the public, but the lines can be just as long.

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