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Platoro, Co, year round residents

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-06-2012


These guys were not at all skittish when strangers come around. My no. 2 son rolled down the pickup window and talked with them for a while. They seemed to understand….Well, he said they did??????click on the picture to enlarge..Pete

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So, these are the residents of Platoro County, Colorado. I wonder how much Obama taxes they pay. It’s no wonder I never found Platoro County on the map. The only map they have is in their head. Beautiful picture! It is refreshing to see such beautiful pictures of nature’s wild things in such a peaceful setting. I hope man hasn’t burned them out by now as the rest of Colorado burns.

It was sure dry in that area, even as the snow was melting in certain areas. Down in the valley where the snows had melted long ago, it is a tender box. Let’s pray they will be safe…Pete

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