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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-08-2009


Calendars at one time helped me keep up with what day of the week it is. Now it is my pill holder or the newspaper. If I skip a day of pills, it really screws me up. Then I have to hunt down the paper (and make sure it is today’s paper) to tell me what day it is….You think I am kidding, right?….It does not happen often but when it does it really screws a person up..The one day I need to keep up with is Tuesday, that’s when they pick up the trash. They missed me this week and failed to pick mine up and that really screwed me up….did they miss me or did I pick the wrong day….I checked my neighbors and they had their trash out so I figured they missed me….Folks, you’re going to love retirement, it brings a whole new set of problems…..You know, you get out in the shop, stratch your head and try to rememeber what you came out to the shop for..so you do a couple of other jobs, go back to the house and then remember why you went to the shop in the first place…Gosh…Now what was this post about?….oh, yeah, goodnight folks….

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