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Dangerous Dogs….Pit Bulls and Rottweilers

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-05-2012


We had two deaths just in the last few days here in New Mexico….In Santa Fe, NM a 74 year old owner of a pit bull had it turn on him while he was out watering his plants. The attack killed the man. In Las Cruces, NM a 15 month old was attacked and killed by a pit bull. To me that is so scary and I do fear the breeds. Records show that between 2005 and through 2011 there have been 189 deaths attributed to pit bulls and 32 to Rottweilers. Fifty-two of those deaths were youngsters between 1 and 10 and 41 deaths were to people 61 years and older. I am making this post so that you owners of this breed will use due caution when  handling your pet. They are an animal and can turn on you at any time…..Please, do not let them get loose.

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I very much disagree with your statement that it is the dog that has the problem. It is the owner of the dog that treats him bad that has the problem. I know pit bulls have a bad name, but so do dalmations, german shepherds and cocker spaniels. Any dog can be brought up to be vicious as can any other animal, they are animals for goodness sakes. I too, thought that a pit bull would hurt me or my family, but quickly learned they would protect me as well as my small grandchild, if need be. Look at the family they are living with. Not always, but mainly the problem is their living conditions. Figure it like a child. They fight if they have to, but they don’t really want to. From what I have read and seen they have the minds of a two year old. Strongly disagree and I do love your blog. PJ

Well, maybe so, but, I am still afraid of them and do not want to be around them. They are a fearless breed and do not mind killing something or someone in their way. I appreciate what you say and understand that is the way you feel…Please understand that I never want to be around either of the breeds and will leave if I happen to enter where they are present…..thanks for commenting….

I’m not letting sleeping dogs lie. I went to hear comments from all the dog lovers out there.

Fair enough…..I do like dogs…I just don’t want to be around some breeds….My choice

I must say that I agree with Ms. Phyllis_Gregory on this one. It is the owner who has the problem, not the dog. I remember Ike, my short-haired pointer birddog growing up and Speedo, the mixed vice breed owned by my cousins next door would get into some very vicious fights dog-to-dog because they simply did not like each other; but, as far as I know neither dog ever bit or harmed a human. Both were really good dogs, both for our parents (for hunting) and for kids to grow up around and to play with. I realize Ike and Speedo were no conparison to pit bulls that were bred to kill and to fight, but all such animals are taught and trained to do so by their trainer, owner, or master, and the responsibility for their ultimate behaviour and control rests on the latter. I realize such animals sometimes turn on their master, but I am willing to bet that it is the owner’s or master’s fault in most cases, not the animal. The dog is essentially a two-year old and innocent of any wrongdoing.

I also agree with Pete. I personally do not won’t to be around a trained pit bull unless I am its trainer and/or owner. It is a matter of respect. We should respect a pit bull for what the dog is trained to do. If an owner loses that respect, then that owner does not deserve to have (and should not have) the dog.

Listen, you and Mrs. Gregory can have the pit bulls…I am afraid of them…Sorry, I don’t hate dogs and I have had dogs that I dearly loved….I FEAR pit bulls. I do not want to be around them and will exit any place where they are as soon as I possibly can….End of story…

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