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Sons: No 1, No 2 and No 3

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-07-2009


No. 1 son got back from the Bahamas and did not have as much fun as originally antipicated. He got an eye infection and spent about 3 hours on a boat with very limited vision. But he finally got well and did better the next few days. He said he was sweating under the air conditioner..He said it was extremely hot and seems glad to be back in Carlsbad America. No. 3 son got back from the Cayman Islands and echoed what no. 1 said, hotter than blazes. Plus, he and his darling got out about 500 yards from the shore and the tide was against them. While trying to get back he grabbed a sea urchin while pushing toward shore…..wrong thing to grab as their spines are on ball joints and swivel toward whatever touches them….it hurts me even to write about it, but he says the barbs are protein and the body will soon absorb them….boy, I hope so…I didn’t ask, but do your barbs stick folks now when you shake hands?…..I just wondered….No. 2 son came by from work today, all rested and ready for another Alabama trip. And ready for work now…We need some of that Alabama/Georgia weather around here. The weather map has gone crazy. The southeast is having southwest weather…..no fair…I prayed for good weather, but I did not intend for God to leave it down there….I’m back now, Lord…Thank you for listening….

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