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Colorado Fishing Crew At Gold Pan Acres Cabin

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-06-2012


Good looking bunch of guys, huh?

Back row left to right: No. 1 son, No. 2 son, yours truly, No. 1 son-in-law. Front row: No. 1 grandson, no. 2 grandson, no. 3 grandson. click on the picture and it will enlarge….PS  Note the “Bama” Suspenders worn by yours truly…”ROLL TIDE”

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Wonderful picture, glad you all had a great time.

The first time I looked, I thought the No. 2 son was Pete. My! How young Pete looked! I have always thought that the main characteristic of the Hester’s was that they seldom showed their age, but this is getting ridiculous. I knew that Pete was older than that. I suppose No. 2 son is Jeff. I haven’t seen him since his “growing up” days in Carlsbad back in 1965 (and perhaps Fort Worth a little later, 1968).

It looks like this trip was a father-son (and grandson) bonding. It must have been like Marina’s sister’s bonding in Mexico City last fall when I tagged long as chaperon. Why is it that sister’s bondings almost always occur on religious pilgrimages; whereas, father-and-son bondings almost always occur on fishing trips? Herein lies the difference between men and women.

I think you are refering to no. 1 son. He is the one most folks compare each off us to. Once in Carlsbad a lady hugged him calling him Pete and he was pointing to me saying he is Pete, not me…..Oh, well, I got a hug later so it was ok….He is still in Carlsbad along with his wife and about 5 kitty cats, at last count anyway….We had a wonderful time fishing, but our bonding took place years ago and it is still there…They all are wonderful boys. No 3 son was in Wisconsin and did not get to make the trip. We missed him and hope to have him on the next fishing trip….Pete

Thanks, Lisa, we did have fun. No. 2 is some kind of cook. The rest of us were his assistants. The fishing may have been secondary to this bunch as we are really into eating…

It is a great looking group!!! And it sounds like y’all had a great time…..And I agree with Errol the Hester’s do seem to stay young looking….

Thanks for that comment Dan….I’ll past it on. Wish you could have joined us….Uncle

Gosh! My mistake! The one I had mistaken as Pete is Pete. He looks younger than No. 1 son. If I ran into No. 1 son on the streets of Carlsbad, I’d swear that Pete was still there.

yeah, I cannot deny that he is my boy….And I am very proud of him….He is a good citizen and well respected in the community and is of excellent character…..Yep, he’s my boy…..I can say the same thing about all three of them, except about living in Carlsbad. I guess their Momma raised us right as I was a big a kid as they were…

Great picture of some amazing men. I am happy to call them all part of my family. I cannot wait to see, and hear, much more about this adventure.
Much love to all (including the “AL” group!)-
#2 Grand Daughter

Thanks no. 2. I appreciate it. More pics will follow. Paps

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