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No. 1 Son

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-07-2009


I spoke to No. 1 son yesterday. He and his wife are heading out to the Bahamas to spend a week or so. That should be a lot of fun. They and several of their friends are off for some fun in the sun and sea, probably some scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Sitting here in New Mexico amongst the cacti, rocks, and sand makes that sound pretty nice. I’m kinda worried about him…He takes after his dad since we have the same hair do ,,,,and a hat is a must….so wear your hat son, protect that noggin and wear your sun block….I don’t know, you think I need to go with him?….Let me see, how old is he now?…Wow, really, that old? Well, ok then…..(I’m only joshing son, ya’ll have a good time…..

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Them kids! They keep getting older and we just stay the same, Pete. How’re you love birds getting along? Still lotsa chirp in the nest? My daughter and I are watching Marley and Me, we took a break about half way thru. Prompted me to think that perhaps I don’t have it so bad with Number One beagle. I hope I’m not disrupting your blog too much. Your writing muses (and amuses) me. Thanx.

Thanks a lot. Please keep coming back for visits. The bird watching is great. No. 1 daughter bought me a book that I keep on the back patio for quick references should a different little fellow drops by. Pete

Love birds. Ha Ha. I was asking about you and Mama…lol.
When I was seven, I asked Dad and Mom for a bird book for Christmas. Got it too. I sure do enjoy the little 2 legged 2 winged. I love to watch those tiny tit mice or mouses scour a tree so completely, top to bottom. Teaches me about singleness of purpose.

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