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Marmot, resident boss of the Rocky Mountains

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-06-2012


    This little fellow lives in a burrow in the Rocky Mountains, hibernates durning the winter and comes out to have some fun at the first sign of spring. Yeah, he is a marmot but also called a ground hog, but the winters in Pennsylvania are to0 tame for him. On our fishing trip, these little guys were having a big time. They whistle to communicate with each other. They eat greens, grasses, berries, mosses, roots and flowers. They are highly social and one of the little fellars raced our ATV. He made it to his burrow before we could overtake him however. Other than fishing and eating, they were some of our best entertainment while in Platoro, Colorado.

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So if we choose Gold Pan Acres for a vacation spot, this is the guy that we will have to exchange our timeshare with. I don’t think my wife will go for a hole in the ground. There are not enough amenities, like laundries in every unit (or hole), nearby factory outlet malls, and supermarkets where the guest who can’t fish can buy something to eat.

I saw bread, milk, spam and potted meat, pork and beans in the little store. But they did have a cafe, burgers, b-b-q and pizza available there. So, you will not starve. I don’t know, LA or Vegas may serve you better. Pete

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