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Slothtrop Music….owner helps hesterbooks.com

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-06-2012


I want to personally thank the owner of Slothtrop Music for helping hesterbooks.com out each time he has an operational problem with WordPress. This guy steps in and gets it done to where none of you readers realize that I may be having a problem. He is always so good to take the time out of his busy day, running his music business, and running Slothtrop Records and trying to produce and promote new musicians, etc, that I feel bad to even ask him to help out. He always does and does not complain…..Well, not to me he don’t anyway…..You see, he’s my number three son and still a pretty good buddy….Anyway, I want to publicly thank him because I know it takes away for time  for himself….I love you my boy…a whole bunch….Did I ever tell you about the time he and I were down at Six Mile Dam below Carlsbad on a Saturday morning. The dam is very narrow, but you can walk across it, which we did. On the other side there is a drop of about six feet to get back down to the river level. I jumped first, things were fine. He jumped and landed with one foot on a rock that twisted his ankle. He was about 11 years old or so and Dr. Miner had been our family doctor for years. He’s passed on now, but if you remember him, he was always quite serious. About this time, Jim McKay of ABC Sports came on every weekend with his show, one of our favorites. Dr. Miner had us meet him at his office to examine his foot. Doctor asked, “What’s the problem here son?” He answered quickly, “Agony of defeat.” Dr. Miner had the best laugh about that I had ever seen and it is still one of my favorite stories. …Thanks for your help pardner……

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Good story! I am glad you have your No. 3 son to help you with your site.

Thanks, Elisa, I thought so as well….

It sounds like the “Agony of stupidity” to me; but, then, sprained ankles can happen to anyone. If one walks across a log, it pays to be certain that there is plenty of water below in which to swim. If one walks across a dam, it pays to be certain that there is something soft below on which to land. Anyone can be caught in stupid acts. That is what started the insurance industry.

This story reminds me of the morning in Coal Fire when I got up to see this wasp flitting around on the floor beside the bed. I said to myself, “I’ll get you before you sting me.” So I jumped out of the bed and stomped on this wasp with a bare foot. You talking about the “Agony of stupidity”, this was it. I limped for a month before the swelling went down, and it almost destroyed my entire summer. I found out the hard way that it pays to think before stomping.

Dad is the one at fault in walking across the dam. He is a very smart and educated young man. But I understand what you are saying.

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