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No. 2 Son and Other Stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-07-2009


No. 2 son was so nice today. Well, he is nice every day, but today he came over early and helped mow my yard. We then cut some low hanging branches from the pine tree in the back yard (giving me a better view of the Sandia’s) and then we hauled them off. We had a good pick up load. Nice, huh? Then we hung out. It is so nice having family in town. His Mom fixed us breakfast on the patio, probably 9:30 or 10:00 am. It was cool. The only thing is, we have some monsonal moisture lately and so now the flies are coming around. That’s the only bad thing about rain: the insects come out and begin to brother you. Where do those little suckers live when it is dry, pray tell….They lay in waiting maybe, sleeping, and then the thunder and lighting wake them up…..It’s like playing the charge song at a ball game and here they come…..Oh, well, it will be over soon….

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Insects in New Mexico! That’s a new wrinkle. It must be climate change. Perhaps Al Gore is right after all. The only insects I remember during my stay in New Mexico in the late Sixties pestered my Sunday School class shindig on a ranch near Edgewood, New Mexico (just east of Jemez Canyon). There were insects there, but there were cattle and hogs. I guess where there’s cattle there will be insects. Basically, though, I remember New Mexico pretty much as insect free. No mosquitoes! No redbugs! It was not Alabama by long shot. Have things changed? If so, let’s run Al Gore out of town on a rail.

Only during rainy season. But then, two or three of the pesky little creatures can make you miserable. We ate in relative peace yesterday morning. But two or three were buzzing around.
The only place of know of any redbugs is in the Black River area around Carlsbad. There are a few there. Pete

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