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Snow….lots of snow

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-12-2010


Well, last report was the snow amounts at the various ski resorts…Well, nix all that..I do not know all the totals but the Sandia Ski area got 20 inches…We got about three inches here at my house….Snow amounts varied ….Red River got about 16 inches…So you skiers from across the nation, New Mexico and Colorado resorts are ready for you…A couple of more storms may be headed this way….Lots of snow….Come on out this way and play in the snow…

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Hi! We got 21 inches in frosty Las Vegas, NM. I was shaking driving to work even in four wheel drive just because the roads were so icy and it was still snowing. They closed the road two miles north of Romeroville yesterday and I sat on the Interstate for two hours before it opened. I finally saw other people going across the interstate median and head the other way and get on the frontage road to get to Romeroville. I was in 4 wheel drive and decided to try it. Guess what? I got stuck. A UPS trucker was watching all this and so I went over and asked him if he could possibly drive it out and he said “I don’t know, you look pretty stuck”. I told him I was only two miles from home and that I could walk if I couldn’t get out and he thought that was a dreadful idea and got in my 4Runner and got it on the other side of the Interstate. I wonder how people stay in those long lines waiting on the side of the road without having to get out to, you know, do their business. Had the significant other take me to work the next day because I wanted nothing more to do with it. Just wanted to let you know.

Wow, you are one brave soul…No way I would get out in 21 inches….I would ask my significant other to take me anytime the roads get in that condition….So glad the UPS guy got you out…Truckers are pretty good about helping others and that’s good…As far as doing the business, a person’s got to do what a person’s got to do…With my kidneys, two hours tops then I gotta go, traffic or no traffic….Thanks for the comment…

Where is the global warming? I lived in Albuquerque for almost four years in the late sixties, and I only remember one snow where the accumilation in the Southeast Heights of Albuquerque was anything close to that. If Pete got three inches down in the Valley, the Northeast and Southeast Heights must have gotten a few inches more than. Maybe Al Gore needs to return his $10 million.

I am not down in the valley…The western part of Albuquerque is where all, make that most, of the action is nowadays..Remember, Albuquerque proper is blocked from expansion on the east side by the mountains, on the north by the Sandia Reservation, on the south my the Isleta Reservation so the only way growth could and did occur was on the west side.Try Google Earth and figure out all the changes…You’ll see…

Do you mean that you are on top of Nine Mile Hill? I didn’t realize you were that far from the river. I am just showing my age. I use to think that everything that wasn’t in the southeast and northeast sections were in the valley. The top of Nine Mile Hill was empty desert.

I understand that my old haunts around the Carlisle, Girard, and University Boulevard areas and the UNM campus, as well as Hermosa Drive and Ridgecrest, is now called Uptown. This is the same genesis that Atlanta went through between the 1950’s and the 1990’s. My old haunts around the Georgia Tech campus is now called the Uptown area of Atlanta, and Georgia Tech is an inner-city unversity; whereas, it was in a suburban, outlying area. You see! Albuquerque does have something in common with Atlanta. How time changes things!

Exactly how far are you from the Rio Grande. I remember struggling to ride my bicycle up Central Boulevard West (Route 66) to get to the top of Nine Mile Hill. I’m glad I was young at the time. I guess Nine Mile Hill has been leveled in favor of development.

You’re lucky! I understand the mountains of Colorado are expecting eight feet of snow by the weekend. Of course, the mountains of Colorado is to the Albuquerque mountains something like the Rockies are to the Ozarks. Like comparing a mountain to a mole hill.

I live in Paradise Hills, almost out to Rio Rancho. The Rio Grande is about 4600 feet and my house is 5650 ft, give or take a few. I would guess 4 miles from the river, but I have never measured it. If you remember where the three volcano’s are on the west side, I am probably nearer them than the Rio Grande. Our Double Eagle Airport is on the western side of those volcano’s. Solid city between Paradise Hills and Rio Rancho. Presbyterian is building a new hospital between Paradise Hills and Rio Rancho. It will be as large as the unit on Central, which was just added on to last year. Around the area you refer to has not changed much…it couldn’t as it did not have room. The city does extend up to the foothills of the Sandia’s now where the elite of our population lives….

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